Abia: Posterity May Find It Very Hard To Forgive Gov. Orji

The latest ranting by Governor Theodore Orji’s aides in the media is
dishonourable. They have thrown decorum to the dust bin just as their
principal has thrown a gemstone such as the position of a governor away and
chose to be a gainsayer. In a leap to pull themselves out of my position in
the article titled, “Abia: From God’s Own State To Goons’ Own State” they
have been publishing one vacuum article with different names and titles.
They said that my article was incoherent and lacked editorial touch, a
position that showed that the aides wanted to tell the world that they knew
it all more than the ever capable editors that vetted the article and my
other titles and found them worthy of gracing the pages of their
newspapers. This one apart!

It is shameful to bring into line my precious words with these people that
posterity may find it very hard to forgive. I am not the only person who is
ashamed; many Nigerians are mortified to arrange in a line with Abia State.
Who do not know that the blameworthy activities of Orji are responsible for
their action? Orji’s aides were writing about Utopia development of the
Governor Orji administration, yet one meticulous inquiry on the people’s
lips is why no sole consequential developmental activities in Abia State.
The aides would always give excuse with the sharing formula of the Federal

One good thing that the Orjis in the Abia State Government would have done
was to work in the state just the same frequency they were bent on
lavishing Abia people’s money on unnecessary media campaign of the things
we knew that were not true they wanted to sell to the public. These aides
want the world to believe that it was our people who wronged Orji, while he
has done nothing against the people. We know the school of politics of
these Orjis – propagandize. And when I tell them this, you read them in
different blogs they create to tarnish the image of critics of the
government calling me a blackmailer, rapist, extortionist, kidnapper and
sundry hoping that people will buy their distractions, but people knew who
are the original blackmailer, rapist extortionist, kidnapper of good
governance in the once God’s Own State now turned Goon’s Own State.

It is obvious that Governor Orji has turned opposition to the positive
wishes of Ndi-Abia and at the same time would be shouting about being
opposed by a personality in the state, a tactic he has devised knowing full
well that his tenure is closing stages soon. Tell Orji that the roads in
Aba are in serious bad shape, you become the enemy of the Orjis in the Abia
State Government. He will not put the roads in order? Don’t worry, the
rains will soon start and the residents of Aba will begin to cry again. By
then, the much touted sixteen roads the Orjis said that they were building
in Aba would be a matter of questioning.

Governor Orji cannot bury his propaganda mercenaries and move Abia State
forward? They are good at avoiding the good business of governance, but
perfect in shifting blames for their woes. Is it not an embarrassment to
have a governor like Orji and his retinue of aides in Abia State, who are
always in the media, but in the wrong direction, like pupils directed by
their master to be commenting in the newspapers so as to see who comes
first? The Orjis in the Abia State Government knew that posterity may find
it very hard to forgive Gov. Orji, so they bent on dragging people’s names
into the mud and calling them enemies, when the Orjis are their own enemies.

It is primeval rearwardness at its unsurpassed state in Abia State. Orji is
using his uncouth aides to insult and malign personalities from and outside
Abia State who have contrary views to his primordial patterned government,
which has bred abysmal performances that have offered Abia State
meaningless features. Orji is wasting Abia people’s money for this reason.

When the aides write in their mischievous blogs with pseudonyms calling me
all sorts of names even a betrayer, I wonder if they do not know that Gov.
Orji is a chief betrayer. We all knew what he did to his political mentor.
Orji freshly said that he has searched his conscience and could not find
anywhere he has wronged his political master, and this shows that he has
none. No one is ready to sympathize with Orji for his self-inflicted
failures in governance or listen to his excuses where there should have
been none.

The latest is that Orji is even rejected in his Umuahia hometown. His
people are forming alliance with other towns in the state to make sure that
his none-performance is exposed. And his aides are secretly writing to some
of the Umuahia people begging them not to abandon their brother. These
righteous people from Umuahia are rather bluffing the Orjis, telling them
that they are interested on daring commitments to a better Abia State, and
would not be part of a man that posterity may find it very difficult to

Written by
Odimegwu Onwumere
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