America Will Disintegrate In Ten Years: Of Glib Talkers And Massive Intelligence Failures!

by Paul I. Adujie

Through the false predictions and the egregious act of taking the predictions public, America has shown that it is not deserving of the friendship of the people and government of Nigeria! First because the prediction is false and second, even if the predictions were somehow true, what benefit of America or Nigeria is it, to make the predictions public?

Clearly, this is an attempt to undermine the government and people of Nigeria, it is an attempt to shake the foundation of our current stability, as instability benefit some American individuals and their corporate interest, which means, if democracy and openness succeeds in Nigeria, it will be tough-going for those who prefer Enron and Halliburton under-the-table types of business transactions. Remember that the current American government has been described by former US vice president Al Gore, as the Halliburton administration, because of the corruption and no-bid contracts Halliburton have enjoyed in the President Bush occupied Iraq, remember also that Halliburton has had unfettered access to the American seat of government, the White House and all, remember also, that Halliburton has gotten into some hot-waters in Nigeria, for bribing, for tax evasion and general bad business practices, so, suddenly, a democratic Nigeria has become a hostile environment for Halliburton/White House business interests?

Hence they would want to undermine Nigeria, undermine stability and democracy, and undermine the current government, the only stable polity that Nigeria has had in decades.

This American predictions must be seen as foreign aggression and as an unfriendly hostile act, if it were not, America could have through government to government channels, or some diplomatic channels or intelligence to intelligence communicated whatever the value of their forecast, but they preferred ostentatious and loud public announcements or prounouncements, so that Nigeria’s enemies within and outside of Nigeria could cash-in! And some are already dancing in the street as they suggest disintegration in less than the time-period predicted by the Americans. America wants to undermine Nigeria, America want to shake Nigeria’s confidence and this is an egregiously hostile act, period!

Only gullible Nigerians with preconceived doomsday agenda for the disintegration of Nigeria into anarchy, only those who believe that their will be better if Nigeria implodes, only such Nigerians would be spellbound by the atrocious and imbecile prediction by America and as a matter of fact, there are already some such Nigerian persons upping the ante with the Americans by suggesting that Nigeria will disintegrate in less than 15 years, see ****

Nigerians should ask American Intelligence community where the heck Osama bn Ladin is? American Intelligence should remove the log in their own eyes before worrying about the speck in Nigeria’s! What sorts of friend is the current American government to the people and government of Nigeria, if it would openly undermine the corporate existence of Nigeria by publicly advocating a complete loss of confidence in Nigeria?

What the Americans have done, could scare investors from Nigeria, with the idiocy of the America Intelligence disintegration predictions.

Massive Intelligence Failures is how American government, the American Congress and the average American citizen, including the press and public, all have come to describe the bungling and woeful failures of the intelligence services in America, this arose from American Intelligence inability, ineptitudes and gross incompetence in their handling of many recent important cases, so that most Americans have lost confidence in the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, the National Security Agency, the NSA, the Military Intelligence consortium in America’s military industrial complex; None of them could foretell Saddam incursion into Kuwait, the Soviet Union implosion or the numerous terrorists attacks on America and American interests both at home and abroad. They are unable to capture Osama even after all these years!

This same bungling American Intelligence is causing some nitwit Nigerians to poop in their underwear, because these Americans glibly and idly predicted Nigeria’s disintegration in fifteen years or in two days? Some have taken us this way before! They told us that Nigeria will expire under Abacha in 1996, but Nigeria is still standing!

How is it, that the American Intelligence Community who preside over massive intelligent failures are the same ones now touting their expertise in intelligence gatherings and they manage to inspire the trust and belief in themselves, by some silly gullible Nigerians, who have now grafted onto these predictions, any doomsday scenario for Nigeria seem to please some? Why would anyone think that these American Intelligence predictions are Gospel truths?

Nigeria has forever been friendly as any nation outside of Britain and Israel can be to America, friendly to America, even to Nigeria’s detriment or self-interests! Nigeria is as friendly a nation with the people and government of America, Nigeria unlike Israel has never spied or caught spying on America or American interests worldwide!

Nigeria has economic, political and diplomatic ties with America, most of it, again, at Nigeria’s expense, but in the favor of America, and yet, this current American government could come out with these grossly irresponsible predictions, with its attendant implications, gratuitious insults and all, to our people and government of Nigeria and Nigeria is supposed to accept this in good faith or as a friendly act?

What would an unfriendly or enemy nation with Nigeria have done differently? What could have possibly been worse, that the current American government could have done to Nigeria? America has ostentatiously released information to damper the enthusiasm and exuberance of Nigerians and foreigners in matters Nigeria, America has in short, cast a huge pall of cloud and doubt on Nigeria’s continued existence, and what would an investor think of that?

Is this the way the current American government demonstrate friendship to President Obasanjo, who frequently visits President Bush as if they were friends? How could the current American government enhance confidence in Nigeria and anything Nigerian, with this disintegration nonsense of a prediction?

There are certainly Americans who are afraid and worried about the direction to which President Bush is taking this beloved country; these Americans are worried about the collapse and the end of the American empire and American century, particularly because of President Bush’s wrong-headed policies, especially the needless wars that have consumed many lives and unquantifiable resources.

Americans are concerned with spiraling deficits that are now in the trillions and continuing to mount, even as the current American government has accumulated more than $300billion dollars in war expenditures and still counting, needless wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq, more moneys are still being demanded by the current government for its needless wars!

Some Americans have fled America to Canada and elsewhere for fear of being drafted into the military and fear of being sent to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq or other wars that Bush might still create, many Americans are generally resentful of President Bush domestic as well as his foreign policies, and his re-election confounded everyone; President Bush economic, social, political, diplomatic and even judicial policies have had many Americans, and people elsewhere in the world wondering how he managed to get re-elected! His re-election is clearly inconsistent with his dismal performance or lack of performance in the course of the past four years!

Many in America and worldwide, are still completely aghast, as Mr. Bush’

s reelection was clearly against the hard evidence on the ground, of his lack luster first four years! His re-election is inconsistent with the present high rate of unemployment, fear of inflation that is growing, and his arrogant policy records on all fronts.

There are two wars in which many American military personnel have been killed, along with innocent persons minding their business in their own countries of Afghanistan and Iraq, all just for Mr. Bush’s re-election and political career?

It is amazing to find that the sort of government headed by President Bush is thumbing its nose at the people and government of Nigeria, with this latest insults of predicting doomsday, which is a shift from America’s garrulous travel advisories on Nigeria, now, it is apocalypse and cataclysm in just a matter of a decade? Hogwash!

Why would any intelligent Nigerian rely on American Intelligence for Nigeria health, wealth and happiness? American Intelligence community did not foresee or predict nor forecast the attack on USS Cole, or the attack on US Marines that killed almost 300 Marines, American Intelligence have not found Osama bin Ladin or Al Zahiri, American Intelligence could not find Saddam for a long while, until he was sold or betrayed by his own people, American Intelligence could not foretell or prevent the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 in which so many innocent American lives were taken, including that of some Nigerians at the World Trade Center and elsewhere, American Intelligence did not foresee, or foretell nor forecast the collapse of the Soviet Union or the collapse of Apartheid South Africa or Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait, etc, So what do the American Intelligence community know and what is it worth? Why should they be taking seriously on their glib-talk predictions? We shall ask Osama when the CIA, the US Marines, the Green Berets and Special Forces find him!

Nigeria will not disintegrate! Nigeria only has the challenges that any multicultural plural society contends with, Nigeria in this sense is a society with the multiple variables of multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-lingual and multi-regional dimensions etc.

Nigeria has and has had small family squabbles and family disagreements, which sometimes occurs in human interactions or human intercourse of national affairs, even elsewhere outside Nigeria, Americans ought to know this, because they too are a multicultural plural society comprising of African-Americans, who have perennially suffered immeasurable injustices and indignities in the hands other Americans, then you have German American, Irish Americans, Spanish and Jewish Americans, American Indians or Native Americans and plethora of Immigrants with the consequent potpourri of schisms, inequalities and the struggles for equal rights, civil rights and respect for all, yet, America has survived these! It fought a civil war as Nigeria did, to preserve the nations.

Nigeria will equally transcend these small family squabbles which are garden variety occurrences in multicultural societies; Nigeria will transcend these challenges and or differences among the various component parts that make the wondrous diversities of Nigeria. Nigeria will remain Nigeria forever, for a thousand years and a day and for another million years and a day after forever!

Nigeria will not disintegrate today, tomorrow or in fifteen year or EVER!

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an unknown user February 27, 2011 - 9:39 am

I know this is four years late, but I do not see the constructive point of this predicting of doom either-and I am not Nigerian. I respect Nigerians for not sweeping their problems under the rug to the extent that the problems are true. Problems after all won’t go away denying them. But if measures, however haphazard or maybe even miniscule are being attempted or improvements have/are being made, or if aid/trade is needed to improve conditions at all cost, how will writing the country off help the country or doing what amounts to a smear campaign improve things for the better whether that is through aid or trade if the people needed to improve things both there and outside are scared away due to the country being perceived as a lost cause? No offense since I can’t rule out that I might be missing something, but in all very humble seriousness, please feel free to tell. It would have been enough to simply state the harsh truth/cold problems/facts without polishing it for good/bad. This is bad enough and that’s one thing! But doomsday advice with what may be no genuine effort on the part of critics offering few/if any solutions don’t appear to be that much help. I am sure somebody reading the sentence would more or less respond that the improvement is up to Nigerians for the most part. I see the validity in this idea.I’ll even add that it could even be said that Nigeria needs to get its house in order regardless of what outsiders say. But even acknowledging that and admitting with reason and honestly the seriousness of problems, how will-for all intensive purposes- saying the problems are unsolvable help towards reducing/solving them. If I am repeating my self sorry. Let me just try to wrap it up by throwing down the gauntlet(mine anyway), yeah Africa’s problems don’t need to be swept under the rug but Africa does seem to always put in a bad light as if to say that Africans are innately incapable of improving. But these thoughts are just my opinion.

Rolland Nwanua July 11, 2009 - 10:31 pm

You say that Americans see something about Nigeria before they speak. The writter lives in America (in addition he is a Nigerian), so he must have also seen something about Nigeria before writing.

uche September 10, 2007 - 5:02 pm

All i can say is that nigeria should be smart and hold the national conference that has been clamored for for so long. Writing against america because of 'patriotism' is not the solution.nigeria is not a nation but a collection of nations.. Former ussr was smart to part peacefully and still maintain some semblance of unity as cis. Former cshekoslovskia was not and broke up violently. Uk that forced us together have seen the hand writting on the wall and have given limited self government to scotland. Nothern ireland and wales will folow shortly. We could coexist loosely and yet as brothers allowing each nation to develop independently and yet contributing to help the others to come up. Otherwise, some will keep pulling others back and bitterness killings and militia movements may continue till the nation implodes as predicted. Who is afraid of the sovereign national conference, really? Let's pre-empt the prediction intelligently.

Anonymous June 21, 2005 - 2:38 pm

The American government can never go where they can not gain anything from, it is either they gain mineral resources, manpower, political power or positive image in disguise. The only thing they do is try to disintegrate any country they feel may grow rapidly in all ramifications, they see them as a threat, Solviet Union is a very good example.

Most countries have come to realize that they are not friendly to any country, all they are looking for is their own selfish interest. How can they fight wars when everybody is preaching of peace, maybe, they fight wars to get access to other countries resources. You can not tell me that the American government are not gaining anything from these wars, which they embark on.

It is better for the American government to help in the development of Nigerians economy or they seize to portray Nigeria as a bad country. The problem with Nigeria is poor orientation in manner of approach to life. Starting the first citizen to the newly born baby. All we need do is to get a good leader with sound educational background (PhD minimum qualification) and all our problems will be reduced to the bearest minimum. How can a country that does not invest on education properly be dreaming of progressing. Education they say is power. In the recent saga which coursed the exit of education Minister, Prof. Febian Osuji is a typical example of what is happening in Nigeria due to poor educational background of her leader. How can the house cut down the bill passed by the ministry and turn around and ask the minister to bring some money for lobbying. What exactly is lobbying? Is it bribery or what. For the fact that they recieve serveral bags of money from top government officials to allow

"Nigerian government on the other hand should learn how to use a long spoon in dinning with their enemy" By so doing, Nigeria should be independent of any country, not partially, but completely.

Anonymous June 15, 2005 - 6:47 pm

I rated this article one, because I cannot understand if the author is writing for the American public (those of the donkey party) or for Nigerians in Diaspora. Definitely not for the elephant party in the US. I can see a little of showing off on how well I can challenge by writing. You know how they say it: Put your work where your mouth is. America is a land of free speech, but there is a lot most immigrants such as the writer don't know and would not know because they have refused to understand the trickiness in the deplomacy of less talk.

the one June 12, 2005 - 4:05 am


Anonymous June 11, 2005 - 2:57 am

OH!!! My GOD. Mr writter ,What are you talking about .I can understand that may be you have been living in America for long time without visiting your country of birth NIGERIA. You stayed in America enjoying eletricity ,water and other life amenities.Mr Writter you live in America enjoying.You never heard of fuel scacity in never head of riot ,teachers on strike,transport drivers on strike,OPC boy ,BAKASI BOYS.You stay in America enjoying night life .Mr writer THERE IS NO NIGHT LIFE IN NIGERIA.There no security Nigeria.MR Writer just travel and see.Because Americans see something about Nigeria before they speak.

Anonymous June 10, 2005 - 12:21 am

This article was a very challenging to the Bush administration and the american people if they read it. It's talking about the reality of the european and the western world view on the Africans as whole.

Moreso, I read some of the comment posted regarding this article, People needs to stop making comparison between Nigeria and United State or the "developed countries". Rome wasn't build in a day; United State is over 200 years old and Nigeria is only 45 years old. The situation in Nigeria and other African Continent is determine by the European and the Western World leader. So please reader, bear in mind that Nigeria and other African nations are not really rules by the so call leaders that are in power. We are where they want us to be.

Anonymous June 9, 2005 - 8:45 am

Nigeria is already disintegrating and only exists on paper and does not exist in the hearts and souls of the majority of the population.

I don't like those who know Nigeria from their cosy sofas and elite clubs of swinging swindlers, who do not live among the masses in our villages and towns. Those who think having the Nigerian Passport and spending the Naira make them Nigerians, but they are far away from the masses who don't know the meaning of nationhood.

I am in Nigeria and I have been travelling all over Nigeria since 1983 to date. I have stayed in villages looking like pictures from Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart" and this is in this same 21st century and majority of these people don't know about the National Assembly or whether President Obasanjo extorted over $30 million from government contractors for his private ego-centric library project.

Nigeria only exists in the urban town and cities. Nigeria does not exist in the villages where the majority of the population of the country live in misery and penury.


Anonymous June 6, 2005 - 8:19 pm

I rated the article that way because the writer have good hope for Nigeria. However, he must not be carreid away by the crititism because all is not well in Nigeria.Though the present administration is doing thier best but 96% among them is bent on sabotaging the efforts, America may be right in thier own view of looking from over the fence but the government of Nigeria have to proved them wrong by thier performances.

The people living in the country know better than the writer, and if you read thier comments you would know that all is not well within the country.

——TEEJAIY from England

Anonymous June 6, 2005 - 3:02 pm

The the writter seems not to appreciate the numerous problems bedevilling Nigeria and the ferociouness with which corruption is eating into the fabrics and very foundation of Nigeria which if not appropriately checked now could lend credence to the American predictions

Anonymous June 4, 2005 - 7:47 am

I like this article.But I like to ask you one question ,Have you witnessed RIOT in Nigeria before.Just come with your family and live in Nigeria for six months,you will sing another tune by the time NEPA,NIPOST,nepotism,ethnism,the police and other aberrations we encounter daily deal with you .But all I pray is that God Will take control.

FROM CORN>.Tokyo Japan

Anonymous June 2, 2005 - 4:58 pm

it's the truth

prince kennedy Iyoha June 2, 2005 - 3:41 pm


Reaction From the Africa comunity Resident in Spain.

The article is one thing, and the agression of the united states interligence agency against Nigerian is another.

Nigeria is moving from a country of hoplessnes to a country that it's economy is growinng above 5%, and a young but striving democratic government, this new development, is astonishing to the west, though they are agitating for cancelation of dept to nations like Nigeria with enomes potencia to help advance both soci-politica development in west africa.instead of cracking our mind and brain, we should take it as a challenge and work hard to buld a strong and dynamic nation where justice, education and healthcare should be accesable to all,also, we should work hard too,to build out of what is knowed today as ecowas,

a WEST AFRICAN STATES. that will be strong and dymnamisc like the united states of america. black people all over the world, are looking forward to a time when a black nation will be among countries like china, russia,japan,ect. instaed of fighting the wind,we should put our house in order and began to work because there is a long road ahead of us.


prince kennedy Iyoha

Calle Tenderina nº 145 bajo 33010 Oviedo. Tel/Fax: 034985217810 / 617776367 / 627424258

E-mail,Asturias Spain.

Anonymous June 2, 2005 - 3:09 pm

First of all, i an the president of the Africa comunity resident in spain ( comunidad Africana residentes en España). i was reading an article by one General malu who claimed to have seen the handwriting on the wall before obasanjo sacked him through pressure from the bush administration.secondly,The report of progress in the economy is probable what provoked this actitude of predictions. however, we the people of Nigeria should be awear of the fact that the western world are not willing to see a develop Nigeria.

WayoGuy June 1, 2005 - 9:25 am

Adujie, my learned brother, I salute you.

Reply June 1, 2005 - 6:05 am

Your comment was: Yes, it is my wish that Nigeria remains one indivisible.Come to think of it is Nigeria a country or a nation?What your aritcle refuses to acknowledge is that the American predictions are indications that all is not well with our country.This is in spite of your spirited attempt at rubbishing the predictions.My feeligs are that you have been misled into believing the opposite of the predictions because of the fact that the relative peace you enjoy in AMerica has endowed you with a false impression about Nigeria.That is the irony.Those of us living in Nigeria know better than trust and believe your watery logic.Just come with your family and live in Nigeria for six months,you will sing another tune by the time NEPA,NIPOST,nepotism,ethnism,the police and other aberrations we encounter daily deal with you

Anonymous May 31, 2005 - 8:47 pm

Bold, courageous and excellently written!


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