Why is Obasanjo Desperate?

by Michael Oluwagbemi II

There is something about his body language; something about is line of thought and public speech that doesn’t bodes well. He sounds angry, he sounds fearful, and he seems not to get it. He has gaffed, he is scared, and there is something about Mr. President that makes him come across as desperate. What he is desperate for I do not know, but for sure he is desperate. His speech betrays him, his action does as well. He appears to be fearful for nothing. For how else do you describe a man already described next to god by his own lieutenants, yet fearful of his minion deputy?

Obasanjo can do and undo. In the Nigeria we live in, he can single-handedly write the elections results for the spineless INEC chief who can be forced to announce a lopsided result on national TV with little or no repercussions; even clueless Shagari pulled off that stunt. Knowing Nigerians for whom they are, it would probably take couple of insults from Wole Soyinka, a fit of angry retorts by Gani and hues and cry by the perennial bad losers called the opposition. In the end, Obasanjo will have his way. Yet, he is afraid. Is he afraid of having his way or that his way is simply not an option?

The president sounds desperate. In the last media chat- he sounded confused. He could not decide whether to charge Adedibu guilty as charged for electoral corruption or present a ridiculed Akala as his anointed candidate in the next election. He was confused when asked about his political utterances that have fell nothing short of beer parlor talk. All he could say was that he was a politician! What a downgrade. After eight years of presidency and three years of being head of state all you want to be known for was being a politician? All over the world, that word has evil connotation yet Pa Okikiola Aremu Obasanjo at the age of seventy plus x (where x is only known to his son – Gbenga) wants to take a bow being known as a politician? What a clown!

His actions are even more desperate. How far can you go? Now Dr. Iyorchia Ayu, the former Senate President, Internal Affairs Minister and partaker in the evil government of Mr. President now turned master campaigner of his “vice” is being charged for terrorism. Are we in Idi Amin’s Uganda? Whose script is Obasanjo acting? Has it gotten to the extent that anyone that disagrees with our cornered president is now a certified terrorist? Is this the same Obasanjo who castigated Abacha and IBB for their dictatorial tendencies that now wants to jail every dissenter close by? I am confused- what is troubling Mr. President? What is the problem?

Desperate problems call for desperate solution and desperate Presidents do need desperate aides. What does EFCC have to do with compiling list of the indicted? Is this information not already in public sphere? What new thing do we need to know about how corrupt the President’s party and its clone (that of the Vice President) that we don’t already know? Why distribute a list and then now desperately disown it? Why are you desperate Mr. President? Why include every opponent of yours including the non-office holder opponent of your daughter in a Senatorial election in that list? What an insult! But yet, I can’t figure out why you do it.

I remember one man who asked back in the days of the Maradonic dictator of Minna, if another President forgot something in Dodan Barracks. If I remember correctly, you have been in Dodan, so have you been in Aso Rock. What will not leaving the Presidential Palace on time and in honor do to you that you don’t already have? Is the October rumor an act of desperation? Why stay one minute longer than the constitution prescribes? What was the third term agenda about? What is the tenure elongation scheme about? Why is Nweke desperate? Why is El Rufai desperate? Why are you desperate? Why do you sound as if you are on the ticket while the man running himself is reserved and have conducted his person in a manner we would at least have expected from you a supposed statesman? Why have you demeaned your office and that of your deputy? What has desperation got to do with this?

I don’t know about you my reader, but to yours sincerely Mr. President sounds, feels and acts desperate. This is bad omen, because desperate leaders are dangerous. You see when I look into history for desperate leaders I am reminded of someone like Richard Nixon of the USA. This is a classic example of everything presidential gone awry. Mr. President is capable of worse. In Nigeria, he is more powerful than Nixon can ever dream to be. He can do and undo. The only thing the President of Nigeria cannot do is to change a Nigerian man to a woman and vice versa. A cornered, desperate president is dangerous and like a Bull in a China shop needs to be led away rather slowly. Obasanjo is a dangerous President.

Now to the main question- why is the President desperate? I do not know if you ask me, but I can take some educated guesses. I suppose it could be his troubling legacy. Here is a man that has led the nation for thirteen out of forty seven years; and after all we are still one of the most poorly administered entities on modern earth. He must be afraid of being hunted by a legacy of recklessness, uncompleted projects and famished citizens. Mr. President might also be suffering from pre-retirement trauma syndrome which is not uncommon amongst retirees of his age. He is afraid of just waking up in the morning and being consigned to watching others on the big stage while his rather bogus opinions are downgraded to second rate thoughts. He can’t imagine sharing the same town with that stubborn chap called Wole Soyinka hunting after two and four legged gazelles in wilderness both real and human. It is your way Mr. President, but the guess is mine.

Others have even graver postulations. They say Obasanjo has offended so many people he has to leave his stooge in power to protect his backside. Do you agree Mr. President? I will think you will rather be better off to leave the electorates and posterity to judge you. I have looked everywhere and concluded that even as much as we can all say that you have not done enough: what we cannot say is that you did not try your best. You tried your best Mr. President; but your best was simply not enough. You are a child of circumstances- a product of a flawed system called the Nigerian factor. The Nigerian factor that promotes mediocrity over excellence and there you benefited. Even the best from a mediocre can never be enough: at the minimum mediocre are surrounded by a lot of mediocre of like mind and you had a fair share of yours from Atiku, Anenih, Afolabi, and Adedibu Mr. President. I hope this comes to an end quickly, because I will hate to see you bow out desperately.

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