Vanilla Ice-cream Corruption and the Inevitable Banana Peel Exit with Drums

Long live corruption!!! Without stealing state funds, how can a coterie of poorly educated, morally bankrupt compatriots fly private jets, live in mansions, behave important, get the regular attention of our solicitous press?

How could nincompoops, half-wits, social misfits, idolaters, agnostics, witches, wizards, voodoo men, overweight daughters of the second Eve strut the land with impunity?
The corruption culture has turned vagabonds into “respected citizens.” Long live corruption!!!

The Vanilla corruption syndrome will inevitably meet with the banana peel karma.
One must have a misplaced conscience to open ones mouth and talk rubbish regularly to the annoyance of decent citizens. One must be shameless and callous, if what gives one eternal joy is to ride roughshod over other compatriots, with disdainful vituperations.
“Leaders” with illusions of grandeur are national security risks because he or she can inflame passions that could lead to state turmoil.
What surprises me is the silence that is deafening if a son-of-the soil goofs, but the clan beats drums, where other compatriots err.

This is what encourages AGBAYA rascality, Light-headed musings and irredentist pronouncements that are reckless, uncouth, demeaning and wild.
Corruption has made some compatriots affluent and so they strut the political landscape behaving important, seeking cheap recognition, which a solicitous press accords them with banner headlines, promoting their ego and “self esteem”.
A national audit of how our national wealth was misappropriated in the last 53 years will soon be published for the whole world to see, according to a publication by THE SAVE NIGERIA PATROITS in England.

The present judicial order is too weak as a law enforcement institution, which is why known felons, thieves, saboteurs, high treason criminals cannot be prosecuted.
As I written severally, a strong, mighty wind will soon blow across Nigeria and we shall see how the mighty will fall from their Olympian heights into the dungeon of eternal shame.

Pride goeth before a fall! There will be weeping and regrets, but it will too late.
“For God is not mocked. What men and women sow, they shall reap”

The Rubicon between sanity and dementia is crossed slowly, without proclamation.
We are very unfortunate to have to deal with political nit-wits, untutored, ambitious, vagrant, shameless, but who seek to impose ignorance as a strategy of holding power and suppressing the yearnings for change.

I do not support violent actions as redemptive measures. May the incapable, the empty, the clueless, step aside because the oppression in the land is unspoken, bottled in, desperate and may become suicidal.
In the name of goodness, let us not pretend like the ostrich and bury our heads in the sand.
Those, who benefit from the order of things will regret, when the people of Nigeria turn against misrule.

The hopelessness of the situation is that nothing is being done to remedy the situation we find ourselves in except politicking, hare-brained rhetoric and polemics that seek to score cheap points but add nothing to efficient governance.

A debating society is even guided by rules of literary decency and etiquette. In Nigeria, vitriolic outbursts clearly depict the contents of wickedness in the hearts of combatants.
How has the Nigerian condition improved as a result of machinations to win an uncertain future, nobody can predict accurately?

Those governors, whose terms will expire in 2015, are responsible for the chaos because they are jocking for new positions to continue their culture of corruption.
Let all political aspirants document their finances, how they came by the billions they are ready to plough back into elections on 2015.
They should swear to an Affidavit and deposit same with all Nigerian newspapers and the High Courts for the people to see.

Nigerians should not vote for any politician, who fails to comply with this AZATA/NEPU Party directive. The AWO/ZIK/AHMADU /TAFAWA/AMINU, Nigerian Elements Progressive Union Party insists that the National Assembly should pass a law ordering INEC to refuse to allow any politician, who has not complied with this party directive by June 2014.
Systems must be put in place to check corruption. Talking about it, preaching about it, condemning it, does not go far enough in halting corrupt practices.
There should be a joint task force to fight corruption.

In my new book entitled “Commentaries on Contemporary Nigerian Politics” published by Authorhouse Company Ltd, Bloomington Indiana, USA (684 pages), I adumbrated strategies to advance the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in a multi-disciplinary manner.
Efforts like this by other compatriots are more constructive than engaging in clenched-fist vituperations that create tensions and do no-one any good.
The Spirit of the Lord is our strength.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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