When Blow Becomes a Job, Trouble Ensues: 9ice vs Ruggedman

by Adepoju Paul Olusegun

“It started as a rumor that 9ice caught his wife Toni Payne giving Ruggedman a blow job.I wondered where such a terrible rumor emanated from only to find out it was from 9ice’s song titled once bitten twice shy. In the song done by my own friend, he sang that he saw his ”girl” (Not his wife Toni Payne) giving his ”friend” (Not Ruggedman) a blow job. Since 9ice himself did not mention anybody’s name in the said song I thought nothing of the evil, wicked rumor, but it spread wider and I heard a lot of people started assuming a lot and I have been called so many things by people over something i did not do.

Even some shameless soft sells unprofessionally published the rumor based on hearsay, without talking to the parties involved, but i don’t blame them. Some will publish anything just to sell.

I expected 9ice as a friend to come out and clear it up by announcing to people that it was not me he sang about in his song but till date he has not done so to reasons best known to him i guess. I called 9ice to talk about it and clear it up and he said so many things including that he will not come out and clear my name that has been dragged into a malicious rumor.

I did not want to believe that 9ice has refused to clear it up because it is helping his album sales like some people have said. I did not want to believe it but I am happy i recorded the conversation and I want you all to hear for yourselves what he said to me so that this rumor can stop once and for all.

Pls after this, if anybody dares to mention my name in such a thing again its only God that will deal with such a person.


This was a recent statement released by Ruggedman and accompanied with the tape containing the phone dialogue between him (Ruggedman) and 9ice in an attempt to clear his name from the allegations of infidelity which culminated in the unceremonious ending of 9ice’s wedding. This is coming in the heels of another crossfire and war of words among several artistes while these occurrences sound bad for the African and Nigerian culture of peaceful coexistence and being one’s brother’s keeper, issues like these are however synonymous with showbiz and the message is simple- you are either in, or out.

Although Nollywood is vibrant in terms of CD volumes, stars, money and other paraphernalia that characterize a vibrant showbiz industry, our superstars are however not as professional, experienced and matured like Hollywood stars at handling issues like illicit affairs, dating and of course, blow jobs.

In Hollywood, everything is seen as an avenue to make money be it Angelina Jolie’s twins or Sandra Bullock’s cheating husband which further validate the unseen bad luck that yearly haunts any female Oscar Award winning artiste of the year. The Eminem- Mariah Carey feud is similar in all dimensions with what Ruggedman and 9ice are arguing about, and shows both parties how to handle their panties.

The feud between Mariah Carey and Eminem dates back to 2001 when the pair apparently discussed working together on music for Charmbracelet, Mariah’s album. No track did come after the discussions, but reports surfaced that the pair were dating. In 2002 in an interview he gave to Rolling Stone, Eminem did discuss the rumors and stated, “There’s truth to that. But on the whole personal level, I’m not really feeling it. I just don’t like her as a person.” In December 2002 around the release of Charmbracelet, Mariah Carey appeared on Larry King Live and said, “I hung out with him, I spoke to him on the phone. I think I was probably with him a total of four times. And I don’t consider that dating somebody.” Then the real lyrical battle started with Eminem drawing the first blood.

Eminem’s May 2002 album The Eminem Show includes a song “Superman” that Eminem has stated is in part about his relationship with Mariah Carey. It includes the lines, “What you tryin’ to be, my new wife? What you Mariah?” Reportedly, Mariah Carey responded in her own way musically with the song “Clown” from Charmbracelet. Her words included, “You don’t want the world to know that you’re just a puppet show, and the little boy inside often sits at home alone and cries.” Mariah Carey’s marriage to actor and rapper Nick Cannon in April 2008 introduced another character into the age long feud.

In May 2009, Eminem’s long-awaited four years in the making album Relapse was released. It included the song “Bagpipes from Baghdad” that explicitly addresses both Cannon and Carey. Eminem mused about what happened in his relationship with Mariah Carey and he threatened her new husband. Nick Cannon responded with an extensive blog entry. In the post he referred to Eminem as “Slim Lamey” and said, “So, Miss Marshall, I’m going to make you wish you never spoke my name and regret the ungodly things you said about my wife.” Eminem later admitted in an interview his lyrics were harsh and he just wished the couple well. This showed the enthronement of respect despite having serious misunderstandings. However, that was not the end as Mariah Carey threw cautions into the air and waxed a hit track that became an international anthem- Obsession!

Mariah Carey’s single “Obsessed” appeared in June 2009. Despite protesting from Nick Cannon, it seems blatantly obvious that the song was mostly in response to the ongoing conflict with Eminem. Among Mariah Carey’s disses in song were the lines, “You a mom and pop, I’m a corporation, I’m the press conference, you a conversation.” To drive home the point that it is about Eminem, Mariah Carey appeared dressed as a man in trademark Eminem clothing. The song became a genuine hit single by debuting at #11 on the Billboard Hot 100. And trust Eminem, it’s not yet over, not with The Warning

Beginning with, “”Only reason I dissed you in the first place is because you denied seeing me. Now I’m pissed off,” Eminem set down the most extensive details and threats yet. He spells out explicit details about an alleged encounter with Carey as well as making threats to release saved voice mails and photos. The initial response to Eminem’s latest has been a Twitter post from Nick Cannon using Biblical quotes to imply Eminem will ultimately have to answer to God. They are not the only ones that will answer to God as TuPac and Notorious BIG are already arguing their cases before God.

In one of his popular tracks, TuPac dissed BIG by saying “you call yourself a nigga but I f***ed your wife”. Similar controversies had been the hallmarks of the singing careers of R Kelly, 50Cent, Ja Rule, Ashanti, Lil Kim, Mary J Blige, Whitney Houston,Jadakiss, Britney Spears, Kevin Ferderline, Paris Hilton, Sean Paul, P Diddy and several Hollywood superstars. Unlike the silly ways 9ja so called stars are handling theirs, they utilized it to the fullest and made several millions of dollars out of their closet secrets.

Ruggedman and co should know that we lovers of hip hop are not fools. We are not blind not to see their wayward lifestyl

es neither are we deafened to numerous rumors making waves. We are not the judges, neither are we their parents- we are just lovers of good music and would pray for anything that can inspire our singers to aspire for higher wires!

Whether it is Weird MC’s rumored homosexuality, Genevieve’s muted relationship with D Banj, or Cossy’s supposed fake boobs, Nigerian screen lovers love the rumors, they are what makes the industry interesting, and keep writers like me very busy. Our stars also stand to gain from the controversies as it brings out the best (and worst) in them.

Why is it that Whitney Houston sings good songs anytime Bobby beats her up? Why has Rude Boy crooner (Rihanna) been so ecstatic and alert to her duties since the famous Chris Brown slap, and why has Tiger Woods been on everybody’s mind including my grand dad’s since details of his infidelity become public? Ruggedman that is now complaining also got our attention with a diss track “ehnehn” where he lashed out at almost everybody. It’s a win win situation if everyone can act smart and as nice as 9ice who seems to be unperturbed with the inundating ripples being generated by his controversial “Gbamu gbamu” track, but comfortable with his bank’s statement of account.

Staying in showbiz’s limelight is a survival of the fittest. Horns are bound to be knocked together, friendships are meant to be made and broken, and any opportunity, in whatsoever form, would be utilized to the fullest. I’ve come to realize that showbiz is not a lifestyle, it’s a facade, and a game of cards. It’s all depends on who holds the ace!

Ruggedman’s run from pillar-to-post makes me think that he actually got a BJ. However that is not my concern, neither should it be that of anybody. If Ruggedman wants to tell his own side of the story, let it be in a song, just like 9ice’s.

It’s quite painful that unlike the popular notion that our leaders don’t understand the plights of the masses, our singers too are demonstrating the same brutish approach in tackling their publicity crisis. They need reorientation by showbiz experts. Let them understudy Hollywood intensively before publicizing their bed secrets on the pages of newspapers, and stop acting like toddlers engaging one another in diminutive penile swinging contests. I RISE!

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