What Progress?

by E. Terfa Ula-Lisa Esq

Corporations have Quarterly Reports that document how the company has fared, how the all of the previous planning has been implemented and the budgeted monies expended. Schools have the Report Card to document how the student has fared in the understanding of concepts taught. Most colleges and institutions have examinations and diplomas to reward hard work and research. For Governments, the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Have we made any progress since 1999 when this government started to launch Nigeria to a democratic polity? What institutions really work towards this very laudable goal? At this time, we prompt the President to begin to take account and not wait till the very end.


We concede that there has been established some institutional framework to fight corruption, the question is, has it been effective? Has it lived up to the promise that ‘there shall be no sacred cows’? Has the state investigated in a clear and transparent manner all the newspaper allegation of graft and houses in foreign lands by public officers? Could there exist a conflict of interest in Public officers starting Universities while stile on the public payroll?

Power Generation

Everyone knows that in order for Nigeria to leave the Stone Age economy behind, there is an urgent need for not only cheap but also a steady power supply and generation. Spinning off Corporate Departments of NEPA and change of nomenclature is not bad. It shows that some action is being taken, but to what effect. While efficient Business management is really needed in every specter, regarding power, if the bulbs stay on for 24 continuous hours in every part of Nigeria would be proof that we are on the way to Eldora do.

Dual Lagos Roads to the East

We recall reading of the contract signing ceremony regarding the dualization of the roads from Lagos to the east. We are yet to hear of a commissioning event. We rather heard of the N400 Billion that was expended on the contracts without any visible results. Who took the money (if any was spent) and were the roads constructed? If not who can tell us about the roads? There were other roads too to all the various rural areas. Was any made to account for their completion?

How about the Delta

With all the Presidential attention given to the area the people ought to be smiling regarding Federal presence and the multiple promises of multinationals. Do they have paved roads, electricity, and water? Shell and others have taken so much out of the ground, how much have they put in? What is the conflict prevention/resolution policy of the government for the region? There should be an aggressive drive to better the condition of the residents (if only as an interim palliative) before the major issues are addressed. On company alone can build up a model village for the villagers in a month if they will to do it. They built the Conference Center in record time when it suited them to do so.

Zaki Biam Issues

The pension hassle making the headlines regarding General Malu should be an embarrassment to an organization that had protected their rogue compatriots. One cannot help but associate this with the furor about the massacre at Anyiin. The silence regarding the investigation and white paper is very loud in its lack of justice. Why soldiers would go from village to village razing everything in their path in quest of civilians is worth looking into. OPC had done much worse, it is alleged, but soldiers were not brought out the streets in Lagos. Was there some sacred cows spared? Soldiers definitely did not raze Kaduna and Kano during the civilian clashes. One would like to know why soldiers were called out and the persons executed in the market square rather than being arrested. Who has been sanctioned and what compensation has been paid to whom?

Election Safeguards

As we head toward 2007, what election safeguards have been put in place to guarantee that this would be a peoples’ election. Do we have confidence that the systems as maintained would bring out the peoples candidates? What is the role of money and money-bags and how have we prepared to thwart their attempt to manipulate the electoral system from the local congresses up?

The Legislature

Have we looked at the legislature and monitored them as we should? Are they accountable to their wards? How have they acted to ensure the separation of powers? Have the Ghana-must-go legislative

lobby ceased? How many laws have been passed? How have people’s welfare and happiness been assured because the Senators and Congressmen sat?

The Judiciary

We need a new chapter in the Rule of law.

The President and his men would do well to focus on some answers to poverty, illiteracy and improving the lives of the common man. It would be nice to Start being accountable for the mandate now.

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