WikiLeaks Julian Assange As Person of The Year Nobel Prize Candidate

Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers) was on National Public Radio recently and he says that what is happening to Assange is the same as what was said about him, threat of prison and death, threats, in futile attempts at intimidation. The Pentagon Papers is about lies by US government about War in Vietnam which Daniel Ellsberg sought to expose through publication, similar to WikiLeaks release of information on needless wars in Iraq, Afghanistan etc, the lies which led to wars death, maiming

US has her fingers on every nation and every issues in the world as an empire, for altruistic and benevolent reasons

Some have argued recently, Bob Woodward of The Washing Post newspapers, of the Watergate fame and an author of many books which frequently reveals innermost policy position of the American presidency since Richard Nixon, through George W. Bush to President Barack Obama unscathed

Similarly, there have been many references to David E. Sanger The New York Times journalist and Washington D.C bureau chief, known for in depth reporting with commentaries reflecting high ranking government policy wonks and neither Woodward, Sanger , nor The New York Times have faced the vitriol, the vehemence and stridency which have been directed at Julian Assange and WikiLeaks for his journalistic work, and yet, these American persons and institutions have revealed “secrets” as Julian Assange have done according to Steve Clems

We concede that there are no absolutes, even regarding freedoms. But, the killing of countless journalists in Iraq by the United States, puts America at odds with her often stated stances and self-advertised position on journalistic ideals, press freedom etc. Many journalists have been jailed by the United States, and other killed in very questionable circumstances, since the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

All these leads to questions as to what difference between the US and other nations regarding lofty ideals and tenets liberty and freedom, when push comes to shove, at war and in peace times? Does the US abide by and practice these ideals and tenets? Is the US above the laws and rules? Or does the US move the goal posts in the middle of games and attempt to make fluid rules for her own purposes? Avalanche of contradictions

Julian Assange and Wikilia are of global monumental importance. The controversies surrounding Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are about free speech in democracies. This is therefore the greatest and biggest free speech battle of our time, sans Google being pinched in China. America and Europe trumpeted the award of the Nobel Peace Prize, with such zeal and propaganda, to the effect that, the 2010 Chinese Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo stood for accountability, transparency and freedom in China, even though the government in China accused him of breaking the laws of China.

Similarly, America and Europe supported and celebrated the efforts of Iranian protesters last June, as Iranians condemned the election process and outcome in Iran.

The death of Neda Agha-Soltan an Iranian election protester became a rallying symbol against Iran in western nations, she became a heroine in an instant, an international celebrity and martyr, whereas, more 1400 Palestinians, children, women and men were killed by Israel in 2009 and thousands of Palestinians continue to face daily hardships, sufferings and desperation which are ignored by western nations. Why is the unwarranted and unfortunate death of one Neda Agha-Soltan in comparison to 1400 Palestinians? Why the double standards and hypocrisies?

Egypt has had same man, President Hosni Mubarak for about 30 years, with a history of repression and anti democratic policies, he gets winks, nods and aid from western nations. Similarly, Zimbabwe have had the same man, President Robert Mugabe for about 30 years, more elections, albeit, imperfect elections, have been held in Zimbabwe more often compared with the situation in Egypt, but his is the epitome of ultimate evil, as far as western nations are concerned. President Mugabe fought colonialists could that be why he get negative assessments in western nations compared with President Mubarak? They both have overstayed as presidents of their nations, they have both been accused of repressions, what explains the kid gloves with which President Mubarak is treated by western nations?

Since the abortive protests in Iran, it has since been revealed that the government of the United States demanded and required the operators of to suspend and postpone scheduled maintenance of it hardware infrastructures, in order to allow protesters in Iran continue access to Tweets and more tweets of their protests as pressure against the government of Iran, with, and to which America have no love lost.

The world is now aware of how the government of the United States choreographs and orchestrates world events; and how there are direct instructions to private corporate entities to do government biding and how private corporate entities such as Shell, Pfizer etc have symbiotic, collaborative relationships, in locked steps, acting in concert against other nations and persons abroad

American and European oil companies are known to have committed a million times more oil spillage, environmental pollution and degradations in Nigerian than BP oil spillage in America’s Gulf of Mexico and now, the whole world can see clearly the arrogant connivance, collusion and extreme contempt reserved for Nigerian lives and Nigeria, by these American and European companies and their governments. But what if companies simply imbibe best business practices? What if there were a universal rule regarding good corporate citizenship and responsibility, in which companies adhere to public good, whether they operate in America, Nigeria, Europe or Asia etc?

This practiced is highlighted by the boasts by Shell in Nigeria, and the disclosure by Pfizer to American ambassador to Nigeria regarding illegal and unethical activities which Shell and Pfizer conducted in Nigeria, without reproach, chastisement or condemnation.

This is explains why American and European companies never obey laws outside America and Europe, as they are supported, embolden and protected by their home governments. Shell and Pfizer illegalities in Nigeria with the full knowledge American ambassador in Nigeria are exemplifications of these patterns.

Now again, it has come to light as well, that there have been behind the scenes pressures by American and European governments, demanding, insisting and pressuring companies to refuse services to Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks website, this in turn have necessitated relocation of servers, and points of service by WikiLeaks.

There have also been reports of American and European governments pressuring banks and credit cards company to cease and desist from business with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, and as a consequence, PayPal, rapidly, and speedily discontinued accepting processing donations to WikiLeaks

Why resort to all these heavy handedness? Whatever happened to the Rule of Law and Due Process?

The United States government is said to have pressured Amazon, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal etc, just as the US Govt. did in pressuring Twitter, when US asked a private company to suspend maintenance of it’s infrastructure, in order to focus on political protests in Iran, in effect, to facilitate twittering Iranians.

US government pretended to be an honest peace broker for North and South Sudan, but, thanks to WikiLeaks Cables expose, we now know that Somali pirates seized cache of weapons which the US government knew about, encouraged and gave winks and nods as Kenyan and Ukraine pretended that these weapons were in fact not bound for Sudan.

Meanwhile, the US government have been shouting publicly about her advertised concern for peace in the Sudan before, during and after the plebiscite or referendum in January 2011. The US pretends often to be fighting raging fires, when she

actually secretly adds accelerators!

The US government in complete disregard of people of Yemen, tacitly encouraged the government of Yemen to lie and deceive the people of Yemen as to who indeed have been carrying out military operations, including targeted extra judicial killing with predator drones and all, inside Yemen. Political leaders of Yemen were guffawing even as they were being encouraged to be the fall-guys for America’s military actions in Yemen! How can America democracy, while asking leaders of Yemen to deceive and lie and commit frauds against the people of Yemen?

Accountability, transparency and free speech advances and sustains democratic societies and governments must act in our name and keep us informed… secrecy is the birthplace of conspiracies and global injustices! Lies led to the invasion and occupation of Iraq!

An American, Agnes Johnson, spoke my mind, when she wrote last week, in reaction to the WikiLeaks debate, “I do tire of this conversation though with those still wanting to believe there are National Interests at stake here.” “There is a saying that a crowded elevator smells differently to a midget. We are the midgets in this chess game and the elevator is filled with dead bodies.”

National Interests defined by wars, and more wars, renditions, aiding and abetting corruptions, cover-up of targeted killing, and use of unmanned drones, oil and corporate interests, intrigues and assassinations and on and on. All these, committed in the name of the citizens who are splendidly unaware, uninformed and kept in the dark by governments engaged in these clandestine action, which undermines and subvert other nations’ stability and development.

It is the case that conspiracies and injustices are criminal and illegal, whether by governments or by individuals, when and if I conspire to rob a bank, such conspirators will not enjoy a right to privacy protection for my criminal enterprise to wit rob a bank! Why should government plan subversion and the collection of DNA, biometric data and bank accounts and credit information of other diplomats and some now inflict subject self-serving argument upon us, which says, it is just the way the world works?

This is just outrageous and unacceptable! Too many people are gullible and naïve, and so, such persons are accept the warped and twisted logic of western nations’ patronizing arguments in defense of their frauds, deceits and shenanigans on their citizens and other nations, sovereign independent nations!

National Interests is a smokescreen and cover-up and camouflage and re-branding of flatulence!

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have clearly lifted the secrecy, the shrouds and shields which have forever covered the evils committed by many western nations in their subterranean and clandestine activities cloaked in “diplomatic” secrecy.

The ill treatment of Julian Assange is a travesty for one man, a revelation of western shameless hypocrisies and double standards in preachment of ideals and refusals to practice and abide by such ideals as free speech, press freedom, accountability, transparency etc. The United Nations should declare The Right To Know, a basic Human Right globally.

Julian Assange is my person of the year and he deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for his journalistic exploits, it is new day in journalistic excellence, thanks to Julian Assange, WikiLeaks and his collaborator, facilitators, enablers and all those have it possible for the world to know the truth!

Written by
Paul I. Adujie
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