Will Nigeria ever wake up from this bad dream?

by Michael Oluwagbemi II

I’ve generally refrained from

overtly criticizing this President and his predecessor, because I’ve always

perceived them as very bad bill of goods- Greek

gifts, bestowed on Nigeria by the very hateful ex-President Obasanjo as a

punishment for denying him, his inordinate third term ambition. Hence, it was

patently unfair to criticize a man whose maximum ambition was to become

governor of a back water state suddenly stumped into national limelight by head

honcho Maximus. This was a bad dream.

But that was then, and this is

now. This clueless deputy governor turned governor, turned vice president has

now been President four years going. That is a lifetime in politics; it is an

equivalent of a full term in office and if he were learning on the job- he

should be an expert now. Indeed, he is already showing the worst traits of a

political operator in Nigeria i.e. expert- unanimously suspending enemies,

yanking diplomatic passports, withdrawing security aides etc. This man is

playing hard. He has a new swagger in his steps, but they seem to be swagger of

missteps – the worst lessons a student of Nigerian politics can pick up in this

school of hard knocks.

The President has his supporters

no doubt; most of who are either ethnic based sympathies (“Oh he didn’t create

the problem”, forgetting the man was elected to solve problems), or “denialists”

(“it is not only Nigeria with the problem” or “the President is trying, he is

okay”). To both camps I’ve begun to ask them to pray that the Almighty handle

their life the way GEJ has handled Nigeria or the Boko Haram crisis, and none

of them said “Amen!” There goes the true believer!

Nigeria definitely has never had

it this bad. When in the history of Nigeria, even under Abacha has the Federal

Government been so broke it cannot pay state allocations? This was not even a

possibility under the military. Now under this administration, states are owed

2 months arrears. Contractors and civil servants are not being paid; yet this

President is the first to get on international jamboree and stay in expensive

hotels in world capitals. What a joke!

This disaster was one of our own

making. We elected a clueless man with no moral compass into the highest office

in the land; a man who does not mind literally dining with criminals; whose

mentor is a convicted criminal, and an international fugitive. His idea of

loyalty was

to award the security of our marine petroleum assets – the crude oil and gas

processing facilities to a group of ex-militants. No wonder the stealing of

our crude oil have gone up since then, such that we cannot even pay our bills!

A President that claimed in his

last media chat that corruption was not one of Nigeria’s top problems even when

the blind knows otherwise! Certainly, it makes sense that such a man that has

figured an even more brazen way to steal than General Sani Abacha (who relied

on looting the vaults of the Central Bank) by stealing the crude oil at source

and just complaining about it, he will need to figure how to repatriate the

funds into Nigeria.

To pull that off, it was obvious

they needed to import dollars to do that; and according to the Central Bank of

Nigeria- the rate of this important metrics is up crazy, such that they decided

to shut down the process to prevent the destruction of the value of Naira last

week. Nigeria reportedly was the second largest importer of US Dollars after

China! Just imagine the magnitude of the ongoing thievery. If you think I made

this up, read

this report in international news sources.

Nigeria now stands at a crossroad

where we have our own leaders bankrupting the nation; note this is remarkably

different from stealing. You can steal profits, income and cashflow- but when

you undermine the asset (the goose that lay the golden egg) then you’re

bankrupting the company.

Nigeria cannot afford another

four years of this; we can do better than the charade now going on in Abuja.

We’ve never had it this bad. If the stealing were bad, check the great rise of

insecurity in the land. Just last week we learn that the leader of the Boko

Haram movement that have killed hundreds of Nigerians in terrorist attacks,

after ceaseless assault on his team- is still alive even when we were told


Just on Sunday, innocent students

were slaughtered under the watch of this President while he made inane remarks

during his media chat to the effect that ordinary journalists are better at

finding Shekarau the leader of this terrorist better than him, our commander in

chief. The man neither inspires fear, nor respect nor even confidence.

The incompetence of this

administration is beyond security; it extends to mundane construction projects.

The East-West road is stalemated and even when the governor of Rivers State

from the same state as the President volunteers to complete it, he was denied

the opportunity because the President does not like his face or his ambition.

Even the Lagos-Ibadan expressway

is a disgrace and the various airport refurbishment projects started under his

predecessor are moving at disheartening snail speed. An inspection of the

railway projects that were started under President Obasanjo’s administration

shows they are languishing under lack of funding and commitment from this

government, yet we are given platitudes of “fresh air and transformation”.

Indeed, I have to admit “Baba” is right – “you can get someone a job, but you

cannot do it for them”.

If Nigeria allows this charade to

continue beyond 2015, it will be our fault. Among nearly 170 million people in

Nigeria, and even as morally bankrupt as our political class can be, Goodluck

Ebele Jonathan is definitely not near the Top 90% of what we can do. Give us a

new team; enough of the embarrassment.

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