An Expose on Corruption and Corrupted Souls in the Era of the Anti-Christ: Ethical Issues

Corruption is the most potent weapon in the hands of the Luciferian hierarchy for soul conquest and men’s and women’s eternal destruction. Those who criticize corrupted souls on Earth need this message. The soul of man is pure until vain ambition and avid greed putrefy the soul.

For corruption to thrive one must possess an evil mind, large doses of greedy ambition to get rich, either by hook or crook, a scrupulous mien, a shameless disposition, above all, he must possess a lying tongue and is never bothered by the power of public opinion. All ethical issues do not concern them.

The poll shift in Nigeria came as a surprise only to those, who do not understand the dynamics of corrupted souls, their group dynamics, nocturnal assemblies and occult brotherhood togetherness.

The corrupted souls are the devil’s workshop, so they cannot resist corruption and devilish practices.

The fear of losing power and privileges, is the more cogent reason for the hurried eagerness to postpone the long scheduled elections.

It was intriguing to read the catalogue of new financial incentives the government is proposing, at a time economic experts are talking about economic mismanagement and an economy in the doldrums.

This is sheer taking the people for a rough ride. Who is fooling who?

Incompetence Vs The Republic of Nigeria

Lawless Vs The Republic of Nigeria

Corrupted Souls Vs The Federal Republic of Nigeria (Essays about the Fatherland) Coming soon.

Nigeria is facing major economic crisis. In a nation where touts and no-bodies fly private jets and where 30 trillion dollars have been stolen does not produce an illusion of financial strength.

Is it true or false that Jonathan has eleven air planes in the presidential fleet? The Rubicon between good luck and bad luck is crossed silently, slowly, without proclamation.

USA, UK, Buhari and ACF have condemned the poll shift. Experts have argued that the poll shift is failure of leadership, which has consequences.

Recently, irate youths have vandalized the billboards of the ruling party and have carried out personal attacks on the convoys of the presidential motorcade.

The diplomatic fall-out for Nigeria is the fear that we are unreliable in our state policy execution.

The love of filthy lucre, glamorous, shiny life, rabid materialism, the seeking after crude fame, appearing on the pages of newspapers, glossy magazines, bribing journalists for self-promotion to cover up the rotten life of the corrupted soul, these are the practices of the corrupted soul.

The corrupted soul is arrogant, unfeeling, opinionated, deluded, and secretive. He never criticizes corruption. For him, he does not care about what you are talking about.

From my close observation of rich, but corrupted souls, I sense his inhumanity. He lacks humility; he bullies his subordinates, workers and upright humanity.

The corrupted soul never accepts wrongful actions and he says things that fail to reflect historical misdeeds. He adopts the holier-than-you all attitude. This is the attitude of Western governments and the Caucasian psyche.

The corrupt political leader avoids highly qualified and incorruptible compatriots and goes for corrupted souls, who are birds of the same feathers. They flock together.

Corrupted souls are men and women with misplaced consciences, warped minds. In the name of politics and in exercise of inherent demonic powers, they order the bombing of cities, under the shibboleth of exercise of bloody presidential authority.

The armed robbers, the murderer, the ritualistic cannibal, bribe-takers, are corrupted souls, who serve principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high and low places.

Are you surprised that political leaders are corrupt? They are bound to be because they operate in the natural world, in the kingdom of satan. They are equipped with lying tongues, with asps under their lips. They do not say what they mean and they do not mean what they say.

The demons of confusion always design beliefs contrary to the right ones. In the religious sphere, there are too many contrary religions, which have set the world on fire today.

The concepts of capitalism and socialism are the paramount ideologies that have pitched nations against nations.

Colonialism, imperialism in past centuries during which ONE TRUTH, ONE WORLD reigned are the remote causes for the radicalization of the Arab world.

The greed by corrupted souls in their quest for oil riches led to the destruction of Iraq, Libya, and the insistence on telling the rest of the world how they should build democracy, is responsible for the radicalization of young souls, who have become better informed in this technological age.

The hegemonic states did not reckon with brutal revenge against drone strikes, overthrow of regimes, and formentation of pro-democracy crises around the world.

These geo-political idiosyncrasies are the immediate causes of radicalization of misguided youths in Europe and Arabia.

The remote and immediate causes and effects of radicalization is among the on-going research at BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU. Abuja. Interested institutions may wish to contact the Academic Chancellor, BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW, BUREAU, ABUJA at eesiemokhai@yahoo.com or call 07036660639.

The polluted and convoluted human psyche is responsible for wars in the Ukraine, in Syria, in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and woe betide nations that engage in spreading the diplomacy of deaths promotion.

If we want to stop wars, if we are not the agents of the principalities, powers and dominions, why do we not stop the production and sales of atomic, hydrogen, nuclear and other weapons of human destruction?

If we are not keen on this, why do we pretend and glibly talk about peace. YOU HYPOCRITES!!!!

There are no civilized notions on Earth. How can civilization be claimed by nations, which manufacture and trade in monstrous weapons of man’s destruction.

How civilized were nations that fought colonial and imperialist wars for booties? How civilized are nations that do not acknowledge the ALMIGHTY GOD, whose churches are now empty, while they promote Hollywood debauchery in the name of culture. How civilized are nations where murder is of daily occurrence?

Corrupted souls do not care about wrong-doings. This is why they do not bat an about the eye after they have committed grievous crimes against nations and people.

I am developing my theories about man’s inhumanity to man, especially when I think back about the deaths during the 1st World War, the Second World War, the unjustified colonial wars,the wars in Vietnam, Korea, Japan, in Europe, in Libya, in Iraq, in Syria and now the mayhem in the Ukraine.

The empirical evidence these wars offered me has been very helpful in my quest.

My interest in Darwin’s evolutionary has spread to the field of mental inheritance. Since Man has not shown gratitude for the HOLY BLOOD that was shed,

I cannot but ask after re-counting these agonies of mankind, whether CALVARY was worth it.

However, my pessimism cannot becloud the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and the assured victory over evil, which is permanent.

The decline of empires, failed presidents and their masquerades begins with the incompetence of a Nero and the callousness of a Herod. (See Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai, “IRAQ: The New CARTHAGE, International Law and Diplomacy in the Iraqi crisis”) page X

But for the rabid and mindless quest for oil by Halliburton and BP, which led to the invasion of Iraq, there would have been no destruction of Iraq, no mass sacking of its military officers and no ISIS.

Those, who cover up historical facts are corrupted minds, who try to be clever by half, but history is ever so kind to document the ignoble acts of political leaders and it stresses to the political aspirant, the powerlessness of power.

If political power is not used for the common good, it can only serve the devil’s agend for mankind.

World leaders should establish systems of social security in order to establish egalitarian societies; otherwise, they will have to contend with civil disobedience, civil wars, and mindless violence.

The political leader, who condones corruption, the civil servant, who shamelessly betrays his office, the political advisers, who support bribery and usury, they know no peace, they are restless, quixotic, develop shifting eye balls and they trust no-one, they suspect everyone.

The United Nations Convention on Corruption has dealt with the issues in great details. BOSAS INTERNATIONAL BUREAU has circulated the document widely and we have discussed it extensively during our weekly seminars.

“Wash a pig, comb a pig, a pig is a pig” To tell a corrupted soul about corruption is like pouring water on the back of a duck.

“What shall it profit politicians, if they gain the whole world and suffer the loss of their own souls”. “For GOD is not mocked, what nations and people sow that they shall reap.”

It is very important to understand the present Nigerian dilemma by examining some historical events in the political life of Nigeria.

For eight years, Olusegun Obasanjo was a “monarch” of all he surveyed. He revved up his THIRD TERM AMBITION inexorably. One of his strategies was to craft a POLITICAL OATH OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE PARTY.

Many PDP rank and file swore to this oath in order to retain their positions and relevance in the party.

Those, who live in the supernatural state, saw a mighty danger to the Oath givers and the Oath-takers. I pointed out the spiritual effects of Oaths in a five serial article, but only two were allowed to be published in THE GUARDIAN. I wrote that any good Oath is to call God as a witness, but Oath intended for the manipulation and control of a nation and its people is to invite Principalities and Powers to unleash spiritual wickedness from high places.

The effect of the failure of the political Oath exposed the puny nature of man’s brain. The first causality was the THIRD TERM DEBACLE. Then, the failure to manipulate and teleguide subsequent presidents. This led to despondency and the occasional injection of confusion into governance.

The failure of social policies in the Niger Delta threw up militants from oil producing regions. They justly revolted.

The lack of social security and social budget for compatriots in North-Eastern Nigeria has put Nigeria in serious crisis.

The money we have used to fight insurgency could have been used to bring development to that region. Was it not Aristotle who remarked that politicians “are stupid” and self-centered? They only respond to political resistance using the police, military intelligence and legislative props.

Political advisers in Nigeria, though well-qualified in some cases, hesitate to give frank advice and so they speak tongue-in-chek for fear of losing their jobs. The nation is the loser.

Where were the political advisers, when social policies were neglected for so long?

The greatest problem in Nigeria is the conspiracy and condonation of exil, bad governance, while the leader is in power. They only criticize the leader, when they no longer benefit from his government. The former loquacious Nigerian Goebbels, who was Jonathan’s Ifa priest and propagandist, surprised even Jonathan and crossed to the opposition, to whom he is making horrific disclosures of damaging genre. The opposition in Nigeria comes from the PDP. So, what is the joy about? SCHEM CHOT NI SHUTIT!

The AZATA/NEPU Party of honest, patriotic, thinking Nigerian men and women, will continue to sensitize the people of Nigeria towards robust political awareness, so that they will not continue to be deceived and taken for granted by political buccaneers and evil forces of negativism.( See Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai, “ Commentaries on Contemporary Nigerian Politics” Authorhouse Publishing Company, United Kingdom, 2013, at page 507.

Exchanging temporary power trappings for eternal damnation is very unwise. “VANITY is the hall-mark of the alalus homo. He drinks, engages in bestial concubination and thoughtless talk.

“When a man has a jar of wine besides him and a woman by his side,, he is in tune with the life-giving forces” A Ming Dynasty proverb.

People, who live in the natural state are vulnerable to corruption, we must aspire to live in the supernatural state, under the unction of the Holy Ghost, who teaches us all things.

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