A Battle Cry To Reverse The Poor State Of The Nation

by Bode Eluyera


 There are cases in economic development when large government spending helps to boost the economy. But it was not the case with Abuja and Nigeria. Why? Because virtually all the construction and supply contracts to build Abuja were heavily inflated, the materials were imported and last but not the least, they were carried out by foreign companies. So, instead of the contracts creating jobs for Nigerians and boosting our economy, it was the negative effect that we got because the money spent on these projects did not circulate in our economy but were received by foreign banks.


 The construction of Abuja was a big drain on Nigeria’s economy. But that did not bother the North, after all, they were not spending their own money. They got billions of dollars absolutely for free from the South to build a capital for themselves at the expense of the South. Why did they do this? The answer is simple. The North was not satisfied with the fact that they were ruling the country. They also wanted the capital city to be in the North where they can  control  events fully. Moreover, in case Nigeria brakes up in the future, they already have a modern capital – which they never spent a single kobo of their money to build – at their disposal to use. Definitely, nation building was not their priority or on their agenda when they took the selfish decision to build Abuja at the expense of the South.


  It’s not just that a Northerner – whether civilian or retired military officer – does not have the brains to rule ‘successfully’ a sophisticated country like Nigeria. What is more serious and dangerous is the fact that they are evil and practice fundamental or aggressive form of Islam which is a ticking time bomb that may explode at any time and eventually destroy Nigeria beyond repair. There are millions of muslims in the South-West who go about their businesses peacefully and live in complete harmony not only with christians but with other tribes.


 The Northerners are not our brothers. Their real brothers are in Chad, Niger republic, Mali, Burkina Faso, Sudan, Somali e.t.c. To be sincere, in terms of language, religion, mentality, climatic conditions, history (before 1914), e.t.c. they have more in common with these countries than with us. Even the colours of our skins are different! They belong there and should be there. We should not be shy to tell them. It’s time to wake up from our slumber and call a spade a spade. The goal of the North is to set up a Sharia state and impose it on the Southerners. And if we resist, they will start murdering us. They are contented living a barbaric life. You can take the North out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the North. If they are our brothers, then why are they always murdering us? They are barbaric! 


  A case in point to buttress my point about the barbaric behavior of the North is the recent massacre of the Igbos in the North.  I’m saddened like many Nigerians ‘cos of this tragic, senseless and devilish killings of innocent, harmless and law-abiding Nigerians in the name of Allah by “our brothers” because of some cartoon that was published by a Dutch newspaper; and which they didn’t even see with their own eyes! This happened at the beginning of the 21st century; almost 100 years after the amalgamation of the North with the South! The descendants of Othman dan Fodio had done it again! They have put the name of the country to shame again. And definitely, this is not going to be the last, unfortunately. Another proof that Nigeria is just an artificial country; and nothing good will ever come out of this unsolicited union as long as these people remain part of us.  It’s very sad and unfortunate that after 45 years of forcefully leaving together: most especially after the civil war this pogrom or ethnic cleansing took place.

 In any civilised society, one of the main responsibilities of the government is to guarantee the safety of lives and properties. It’s very sad, disappointing and shocking that the state government failed totally in protecting innocent and harmless Igbos whose main offence was that they happened to belong to another religion and ethnic group. There was not even a condemnation of this evil act on the part of the so-called Northern leaders. Indeed, silence means consent. My own interpretation of this is that no lesson has been learnt from the civil war and that we can’t really co-exist together. It’s the bitter truth and we have to face it. May the soul of the dead rest in peace.


  I witnessed another barbaric and criminal confession from a retired Northern military officer in Moscow. Maj. Gen. Abdullahi Sarki Mukthar, (rtd) in his farewell address as the outgoing ambassador to Moscow told us that one of the most difficult decisions he ever made in his life was when he gave an order as the head of the ECOMOG troupe in Liberia to execute some Nigerian soldiers from the South that were found guilty of sleeping with the wives of Northern military officers. I hope somebody is reading this, most especially our criminal and civil rights lawyers! A Nigerian military officer gave an order ‘to execute’ Nigerian soldiers for sleeping –  not raping – with the wives of Northern officers. Can somebody please tell me where it is written in the Nigerian or military constitution that if the wives of military officers have sex ‘voluntarily’ with Nigerian soldiers, then, they’ll have to face the firing squad! This is the kind of barbaric act that the Northerners are preparing for Nigeria. As far as I understand, that was ‘military Sharia’ in action.

 I was so much impressed at the beginning of Mukhtar’s speech: most especially, when he said that the embassy should be opened to any Nigerian and that Nigerian diplomats should first of all listen or attend to any Nigerian irrespective of what crime he was being accused of or must have committed, not until he spoke about the execution of the Nigerian soldiers. I almost urinated in my trousers when he said this. Mukhtar gave some of us the address of his Kano law chamber and told us that he was going to practice law and was not interested in politics and that we should always feel free to pay him a visit or contact him if we had any problems. I wanted to write him a letter of praise and appreciation, and pay him a surprise visit in Kano, but simply could not bring myself to do that after hearing the execution revelation. I felt even more disgusted when somebody quite close to him and the embassy told me that he once spent $1000 in order to sleep with an African lady, and that all along his tenure he was just busy doing business and didn’t really care about the welfare of Nigerians in Russia.

 Now this same man who headed a kangaroo military court with other Northern military officers as its members that gave the order to execute Nigerian soldiers has now been promoted by OBJ to the position of security adviser. Only God knows what is awaiting Nigerians with this new position! I sincerely hope that the Nigerian public after reading this will react and demand a public and independent investigation of this case.


  What about Jubril Aminu during his visit to Russia in the mid 80’s? He told Nigerian scholarship students plain blank that the federal government had no jobs for them and they should not bother coming back to Nigeria after their studies. The memory is still fresh in mind the enormous damage Aminu inflicted on education in the South in his quest to make the Northern cattle rearers turned students overnight catch up with the South. The same Aminu was also made Nigeria’s ambassador to the U.S. by OBJ. And now he is a respected senator from Adamawa state



 Most of the so called intellectuals or educated Northern elites are products of quota system who were admitted to study either in Nigerian universities or abroad with substandard GCE results compared with their Southern students.

 On getting to Russia, after our interaction with Bureau for External Aids scholarship students from the North, what we realised to our greatest surprise and disappointment was that our Northern colleagues had inferior WAEC, GCE results compared to ours. I remembered some of my colleagues who had distinctions but were denied scholarship because equal number of students had to be chosen from each state. There were even several occasions when Northern scholarship students sent to study Medicine in Russia had never studied biology or/and chemistry before! It was then that I understood not only the real meaning, damage and danger of quota system, but I as well realised the injustice in our system and the heavy price the South is paying to accomodate the North. Unfortunately, up till the time of writing, this practice still persists.

 This explains why the government still continues to send people on scholarship abroad, but without any accountability. Jubril Aminu and his brothers are less concerned about where and what a federal government graduate is doing or how he is surviving after his studies. They not only neither don’t have any plans for us nor intend to use us to develop Nigeria, but most importantly, they don’t want us to return home so that we won’t challenge them or disturb them from looting the treasury. After all, out of sight is out of mind. And when some us take the courage to return, our burning desire to contribute to the development of our country is frustrated in different ways.

  What about the Miss world beauty competition? When Agbani Darego made not only Nigeria, but the whole of Africa and the black race proud, when she won the highly coveted Miss World beauty pageant, after a fierce competition. Nigeria as the winner was slated to host the next edition of the competition for the first time ever in its history. Preparation was already in full gear in anticipation of this historical event. Sadly, our Northern brothers had a different plan entirely, which of course did not include Nigeria hosting this competition. They did all their best to make sure that the competition did not take place in Nigeria. When guests and participants started arriving for the competition, a statement was made by our Northern brothers that ‘Prophet Muhammed himself would had loved to have some of the competitors as his wives.’ Later, there were killings and demonstrations in the North against the competition being held in Nigeria. The event was eventually shifted to London, and was won by a Turkish lady, from a muslim country. The irony of it was that Turkey; a 100% muslim country was very delighted about it and saw it as a big opportunity not only to promote and boost tourism, showcase its culture and make money, but it wanted to prove as well that Islam is not about violence. Turkey hosted the competition in a very grandiose way.

 Why didn’t the descendants of Othman Dan Fodio realise that by hosting the competition Nigeria would not only be able to promote tourism, showcase its rich and diversified culture, but will as well be able to improve the economy? The answer is simple. They are illiterates, barbaric, evil and do not have the interest of the country at heart.


  Suffice to say that I do not breed any hatred against the Northerners. As a matter of fact, I’m a product of the Federal Government College (F.G.C.) or unity schools educational system introduced by the federal government. And one of my best friends that I shared the same seat with throughout my studies in the college was a lady from the former Gongola state. I’m only being pragmatic and objective in the analysis of the social, economic and political problems that we are facing. A sort of systems analysis. Before you fix something that is out of order, you must first of all understand why it’s not functioning. And, it’s only through an unbiased system analysis approach that you arrive at the answer or solution.


 The grudge I have against the North is that they are not satisfied with the fact that they have squandered both the human and mineral resources concentrated in the South and plunged the country into deep economic chaos – which consequently led to mass immigration –  but are threatening and demanding that  power should be returned to the North, despite the fact that none of the present presidential candidates parading themselves from the North  has the brains to manage such a sophisticated country like Nigeria  ‘successfully.’ The only thing they know how to do well is to massacre and destroy. Perhaps, Nigeria is the only country or among the very few countries in the world where the rulers come from the most backward and poorest region of the country.

                     TO BE CONTINUED.

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mallam January 9, 2007 - 4:02 am

Good article, the north has truely done a lot of damage to the country!


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