A Battle Cry To Reverse The Poor State Of The Nation

by Bode Eluyera

  This article in a way is sort of a continuation of my previous article titled “The Ordeal of blacks and Nigerians in Russia.” In the article, I lamented on the difficulties and problems Nigerians go through in their quest for the green pasture. In this article, I try to do some analysis of the reasons responsible for the mass migration and give some recommendations at the end as regards to not only how to stem the migration, but how to attain a stable and reliable political system that will subsequently lead to economic prosperity.

  It’s high time we woke up from our slumber and get the point; which is that we are not wanted in the West anymore! If we insist on staying, then we must be ready to cope with the insults, humiliations and danger that come along with it. Our duty now is to be involved in the political process at home and strive to get the political power and implement the programs we believe are necessary for the development of our country instead of telling these corrupt, good for nothing “professional” politicians, thieves and opportunists what to do. The British or Americans will not develop Nigeria for us, instead they’ll take the little we have.
 Actually, all these migration in search of green pastures – which eventually lead to the mass imprisonment and death of Nigerians abroad – was caused in the first place by the North’s misrule of the country; which came to its peak during the reigns of the military juntas of IBB and Abacha.


 A reknown Russian political scientist – Satarov, was able to prove that it is bad management that leads to corruption and not vice-versa. I’m of the view that Nigeria will be much better off and develop at a very faster pace without the North.


  Our country is blessed with enormous mineral and human resources. However, just as we all know, the problem is bad management. The North and the military have destroyed and mismanaged the human and mineral resources from the South. The military is to be blamed for the rot in the nation. Their lack of intellectual power, vision as well as ineffective leadership and institutionalisation of corruption has robbed the nation of the chance to grow. In general, the South is paying too big a price to have the North as part of Nigeria. They’re a liability to the South; and from my analysis without any emotion, it’ll be better to let them go! They’re not contributing anything! They are parasites! They can even take Abuja with them; if they’re ready to compensate the South for its investments. I’m convinced that as long as the North is part of Nigeria, we can never, never, never realise our full human potentials and/or make the best use of our  mineral resources.


  Greatness is not in the geographical size of a country or mineral resource, but, it is in its well educated, disciplined and hard-working population. Japan is a very good example. Sweden the biggest of the Scandinavian countries – with the highest standard of living and life longevity in the world has a population less than 10 million, and commands respect all over the world. There are many tiny European countries in terms of population and territory even by european standard like Austria, Luxemborg, Switzerland, Monaco  but, each with GDP that dwarf that of Nigeria’s. With the exception of just 2 countries in the G7 – the seven richest countries in the world – Nigeria is bigger by territory and population than the rest. And the (Northerners) even have the guts to demand that the presidency should be returned to them after all the destruction, tears and suffering that their misrule has brought millions of Southerners! As if it’s their father – Othman Dan Fodio’s property. What an affront!


  Nigeria is an artificial country; just a geographical entity and no more. It’s far from being called ‘A Nation’.I want to draw your attention to the big difference between a country and a nation. A country is just a physically existing or geographical entity. In a nation, majority of the people share common goals, values and aspirations and they work very hard together to achieve their goals. In order to achieve their goals, the citizens appoint or choose the best among themselves  – irrespective of his origin – to various positions to formulate optimal economic, political and social policies for them, and they on their part give them their full support so that they can all succeed.

 A nation tries as much as possible to give its citizens the best. A nation tries as much as possible to provide all the necessary moral, technological, educational and financial support, and the most conducive environment for its citizens to achieve their goals. A nation cares about the welfare of its citizens – including the minority


 Were the Northerners thinking of building a nation when they located the refinery in Kaduna, irrespective of the fact that the oil wells are located in the Niger delta in the South, the other end of the country? Even a child without any knowledge in finance, economics or management will tell you that that was a crazy decision. But, were the Northerners crazy when they made this decision? No, they were not. So, what was their motive? Their motive was their own selfish interest at a great cost to the country.


 They were not interested in building a nation. They are only interested in looting the resources in the South and developing the North. It’s a known fact to everybody that the North purposely limited the number of Southerners that could enroll in the military so that it can maintain its domination of the military, and carry out coups whenever it feels fit or its economic or political interests are threatened. As Chairman Mao once said: ‘Power flows from the barrel of the gun.’ Apart from the military where the enrollment of the Southerners is deliberately limited, the South-South alone boasts of specialists that surpass the whole of the North in terms of quantity and quality.


   During the civil war, the Igbos made a lot of technological inventions. It’s more than 35 years since the civil war was fought, the federal government headed by the North, since the end of the civil war, did not invest a single kobo in the development and production of these products that could have earned the country foreign currency, provide jobs for thousands of Nigerians and boost the image of the country.

  Were the Northerners thinking of nation building when they voted en mass for Shagari in the 1979 presidential elections, despite the obvious fact that Shagari was the least competent among the contestants?


A friend once told me that it was actually another city in the South-East that was chosen by the Russians as the best location to build the metallurgical plant that is now located in Ajaokuta. But when another decision was taken by the Northern government to build it instead at Ajaokuta, the governor of the state in which the town that was chosen initially protested, and was removed for insurbodination.


  It’s high time we started asking ourselves the positive contribution of the North to nation building.  According to some reliable sources, both national and international, the contribution of the whole of the North to Nigeria’s economy in all aspects is less than 10%. When I told a friend about my finding, he said that if we take into consideration the political, economical and

social damage that they have inflicted on the country through their misrule and looting of our treasury, then their contribution is not less than 10% but negative. I completely agree with him.

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mallam January 9, 2007 - 4:02 am

Good article, the north has truely done a lot of damage to the country!


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