A New Nigeria Free From Cultism…Do We Have Hope?

First let me apologize for all the ills confraternal clashes have caused in recent time, and certainly bringing its founders as having the genuine course and directions towards formally liberating Africa and Africans, but which was later replaced with juvenile stupidity and society tool in bating and stealing mandate from genuine candidates. Surely Africans have History, and which when practically narrated must replace all the quagmires of the white man in most history textbooks, the Ancestors and the GOD of AFRICA has in our time re-create sons and daughters of Africa with substances and of ideas to re-tell the world a story which has never been told, an archives of its finest type was re-visited and treasures of African traditions, culture and religion was place in the courtyard of global debates; waiting for the white folks to ponder on the tales and folklores. May our brothers and sisters in the defense of Africa’s prestige continue to see the light of the day, and may their days be long ISE!

This election comes at a crucial time in Nigerian, African and world history. In Nigeria the National elections are round the corner. After leading our country through an eight year merry- go- round, the National helms-man has now declared the elections a do or die affair. Like his geriatric near senile contemporary in Zimbabwe, the whole country has been garrisoned preparatory to the declaration of fictitious results and the enthronement of mediocrity in the name of rotational presidency and exclusivity. We still talk of power shift instead of talking about the best candidate for the job. One wonders whether hunger, lack and illness adds to our national burden and polity; respected rotational leadership between near imbeciles has hijack our democracy. Thousands have lost their lives needlessly in the last eight years as a stooge without an agenda was forced on the Nigerian people courtesy of the prince of the Niger and his cohorts who in the last decade have continued to flaunt their ill-gotten wealth in 50 bedroom hilltop mansions, while the impoverished masses die from hunger and preventable diseases. May AMADIOHA! Have his way with them. May SHOPONO descend suddenly on them and their families.

It is painful for me to hear about Nigerians who are finding it difficult to feed their families, due to the non ending economic depression which first started in 1982, when then president Shagari declared austerity measures. There has to be an end to the reign of the mad men who have held the reigns of power in Nigeria since July 1966, after they hijacked the country using mass-murder, terror and shock tactics as their weapons of choice. The past forty years has revealed a country raped, pillaged and ruined by those who declare themselves patriots and revolutionaries. The present national helms-man declared recently that his initial ambition in life was to be a mechanic and that when he got older he decided to be a barman. Those who installed a barman as the president of Nigeria are definitely laughing at the rest of us. In Zimbabwe we see the madness of Mobutu sese-seko and Gnasigbe Eyadema grip Mugabe. Now he has imported militiamen from Angola to deal with his political opponents, as the Zimbabwe police force can no longer cope with the large number of people in rebellion against the unjust system. To imagine that Africa once looked to Robert Mugabe for leadership. Meanwhile the open sore that Darfur in Sudan has become, continues to hemorrhage as the African union prevaricates and the Sudanese Govt plays games with the lives of millions. One commentator mentioned that but for Iraq the world would have been forced to do something in Darfur. On the 25th of march 2007 a day after the conference of African Scholars, who are bent on Africa’s complete liberation which I was present, and of a major stakeholder with delegates making their way back to their various bases, Britain and the world would be marking the 200th year anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade in Britain. The British prime minister in the last couple of weeks has regretted Britain’s role in one of the most appalling tragedies ever perpetuated in world history I refer here to the African slave trade. Fellow Africans there is no tragedy that shaped human history and race relations in the way that the slave trade did. It was the presence of black men in chains in Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean that made the white man to begin to spin the myth of white racial supremacy. Prior to the slave trade the Black man led the world in state craft, technology, medicine, indeed all spheres of human endeavor, Egypt, Carthage, Ethiopia and the kingdoms of the rain forest bore eloquent testimony to our level of civilization. The coming of the Portuguese to our shores and the discovery of the so-called new world was to have terrible consequences for our people.

Ken Livingstone Mayor of London writing in the Guardian of Wednesday march 21st 2007 declared “next Sunday the 25th March marks the bicentenary of the abolition of one of history’s greatest crimes-the transatlantic slave trade. The British government must formally apologize for it. All attempts to evade this are weasel words. Delay demeans our country”. The question of compensation has largely clouded the question of apologies from Britain the biggest slaver of its time. George bush has already described the trade in Africans as a horror. A number of African countries including Ghana and Senegal are holding ceremonies to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade in Britain. It is easy to dismiss the question of slavery as one of those things that happened far in the past, but this should not be the case, as no single issue so changed the nature of race relations and the consequences are still here with us.

A lot of confusion in continental Africa and all round the world are directly traceable to the evils of the African slave trade which went on for over 500 years, with mass relocation of entire African populations in the Caribbean and the Americas, destruction of entire nation states with disappearance of cultures and peoples but worse of all it set the stage for the ridiculing of the black-man, for his dehumanization, and the struggle which we all face to day as Black-men to reassert our humanity. We describe the Black-man today only in terms of skin colour in most parts of the world because that was all many were left with in the slavery era. On the plantations the white man changed the names of the Africans, forbade them to speak their languages, stripped them of their culture, dehumanized them and turned them into the human equivalent of the mule or horse indeed a brute beast fit only for the fields and intense manual labour. Marriage as we know it was forbidden, but intense promiscuous sexual activity was permitted as this rapidly increased the black population. Most plantation owners raped the women slaves and the products of such unions were made slaves. The slave trade was one big study in eugenics. In order to justify the brutal inhuman treatment of the Africans, all kinds of dubious scientific and sociological studies were carried out, whose end result was the declaration that the black-man was subhuman. These false conclusions were spread far and wide and this is what led to racism, which we are all battling with today.

How do you convince someone who sees you as a dangerous wild animal that you are also a human being? I could go on and on but the point has been made. Eventually the slavers on the continent of Africa were themselves enslaved, the kingdoms of Ashanti, Abomey, Benin and others lost their independence with the partitioning of Africa at the Berlin conference. The fate of Benin was quite sad as in1897 the capital city was burnt, sacked, looted and the king Ovoranwen debased in a way that could only invite a curse on the land. The African slave trade created BLACKISM for that was all the white-man left us with in the new world. The white man took our language, our names, ethnicity, sense of being,

history, manhood, dignity and all its attributes away from us on the plantations of North, South America and the Caribbean. All we were left with as a reference point was the colour of our skins. In the new world there was no Yoruba or Mandingo or Bantu. We were simply blacks. Black became derogatory as it spoke of inferiority, failure, and all things bad. From this negativity, our forbears in the new world created the positive ideology of BLACKISM. We today speak of NEO-BLACKISM, which is much more than new blackism. Neo-blackism was born as an ideology in 1977 pioneered through Neo Black Movement of Africa (NBM) in part to redress the evil consequences of slavery and colonialism on the psyche of the Blackman to bring into being a new type of Black-man who was to be disciplined, fearless, industrious, focused, the equal of the best of men the other races had to put forward.

Bishop David Oyedepo had this to say recently at the founder’s day event at the Covenant University Nigeria. ” A normal Black man is a victim of slavery, until you become brave you never become free. We are here to enforce a change, change that will write the story of the black man productively, tangibly, technologically on the world map. With GOD we cannot fail. Bravery is a cure for slavery. We are so afraid to be different, always want to be endorsed by the white-man, now white men want to be endorsed by us”. Bishop David Oyedepo spoke the sort of words that ought to be coming out of this convention, the words of a Neo-Blackist. There is therefore no contradiction between Neo-Blackism and Christianity or indeed Islam. If Bishop Oyedepo is seeking to re-write the story of the Black man productively, tangibly, how much more the Neo-Black movement. The Neo-Black movement was conceived as a black militant defense force for the protection of the Black man worldwide. It was militant because the enemy we faced was a very wicked and diabolical one. Racism, racial hatred, neo-colonialism, apartheid, racial violence of the most abhorrent kind. The enemy in South-Africa as seen from the Sharpsville, Soweto and other massacres was hell-bent on exterminating as many Africans as possible, as it became increasingly glaring that black majority rule was an inevitability in that country. The Neo-Black Movement stripped of all paraphernalia and laid bare can be said to be for the defense and protection of the Black-man worldwide. As a Movement it was galvanized by two great ideas.


The Neo-Black Movement -NBM is a movement democratic in its decision making and organization, but militant in its actions, conceived as the last bus-stop for the black man, the last hope for redress, the apex black organization, the black organization of all black organizations, the vanguard for the black man, the movement that would lead the black man to the eldorado of true economic, social, cultural and political independence. There are hundreds if not thousands of black organizations, ditto pan-africanist organisations, but there is only one Neo-Black Movement. The Neo-Blackist (AXE-MAN) in his original incarnation was an ideologue, not a mindless violent brute. Neo-blackism is best described as an exceedingly rewarding and intensely satisfying pursuit for Black-men possessing courage and bravery as personal attributes and with a mindset of the radical, revolutionary and intellectual hue. The Axe itself is symbolic; it is merely wielded by the hand, but issues from the mind. It speaks of mind reconstruction and deeds done from a mind freed from the age old problems that made our ancestors prey to the pecuniary motives prompted by reprobate and lucre crazed Caucasians steeped in mind control and other techniques, designed to reduce otherwise reasonable homosapiens to mere brute beasts.

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Rabbi Harrison February 15, 2020 - 6:37 am

this people are still booming daily
government should add more insight to it
to lessen there treaty if it cant be stopped

scope December 4, 2009 - 9:55 pm

Egede 4 all my bros , abeg make help beg temple ayez to stop bamming bike men and truck puchers .*

Greeting to all axe men.

tobi November 27, 2009 - 10:05 am

Na me be aye muhamed al mutanga oke meje high temple…i dey feel wetin all ma fellow brothers yarn full ground..kf on guiding may our axe never blunt.victory is ours…see me well egedes…jew name(tobi)

bigjoe October 17, 2009 - 9:49 pm

Egede for my bros, you bam scatter and nothing do you kf on guide, the very reason wen let me bam nar im you just out line finish for this writ up. anoda egede for you aye axemen…..aye axemen.

Julius October 14, 2009 - 2:53 am

Egede me bros u bam scatter bam reasoning if all strong men fit dey reason the way u reason so i believe say no jew go ever think say make he hatch eye or join any other jew frat. once again Egede me bros I hail u , more grease to ur elbow

Tapa October 3, 2009 - 5:40 am

Kpowai for you my bros! You are an inspiration to the rest of us Ax-men.


Omowunmi Yel-O Man September 30, 2009 - 12:21 am

Aaaaaye mi solid A-men; Mr Oshodi it is very refreshing and heartlifting to see that there are still a lot of progressive and true Neo-blackists still within the confine of this movement. Violence, as i always tell anybody seeking to exchange or acquire knowledge from me went, went out of fashion with the biggest enemy of Neo-blackist that i can think of namely that Neo-Nazi scum called Hitler. I, never being one in my days to shy away from violence when its constructively utilized and directed, have always believed in only using this tool when all else fails and one finds his back against the wall with the prospects of being swept away looking one in the eye. The Old and new generation of Egede men(as reasoning men), must adapt to the new socio-economic and political situation we find ourselves in and devise newer and more acceptable ways of ensuring that what the spirit of this movement stands for is sustained and our universal goals achieved. Like the famous verse says ”in this struggle for Uhuru we must persevere”, adapt assess and re-assess ourselves to make sure we keep to the dictates of our motto and ensure that our collective eyes does not stray from our objective with regards to what is decent and obtainable in this new world order. Closing that Chapter, once again Dodorima 4 mi solid barunda wey see am fit to bless us with this in intellectual ideologies and observations. Barunda you BAM YAGANYAGAN double egede 4 u. and to all my fellow A-men out there…..The Struggle Continues….But…..Victory is surely ours. AYE AXE-MEN.

dodo September 8, 2009 - 10:51 am

7 uhurus 4 u Mr Oshodi, double egede 4 u, u 2 bam… u be confirm egede wey know about life and future… I wish say we fit try print out dis article make we make sure say all men we dey out there read am to get sense,learn and think about them life bcuz i fare this days to say i no fit even relate again, bcuz i no fit imagine myself dey relate with juuman wey call dem self AXE me just bcuz say some bastard wey no know mean of NBM called them self AXE men don bam all street touts wey no even pass 2ru secondary skool finish, come dey constitute nuisance 4 area and street say dem be AXE men, them bludy juuman, mostly happening in Sagamu we dem just dey waste bloods, abeg make una luk into am, make KOROFO dey guard all men,Egede 4 life but i’m after money now.. AYEI AXE MEN

TUNDE July 27, 2009 - 11:50 pm

clear road am proud to be an axemen

baba June 19, 2009 - 2:39 am

well spoken…….egede 4 laif

kaystone May 22, 2009 - 2:56 pm

so happy that there are axemen that know what it means to carry the axe and stand up for the Black brotherhood aye mi bro all hailings to you and may you never lack in wisdom of greyhair,Na mi bi Lordi kataka (Ogunpa High T) .I hail all Axe men all over the world.And will continue to plead that we should Korofo continue to guard our steps and encourage all when de involved in house bammin to stop it. Because who no go no know. AYEI AXE MEN.

izy April 22, 2009 - 9:46 am

me na lord robert mugambe,dis msg na de very one wey need to go round to all ay at various junction cos most men no knw d aim of wetin dem be.they just feel say na dashun dasha na him b d whole things,many souls of our beloved broda don go…..how can we fill dis gap?d hour don reach wey all aye go wake up 4rom sleep and stop inter fraital war.make we hussle well well to hammer 4 jollification.aye axeme………….n

Capon419 April 9, 2009 - 12:10 am

You be da great man Aye and i dey feel you for real…..I just hope all my AY men see dis cos i no know why men go dey Bamm jews wey just dey on street and not in school,,,,them just dey feel the fun and not the game….Aye na for matured people inteligent people not street touts….you have spoken and i hope they listen and learn from what you have said. Aye mi AXE me…Big egede for you…Capon419 from Shomolu

Babami April 8, 2009 - 9:11 pm

Dodorima to all Aye’s……… this Aye wey write this article bam scatter… hailings comining from all the Ayes of OBANTA High temple KFR go continue to give you wisdom

matt March 20, 2009 - 3:19 pm

Na me be lord koffy Awolowo.Aye surpose to be moveing forward but we are .why? na coz of all this market boys wey dem don dey bamm, wey nor no waitin NBM stand for.

shola February 26, 2009 - 10:36 pm

AYE u bam……..i love this article its so nice and i must let all mi men know that there is no point in killing one another,lets leave together and promote the glory of this our great nation.

henry February 20, 2009 - 2:31 pm

every day it seems that a new hope will come with the sun but at the every end we all lose hope just like a prayer waiting for an answer so is the life of student in our university are wish to wash cultism out help stop cultism

ogunsanya olayemi February 12, 2009 - 1:21 pm

black man know yourself be a confidence man, dont forget your past, our anccestor civilized this world. As sun dey shine,make our spirit shine. As star dey bright, make our future bright. movement against second slavery africa must be free africa must unite. dodorima for all strong man.

kayworld January 18, 2009 - 7:46 pm

Dodo mai national

i lorld fayinka de first, Abj Z

may kf garg ur rules ova nbm,

barunda oshodi yan well,we should all say the power of an lies in the muscle that holds it, may our AXE never go blunt, i stand up 2 say dat egede contributed well 4 the development of nigeria till date, but rememba say out of eight theres always a bad egg but seven as motto be forward ever, look around u frm d grassroot, locallyand nationally theres a cos disagree and agree. aye Axe men

Adera January 14, 2009 - 5:14 pm

Na me bi Aya nelson Mandela the great kiringi high temple jew name adera … I will like to comment on the issue of killing because as an axe men we are fighting for freedom and fighting against oppression…..But now it is not so some of the axe men are the one who oppress people like the jews and other injews frat .I will like all axe men to look on this issue.

Nosa October 20, 2008 - 8:58 am

Please what can we do right to stop the present violence in Benin City. The more we shy away from this truth the bigger the monster will grow. This is no longer a case of supremacy or dorminance but it has degenerated into gang violence. This must stop!

Aye Julius Bukandi September 21, 2008 - 11:07 am

Egede You Bam. Dodo for you

Andrew Oluwadeji Ajasin September 8, 2008 - 6:36 am

Whoever this Author is, Mr. Oshodi of the Neo-Black movement, You have said what Professors of Peace & Conflict resolution do not know, or have ignored in terms of the nascent Nigerian polity. It is quite unlike an Axeman writing from the impression of know it all, actually you have hit the knot at the screwed edge. Although as a PC, I’m compelled to direct every focus on what Mr. Oshodi is talking about. What a Sound Axeman, First of its kind i have comeby. Well Done Mr. Oshodi

dale micheal September 7, 2008 - 7:50 am

egede u bam finish for this article, make kf dey guide u , make kf dey give u mnore wisdon, ayes go dey grow, ayes do dey progress , ayes go dey hammer, intellignet jews go dey full themself, ur axe no go bulunt, dodorima for u.egede in guard oh

Robinson Ogbomo August 1, 2008 - 9:15 pm

AYE! u 2 bam, double EGEDE 4 u……..MOVEMENT for ever! KOROFO dey on guard

daniel August 1, 2008 - 12:22 am

my brother has spoken the truth, which others are hiding. lets face the challenges of curruption and stop interfratenal dispute

Emma Black May 21, 2008 - 5:40 pm

Egede for you mi lordy may your wisdom always continue to grow high. Dodo

nnaji obed May 10, 2008 - 8:31 pm

aye mi brother, your article is cool. we should be carry out some reforms that will enhance our goals.

KELECHI March 23, 2008 - 12:27 am

NA me aye walter sisulu de first .egede 4 al strong AYs.Dis article must have written by a strong axe.EGEDE 4 blackmen.

Armani March 3, 2008 - 7:20 pm

Mr Oshodi, I am quite impressed with your write-up, you have said nothing but the truth… I will want to state categorically that the Neo Black Movement of Africa Worlwide has done all within its reach to ensure that all organisations see themselves as one, which was the reason the former National President of NBM established the National Inter Fraternity Council (NIFC),which was criticized by some other organisations. The establishment of the NIFC lead to the removal of the then national capone of the Pyrates, some of their members were totally against peace especially as they saw the pace NBM was growing.. I will plead with all well meaning Nigerians to preach peace and condemn violence especially in our tertiary institutions. Lets all join to lift our nation Nigeria high. We re blessed with both natural and human resources. We should endeavour to take a stand and stop our bad leaders as well as join in the fight against corruption and other evil devices which will bring destruction to the Black race. For we are Black and Blessed… Armani

stone August 30, 2007 - 1:37 pm

u are a real axe….may ur axe never get wick may u day sharp like the axe ..greeting aye mi axe man

Michael Dixon May 3, 2007 - 10:33 am

You are the best thing that has ever happened to Neo Black Movement Of Africa, May your metal never blunt! May Olodumare' continue to grant unto you that great knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding!!

Mayor147 April 28, 2007 - 4:00 pm

You are my real axe…dd or ima 4 u.

I wish that all my men around the word will stand up and raise their axe on the sky.

The axe need to shine so that africa and other black race could raise beyond their ugly situation.

You are a real axe. Thanks.


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