WikiLeaks Julian Assange As Person of The Year Nobel Prize Candidate (1)

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks is out of detention and custody after 9 days of deprivation.

This Julian Assange-WikiLeaks controversy is the greatest battle for Free Speech and Press Freedom! We all should support Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, it’s collaborators, facilitators and enablers etc

The activities of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are of global monumental importance. The controversies surrounding Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are about free speech in democracies. This is therefore the greatest and biggest free speech battle of our time

Western nations have been shamed, embarrassed, shaken and they are angry at Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Hence these elaborate politically motivated attempts to jail or kill him, but, he is released now on bail after 9 days in unwarranted detention in London. The world must pay careful attention as events unfolds.

The politically motivated trumped-up charges against Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, are merely parts of efforts to silence him, to stifle and scuttle his work. This much should be clear to all, these contrivances by western nations, these elaborate efforts against Assange must fail.

We, believers in justice, fairness, due process, the rule of law and freedom of speech etc should all be outraged and infuriated at continuing threats to Julian Assange’s liberty and life. The unwarranted threats of death through assassination, and convoluted persecution and imprisonment of Julian Assange.

These injustices meted out to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, should offend our sense of fairness. Julian Assange is being threatened with death for merely revealing the truth, revealing the truth is now criminal, while protection is reserved for lies, liars and conspirators who conceal illegal and unethical behaviors?

It is the case that, even if Western nations succeed in killing or jailing Assange for life, the point must be made, to the effect that, he has changed the world and global information dynamics. And in doing so, he has vindicated those of us who have always written about hypocrisies by western nations, their permanent double standards, their interventionists, imperialistic policies and their manipulations of the affairs of other nations which western nations frequently undermine.

Smear campaigns against Julian Assange are intensifying. Shamefully, and most hypocritically, America and Europe now insist that Julian Assange is a rapist, these intrigues clearly indicates that those embarrassed by Julian Assange’s WikiLeak revelations are infuriated and furious at him, some have expressed happiness and delight his arrest and detention.

We view rape is a serious criminal offense, however, the allegations of sexual misconducts against Julian Assange by two women in Sweden, were previously dismissed by prosecutors there, as insignificant. These previously dismissed allegations now coincidentally revived, have formed the pretexts, fulcrums and predicate for those who would want to harass, intimidate and deprive Julian Assange liberty for exercising journalistic free speech.

America and Europe celebrated the virulent virus attacks against Iran nuclear research, even before the physical elimination of Iran’s nuclear research scientists.. Hackactivits have now borrowed the idea to attack Amazon, MasterCard, Visa etc to the chagrin of these same western nations!

America is embarrassed that people know the truth…. why is the American government so determine to hide the truth? Revelation of truth is way to lose friends and influence in the world… letting the vice president of Afghanistan into the emirate with $52 million?

Secretary of Defense Gates and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton jokingly say there is nothing to the leaks and yet, the Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder says Julian Assange should be punished and Canadian politician want Julian Assange charged, jailed or killed! so which is it? And how about The Right To Know, as a new Human Right? There is so much fury, antagonisms and hatred directed at Julian Assange by western nations.

The world now knows, American government is secretive with so much it does in the name of the American people. The Right To Know, should be the rule and the standard, instead, we now know that activities of western government are replete with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell!

We believe that an informed electorate, in whose name foreign policy is conducted, some Americans now argue that the right to know is against national interests? Citizens of the world should have The Right To Know, and be informed about the policies which are being pursued in their names, after all, democracy is supposed to be, government of the people, by the people for the people. Governments worldwide should let citizens of the world know, of policies and rationales for such policies pursued on their behalf, to do otherwise, means discounting the significance of citizens to democracy, and this therefore undermines democracies!

American and European corporations should not be allowed to violate the laws of other nations. American and European companies should not be permitted to hold the government and peoples of other nations in complete disregard, disrespect and utter contempt. American and European companies should not be allowed to pollute and degrade the environments of other nation and or conduct dangerous medical and scientific experiments which Americans and Europeans would not permit in their locales. A life is a life is a life, whether such life is in America, Europe or Africa etc

Pfizer officials admit, hire private investigator to dig dirt against Nigeria’s chief law officer, in order to blackmail him, in efforts to derail and defeat a legitimate litigation against Pfizer in Nigeria. Pfizer faced litigation at the time, as result of it’s use of the drug Trovan on Nigerian children and more than ten of the children were killed and many others were maimed. Digging dirt on Prosecutor, in order to deflect prosecution is unethical and illegal, whether in Nigeria or anywhere else and this should be condemned!
Pfizer officials have admitted that they, hired private investigator to dig dirt, to blackmail, to subvert us!

Through Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks revelations, the world learns of an oil multinational company, Shell, boasting to American ambassador in Nigeria, of having spies planted inside Nigeria’s policy making bodies, agencies and departments of government, former employees of Shell etc, through whom Shell wields undue influence and power.

Shell in egregious and in uncouth ways, sought to the determine Nigeria’s public policy outcomes! The United States government would not tolerate similar illegal unethical acts by American companies or Chinese companies over American policies!

There should be universal condemnation of Shell, Pfizer and other corporation for engaging in illegal, unethical and subversive conducts which have now been exposed.

In global geopolitical matters, America has always publicly proclaims herself as an honest, objective, impartial peace broker regarding the crises between Palestine and Israel, and between the sides of the conflicts in the Sudan, North and South. America too often engages in duplicitous complicity, such as have been revealed by Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks on Sudan arms shipment for the Sudan’s South.

This is similar to how America have perennially proclaimed itself as impartial arbiter between Palestine and Israel, while repeatedly posturing as such, but, surreptitiously, undermining all others and thereby awarding Israel the upper hand strategically, diplomatically and militarily.

America recently tried again, to bribe Israel with weapons, including sophisticated jet fighters worth $3 billion dollars, and additionally provide diplomatic cover for Israel, if Israel would obey International Law and United Nations Resolutions for a mere 90 days and suspend Israel continued expansion of Jewis

h Settlements on Palestinian territories!

Shamefully, and most hypocritically, America and Europe now insist that, the revelation of truth is now criminal, while the protection reserved for lies, liars and conspirators

America and Europe celebrated the virulent virus attacks against Iran nuclear research, even before the physical elimination of Iran’s nuclear research scientists… Hackactivits have now borrowed the idea to attack Amazon, MasterCard, Visa etc. What is good for the goose is good for the gander?

America is embarrassed that people know the truth…. why is the American government so determine to hide the truth? I have often argued that the average American is just and fair minded, and that, were the average American aware of the wrong headed asinine policies which are pursued in the name of American citizens by American government, it is my conclusion that American citizens will disapprove and rebel against any American administration which engages in oppressive, imperialistic and unjust policies worldwide! Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks is leading the charge in informing Americans and the entire world of the frauds and deceits committed in the name of policies!

Who indeed wanted Julian Assange in custody without bail, now that Sweden has denied making such demands!

Written by
Paul I. Adujie
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