Wishing You Enjoyable Holidays

by Odimegwu Onwumere

Of course. A happy occasion. Whether you are not a Christian, it is a season that is celebrated with utmost vigour. The eating and greetings are the contexts that function to make us very happy and cheerful this season. The ‘thank you’ for a wonderful and successful business relationship, dot the heart and diaries of many.

This is Christmas season, a season we are opportuned to see, and hope we see more of it in good health, swimming in the brood of wealth, and sending poverty, anguish and sorrow on exile. This is a season when we have to check our profitable human relationships, instead of business relationships. This is a season you might want to add a little importance and appeal to the importance of families and friends.

No matter all, face the season with joy irrespective of your situation. Make it a “Happy Holidays”. Have positive feelings to yourself and to someone that, all are well.

This is a thank you to all our readers and supporters and those who have encouraged us in no little ways, especially you. May you flourish in good health and happiness this season. We are wishing Governor Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers State, as we are you and those on his ruling ship, a focused mindset to governance and divine wisdom to burgeon, on this onerous task of leadership next year. A mere gift can’t only express how we love Rivers State residents and Nigerians at large. Thanks for your loyalty and corporation and business this year. May all and sundry have a peaceful holiday and New Year.

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