Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves – Oshiomhole's Response To Obj's 18-Page Letter To President Goodluck Jonathan

I heard recently that Oshiomhole himself, the winner of the just concluded night of two thousand laughs competition, in response to the unserious and rather perilous 18-page letter by the grand circus clown Gen Olusegun Obasanjo, that gained sufficient diversionary public reviews and ratings. Inasmuch as the nation needs to critically examine the gravity of the letter and the mental base of the writer, one need not burn himself, for fact that an obvious constellation of a political disaster is lurking.

This how our own Oshiomhole spoke in total response to General Obasanjo’s 18pg letter to Mr. President. Hear him:

“Obasanjo should be in Jail for Corruption….”

Another statement is yet again made by a circus clown. Do we also ask Oshiomhole where Edo State’s more N25b meant for infrastructural development went? Trust me, the man is a political movie star. My shock is how the Nigerian people, who I see as victims of severe amnesia could be taking Obasanjo and Oshiomhole seriously…

This alone is my Fear!

Was it not this same Oshiomhole, the OBJ administration gave the Nigerian Labour “Slush Fund” a sovereign fund meant to cushion the effect of striking workers -this money isn’t the actual salary (during which there is declaration of no work, no pay tactics by the FG)? Were did this monies go? Iyanomo of course; building castles, as well as a befitting hospital in the USA, etc. Is he calling himself in for a correctional facility like Ibori of yore? Did the EFFC visited him? Isn’t he the same person that told the clown-OBJ saying thus: “it is not easy to chop and clean mouth….”

Was this not the same man whose sympathy sent about 46 NANS stakeholders to jail in 2001 during the joint ASUU, TUC and Labour as well as NANS (in their fight for the University Autonomy and reckless hike in tuition fees of students)? Was Oshiomhole not the champion of that crusade?

Where’s Tijani Kabiru? Where’s Bethram Ubaka? where’s Hon. Hon Comrade Philip Shaibu? Where’s Ojey ODIA? Where’s Desmond Igbinovia? where’s Armstrong Uchuko? where’s Hassan Balarabe Umar? where’s Shembach Nandum (the Berom crown Prince)? where are the aluta jetters (1999, 2000,2001, 2002 sets – Unijos, Unimad, Unizik, UNN, Uniben, Unilag, Ife, ABU, Uniport and RSUST, etc) who were present when this same man wakes us up at the dead of the night in our various hostels and campuses to pursue a course that we thought was bigger than our purpose, where some of us got raustication red cards plus jail terms for? Where are our cellmates in the jaji security asylum of 2002-2003? Where are you guys?

That’s how he made careless statement that almost got him lynched in the Benin-National Dialogue where civil society group of the talakawas boo him off the stage, where Col. Anyam almost pounced on him… is this same Oshiomhole that is making this odorfirious commentaries? Wonders shall never end, na wa ooooooo!

I am not saying he is not correct, but he’s got no morality to cast blame on anybody. I smell the Shakespeare have got something to hide, abi OBJ never settle, abi na political statements again?

Our voodoo leaders are found of using the ignorant public to treat their sour, what a pity.

On the contrary, everyone of us has his own bad sides no doubt, but I detest holy art thou set of persons. Funny enough, Oshiomhole is a very funny leader ready to change at angle 360 degrees.

My worry is that drug users, Agberos, jail bound individuals, prostitutes and street urchins are now selected at random by a confused mechanism in a drinking joints, who he now accord portfolio that are suppose to be meant of professionals.

No bad feelings, but a situation where he accord the rights, duties and privileges of a medical Doctor to a Babalawo, you get trash in that system.

>From appointing a woman he out rightly told to “go and die” an SA, our comrade Governor would soon patronise inpatients of Uselu psychiatric hospital for immediate appointments.

I won’t be surprised if he does that, afterall are 80-90% of the men and women working for him not potential psychiatric cases? Have seen the attitude of the popular ‘Oshiomhole Police….’ doing what they know best in Benin metropolis…?

Have you forgotten soon, the man told us that taxpayers are mad people, and that only potential psychiatric cases could collect taxes in Edo State? Are most of his stooge not gullible minds of questionable characters?

Like I said, everyone has his or her own bad sides, I have got mine – it may even be worse, you have yours. Unfortunately too, our interim hoard of Voodoo government run by this nollywood superstar Governor is one hell of a governance.

Written by
Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi
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