Yar’adua’s Offer: Seven-Defined Agenda Against A Several-Defiled Age

by L.Chinedu Arizona-Ogwu

For the simplest fact that every dawn contains dark hour does not mean positive impact were deterred alongside. It means that momentary setback can never produce total failure. Against all odds; electoral threat and opposition pressure? president Umaru Yar’Adua unfolded his leadership “guide” nicknamed 7-point agenda. Ranging from power and energy upgrading?Food Security and Agricultural?Wealth creation and employment? mass transportation ?land reform? security qualitative and fundamental education ?other special interest areas like the Niger Delta and the disadvantaged. These recipes are the magic-stick the servant-leader could use to transform the plague that contaminates the socio-economic affairs of this nation into one of the most prosperous nations of this world.

That the 7-point agenda is yet to deliver ?many people believe that Yar Adua’s regime is a mere extension of Obasanjo’s regime; no change has taken place and the ghost of Obasanjo is seen looming large and haunting every room in Aso Rock. The low profile personality of Yar Adua and his even lower luster style have combined to entrench this view that he is a dithering and indecisive president. Hence the various sobriquets applied to him and his regime: ‘Mr Go Slow’, ‘Mr Hold Up’, Mr No show’ etc.

The biggest pressure Yar’Adua is getting is coming from none other than his godfather, ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo. Apart from the ministerial nominees, Obasanjo took up the responsibility of appointing a ‘suitable’ Chief of Staff for the presidency. as Obasanjo busied himself with the self-imposed task of constituting a cabinet for Yar’Adua, his government battled with the issue of credibility raised by the widely acclaimed monumental fraud that characterized both the April 14 and April 21 elections, even as several opposition figures were at the courts and tribunals to seek to void the results of the polls that produced Yar’Adua, among others.

When it appeared that the presidency became worried over the lackadaisical attitude of the “picked” cabinet that probably render this administration impotent, the atmosphere began to signal panics and other surpass move to lobby for positions either by retention-drive or to induce the presidency for whatever position they were not even qualified to handle less very well. Those of them who has tasted power before refuse to do any other meaningful business just to hang around the presidency or live in Abuja for the purpose of targeting to loot this nation for the second, third or forth time. What a wickedness!
This be-unto-power gambling politicians are garnering to catapult themselves to the top where the world would see them where they would walk tall just to carry official label, roaming on sirens, showing up without plans, target and any community achievement from him to reckon with.

If they should be result-oriented, one would hardly see the mass exodus of these “power-bugs” paying their way-out just to answer” minister”, perm-sec, head of service et al. What does it imply; disparity or confusion? As if I’m not mincing word, a situation where a politician is accessed to buy his way into the power gallery, were you still expecting him to perform? If we could sell our conscious or trade our right and security for little-pay at that moment what future are we proclaiming for our children, and what about tomorrow?

To prepare the future of our children is not evil even nature prepare the earth to suit us hence we should prepare the future to suit our generation. If the western world should do this practice, then where do we copy our leadership pattern? Because we neglect everything, we fail to plan; for our generation, and again for this nation. The 2008 Budget is in this way, sinking; nothing to show that Mr. President has ever known the meaning of budget. Should he disclaim it, where the credibility in 2008 budget is, how was the spending when the year has already divided into two. All we hear is probe (executively manned), rule of law (newspaper type), EFCC affairs (politically manipulated), unspent budget return (to money-dump for keep) tribunal abracadabra (candidate annulment/tenure addition versus Yar’Adua-aided reinstatement campaign) and frequent presidential junket for treatment without viable health services herein.

The rule of law is a cornerstone of democracy and essential to a well-functioning society that protects individual human rights. The government failure to engage successfully with this nation is due to a failure to understand the structure of the Nigerian charisma and the background to recent political changes. Positive trends in the democratization process during the past year give rise to hope that nascent democratic institutions are being consolidated, including an independent judiciary that responded in a timely manner to electoral complaints, acting as an important check on executive power and a guarantor of the rule of law in the country; a legislature that exercised its oversight and representative functions more effectively, particularly in defeating attempts to amend the constitution to allow the president and many governors to compete for a third-term; a civil society that mobilized in large numbers to monitor the electoral process and to educate voters; and a vibrant media that created channels for the expression of diverse views and the dissemination of information.

I am not surprised seeing most ministerial hopefuls reaching out and mounting pressure on the president’s confidants in order to acquire tag-slip” minister”. Who would define these intentions? If not for the need to engage a refine whistleblower should the freedom of information (foi) bill gets a nod. The rejection of this motion is widely coming from “unnational” law-makers who see no good in applying justice. They evil intention and mischievous target is to set a “glanceless” opportunity to siphon money meant to upkeep things suitable for my and your survival. And not for any other thing patriotic but to manipulate the situation to gain ground that could shed their nefarious activities from being uncovered.

These law-makers are fast acquiring media houses; by outright purchase, interest or establishing them. 75% of Nigerian newspapers were today victimized. The nation’s loot are spreading across some of this media houses where you see many acclaimed managing editors trying to identify with failed politicians and governors who did not or have not delivered in order to partake on their loots. Shame!

Nowadays, they disguise the prank as intent to “reward” or “award” politicians probably for thieving the highest amount of money in the history of this nation. If you doubt me, visit ex-governor’s residence and peruse inside their guest arena, you will marvel to observe countless portrait in so many form of “thieving award”. Ridicules of Rude People! That failed politicians seek public attention to defend their ill-works, lavish the stolen wealth to appease sycophants, does not give us the license to drum-beat in detriment of our basic needs. It appears as if the public media has become mount Horeb where failed politicians convert newspapers meant to educate and in-touch us positively into “birthday cards”, disguised and self-appraised “score-cards, fraudulent assessment records, fake-pictured “steward” covers and most recently, award shows.

By the way where were these awards aiming at? History of awards in Nigeria has revealed that not “anyhow” awards have ever been given to the wretched. The nation is yet to fully probe the NNPC yet the ex-GMD’s were being awarded and rewarded till date. In some countries such as China, such actions could have led to public execution of those involved, all those involved in the scam should be made to refund all the monies collected, regardless of their position or status. That is why we have been fighting the weakness of the law on corruption. Honestly, we have to strengthen the law to make people desist from corruption; otherwise, we will never progress as a nation.

I’ve been guessing where they send the subsidies of our oil wealth yet probing NNPC is deemed security threat by this administration. Who is fooling who?

If the oil windfall is shared, the VAT is utilized, the Technical Committee of Federation Account Committee (FAAC) is works accountably transparent, the Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) remits accurately, the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) render balanced account the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and her subsidiaries surrender mouth-watering lump as a monthly balance up; how come no good road, affordable houses, scholarship, high cost of living and poverty on the land. Thorough screwing and screening searching must be beamed appropriately in all branches of the government. EFCC take note!

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