Ade Mobogunje- a long Journey from a hard place

by Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth

Dr. Ade Mabogunje is the son of Professor Akinlawon Ladipo Mabogunje, one of the world’s greatest living Geographers, a recipient of the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for Geography the Prix Vautrin-Lud, at the 2017 annual International Festival of Geography Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, France (the home town of Vautrin Lud,) . His Forte is Urban Geography which seems to have some bearing on his son’s research interests.

Like the typical son of a Professor, Ade  Mabogunje made a first class Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the university of Lagos, Nigeria. Today Ade  Mabogunje is with a PhD from Stanford University, that spawning ground of ICT billionaires, and he serves as a senior research Engineer.

Ade Mabogunje lives in Mountain View, California, so reveals his father, a self confessed “Atapadide” (Of humble background) in his Autobiography, a Measure of Grace. Mountain view is reffered to as the happiest place to live in the United States.

Ade Mabogunje has also been involved in activities in Ahmedabad, India, which, in 2012 had been voted India’s most liveable city. Further to this, he had been involved with Abeokuta the captal of his home state, Ogun state, but Its not exactly known what position Abeokuta holds on the Liveability index  in Nigeria

Ade Mabogunje is  an expert on Silicon Valley start-ups and Venture Capital. He   has been investigating alternative mechanisms through which ideas and practices from science, engineering, psychology, and finance can be turned into useful design theories to guide the building of sustainable and scalable ventures in less industrialized economies.

A Patent holder, Ade Mabogunje has been invited to present the results of his research team at the legendary PARC XEROX. ATAPADIDE, Its been a long journey from a hard place.

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