Who Will Speak For Kalu?

by Odimegwu Onwumere

Nigerians have seen the slapdash attitude the handlers of the accused
persons in the pensioners fund scam, the fuel subsidy henchman bribery
scandal and the aviation fund diversion, amongst others, are being handled.
Their cases were not brought to the authorities on the ground that there
were petitions against them; rather, they were caught pant down in the
crimes they were quizzed. This in earnest is not good compared to the
ambiguous way the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has been
molesting the former governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu. It
behooves every unbiased Nigerian to say that the easygoing Kalu is being
unjustly humiliated and abused for a theoretical crime the EFCC has been
hanging on his neck. It shows that the EFCC is really out with the script
of those it is playing to deal with Kalu, because he has no one to speak
for him, except his God? What are we talking about in Nigeria if those who
could be seen that are the real persons setting Nigeria back through
corrupt means of mismanaging Civil Servants funds are allowed with their
loot and they are now blowing the melodious trumpets why is EFCC still
mudslinging Kalu? What did he do? Why do they want to extirpate him?

Corruption is the real enemy and until it is dealt a corporeal blow Nigeria
will never amount to anything good. And this blow must start with the EFCC,
because he that goes to equity must go with clean hands. Without mincing
words, it is clear that the EFCC is using hi-tech technicalities to mar
Kalu, with unverifiable countless count charges hipped against him. The
commission is endowed at using frivolous media embarrassments to humiliate
Kalu more, thereby disrespecting the constitution of the country, which
only allows trial of any accused in a court of competent jurisdiction. But
why must Kalu face this humiliation in the first place? Is it because he is
outspoken or because he was an ebullient governor of Abia State?

It is because of the way and manner the EFCC has disrespected court orders
in different occasions that it could not find the strength to prosecute the
real perpetrators of crime whose corruptions have gone digital and is now
watched by the people like a high rated Nollywood film. Kalu should be
allowed to have his peace by this EFCC with an apology or apologies
tendered to him. There is no need to say that he should be given a
Presidential Pardon because all Nigerians know that he has no case with the
EFCC in the first place. The commission is still holding him because he has
no ‘godfather’ who could speak on his behalf? Or, is it because he is Igbo?
What did he commit?

Keeping Kalu’s name in the EFCC is uncalled for. The commission should stop
another ‘American wonder’ magic with a blameless man like Kalu. Nigerians
are frowning, watching at the humiliation of Kalu with disgust. Is the EFCC
not sabotaging Nigerians’ Will? The Nigerian problem is not with Kalu but
with those who take bribe or divert pensioners fund or aviation fund to the
detriment of those the funds were meant for. Has Kalu diverted any of such
funds if there were any entrusted in his care before? Has anyone evident
that Kalu defrauded him or her?

The EFCC knows that Kalu has nothing fishy in his cupboard. This is the
reason he is not shaking and hardly talks to the EFCC, even when the
commission vigorously provokes him. One wishes he is not a gentle man and
talk to this EFCC in the affront language it perhaps hears very clear. How
could the EFCC continue to abuse and molest Kalu? It shows that failure
pervades the land.

It is indicative that the EFCC should be weeded out of the bench before
Nigeria can stem corruption in the country with Kalu on its teleguided list
set free with apologies; had Kalu even looted the mysterious money, perhaps
he would have been a free man. But he has no looted money. So, anyone who
didn’t loot cannot find justice in Nigeria? The EFCC should stop
castigating the integrity of the persona. They should stop silencing Kalu.
The incorruptible Judges and the judiciary should help in this matter. Kalu
has no one to speak for him. This is why it could be seen that he is
humiliated. After all, Kalu had said: “I didn’t need to steal Abia State
funds when I was in government because I was already a fulfilled person
before going into government.”

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