Amala Politics: The End

by Opeyemi Ajayi

It’s no longer news that the Molete high chief is dead. The last time I saw Nigerians jubilating after the death of someone was when the death of Gen. Sani Abacha was announced and confirmed. A lot of people trooped to the streets celebrating freedom at last from years of oppression and intimidation.

The lovers of “Baba”, as he is called by his teeming supporter, that’s the worst news, they heard in recent years.

To the peace loving people of Oyo state, he was the war lord that will not take anything less than controlling the Government of Oyo State.

Nigerians outside Nigeria might not believe the extent of Baba’s influence on our Governor’s.

Chief Adedibu controls the state. He is the defacto Governor, his Molete residence is the real governor’s office where decisions are made. His influence on the state finances knows no bound. He is in charge and does not hide it, he’s happy announcing it to anyone.

His home is a Mecca of a sought where people troop in day and night. Before his death, if you wanted anything from the government of Oyo state, he is the best point of call. He feeds minimum of 200people per day, out of which about 70 of them are thugs, who collects N5000 per/wk for molesting innocent citizens, a cow is slaughtered on daily basis.

He is no doubt an experienced politician with a lot of tactics but with the believe that he has to win by all means, whether by crude or by merit. As a political leader in Oyo state he is always ready to support anybody on the basis that the person will give a regular financial reward while in office.

Chief Adedibu might be crude in his approach to politics, beating up opponents, silencing the voice of any opposition, he has a strategy.

How does he achieve his aim?

Baba moves around different towns in search of young boys without homes, they abound on Nigerian streets especially at the various Garages, some hawk on the streets. You see young boys and girls as early as age eight on the streets selling pure water or serving as bus conductors. He picks them up, feeds them, pay them and over time use them for thuggery.

These young boys see Baba as the father, he is the only one who ever showed them love, quite a number of priviledged people pass by them every day and ignore them. Baba does not, he picks them and take good care of them but in the long run makes use of them against the wish of the state.

Those boys can do anything to make Baba happy. Just anything. Only because he alone saw them when they were naked, lonely, homeless, e.t.c.

My point is that Nigerians should help these young boys on the streets, they have no future, lets stop displacing them instead let’s send them to school, let’s give them shelter, let’s give them hope. Things will never get better in Nigeria if we still have an army of youths without education.

Imagine the seventy young youths in Baba’s employment, what does future holds for them now? Where do they go from here? Their benefactor is dead and all they know how to do is thuggery, if Nigerians are not careful, those boys will become hired assassins because they are used to weekly payment, free food, free accommodation, the crème de la crème in the political circle relates with them, they can break the security network of any Governor in Nigeria. Moreover, they know how to handle ammunitions, they know how to get ammunitions, top Police officers are their friends at least most of them come to Baba’s house to plead for promotion.

Guns in the hand of a man without integrity could mean something else.

Individuals across Nigeria should help street urchins who are growing in large numbers all over Nigerian streets. Nigerians abroad can also do something for this young kids, I sincerely pity the future of Nigeria especially with our Government that does not value education.

Ibadan is a very big town with a lot of big wigs but unfortunately their impact is not being. Instead, the Ibadan businessmen will prefer to give less priviledged Ibadan indigenes food after the Friday Jumat service. Politicians will prefer to feed people but if they really like these people, why give them fish why not take them to the fish pond? What Nigerians need is quality education.

Why these politicians prefer to give them food is because they want to oppress them. They do not want them to have independent mind. When people are poor, then you can give them N500 to sell their conscience. They need freedom.

If we refuse to help these people they will turn back at us and become a terror to our society. Their minds are idle, they are young; let’s help them pack productive things into their minds before it’s too late

Let’s join hands to form an alliance to make sure that every street urchin is sent to school and given a qualitative education. They will never forget you.

Just like Baba’s death is announced and people jumped to the streets, what will people say about you when you die?

God bless you!

God bless Nigeria!

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