Between Blacks and Whites: The Issue of Genetics!

by SOC Okenwa

When the scientist, Watson, declared in London in the recent past that Blacks do not reason as much as Whites, that is that our faculties cannot measure up to those of the Whites, many Blacks rose in unison to condemn and attack the man who voiced out what many White supremacists feel and think without having the courage to say it out openly. It is only the notorious Ku Klux Klan, KKK, in the free world and the ‘Red heads’ in Germany that overtly exhibit racially supremacist acts. I had refrained from commenting before now because I find some home truth in what the scientist had said. Before I get ‘crucified’ let me come!

I am not holding any brief for any White man neither should I be accused of writing from the circumstance of inferiority complex. None of the above bears any true representation of my inner conscience. Nevertheless when one analyses what the white man said about blacks from objective discerning point of view it is impossible not to see some reason with him.

It was Professor Ali Mazrui who declared that the white man rules wherever he goes, at home and abroad! If he is your host he dominates and if you are his host he goes about with an aura of superiority that is somewhat natural. The famous Tanzanian professor professed that the problem does not lie in the colour ‘black’ but in the way we reason and behave.

Take our leaders for example. Though it can safely be argued that the West or the White world in general has produced villains like Hitler, Pol Pot, Suharto, Mussolini, Stalin, Pinochet, Marcos there is no way we can justify the political bestiality of an Idi Amin or the kleptocracy of a Sani Abacha; the personality cult/stone-age god-playing of a Mobutu or the alleged incest of an Obasanjo. Or other political barbarism which in the 21st century still find enough space in our continental leadership space.

Are we genetically doomed? Well the answer to the question may never be supplied in good measure. Gloom and doom may be our present portion in politico-economic spheres but there is a scarce hope that maybe in the next century we should have overcome our current woes. But that hope, no matter its scarcity or the audacity, must be ignited now!

Another interesting issue of genetics between blacks and whites could be found in the half-cast mixed marriage phenomenon. Inter-racial relationships cum marriages are nothing new or extra-ordinary. They happened before and still happen now in all conjugal happiness and understanding of both parties. But what is striking is the fruit of the womb that they produce.

When a black man marries a white girl and they procreate there’s every possibility that the offspring would most definitely be more white than black in every physical attribute — pigmentation, facial characteristics and hair feature. And when a white man marries a black woman it is even worse — these natural human features are more pronounced. Examples abound to back up this point: Colin Powell, Barak Obama and Jerry Rawlings to mention just three.

Colin Powell is a popular Black American who served Uncle Sam meritoriously under President Bill Clinton. He was once quoted as saying that he felt more white than black. And Senator Barak Obama who is giving Senator Hillary Clinton a run for her money in the US Democratic primaries is a Kenyan only by the strength of his father being black and from Kenya. Obama looks more white, more American in both orientation, physical features and tongue.

Jerry Rawlings is credited with the revolution in Ghana which has continued to bear positive fruits of development for the people. Born of a Scottish father and a Ghanaian mother Rawlings applied rare leadership qualities to tame the coup d’etat menace perpetuated by the late Generals he roundly executed as his revolution took off. Being of Scottish origin paternally must have given Rawlings the fearlessness and resoluteness required to save a people from recurring political malaise.

Though Black Americans do not deny their ancestral heritage they feel better belonging to the first world and benefitting from the American dream. If Obama, for instance, were to be bred in Kenya perhaps his political ambition would have been killed or frustrated by our sheer wickedness and lack of free and fair enterprise.

If the authorities back home in Nigeria conducts a referendum today asking Nigerians if they prefer bringing back Whites to rule over us in order to change things for the better I believe majority of politically-traumatised Nigerians would vote ‘yes’. A white president for Nigeria (without the neo-colonial or imperialistic mentality) would do much better than the executive robbers and gangsters we have as leaders.

Is it not safe therefore, gentlemen and ladies, for one to consciously conclude that the whites are indeed more superior than blacks in terms of reasoning power and general comportment? They saw light ahead of us and sought beneficially (even manipulatively) to show us the light and way even when our forebears were living in caves, mud houses with palm-leave roofs, travelling long distances on foot and worshipping idols!

History bears me witness on this score.

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Unknown February 5, 2008 - 3:13 pm

This is white-man brainwashing at its peak.

Tokunbo February 5, 2008 - 12:45 pm

This is a very bad article that adds fuel to the stereotypes that run around; This should be a time that we should uplift blacks and our blackness. Colin Powell was born of two immigrants parents from Jamaica, He has Irish ancestry as well but he is not of mixed parentage. Kids of mixed races can turn out either way, I currently work with a white lady here in Los Angeles who has four daughters from her union with a black man, none of the daughters look white or have any so-called white features, they all look like regular black women. I have also met several other kids of mixed parentage who look more black than white. The successes of the men mentioned have more to do with their environments than with their genetics. We could say the same thing for some of our own careers here in the West some of us have done much better here than we could have done in our native land with the same set of genes or would you say we picked up some white genes during our transatlantic sojourn? Quite unlikely – it is the environment again. Obama is doing well in his career because of the environment where he is and not because of the white blood flowing in his veins. I strongly believe had Idi-Amin, Abacha and Obasanjo being leaders from the West they would have turned out much better with the same set of genes given that the environments would be much different where accountability and rule of law exist.

The Truth February 4, 2008 - 9:56 pm

Really Powell and Obama look more white? You have to be kidding right. White leaders are just as corrupted as any black leaders. Whites just hide their corruption better. How do I know? I work in an industry where I have to clean up the mess that your so called precious white leaders are making all over the world. Whites also clean up their mess better, so they never leave a trail of their corruption. White is always the right way right? White religion is always the right religion right? White business is always the right business right? Your mindset is what is also destroying Africa. Go to a place like South Africa, where whites still rule and please tell me how many blacks are educated or actually have a job? It is sad to say that white brain-washing of Africans is one of the key factors in the destruction of African countries. Please, I am not disputing the fact that our leaders stink but do you actual think if white leaders took over, we as Africans will get a piece of the pie? Think again sir!

Bennie February 4, 2008 - 3:17 pm

Excellent piece. Thumbs up for the logic!

Habu February 2, 2008 - 11:42 pm

All logics; superior or not nearly make sense, and not always make sense(s) [NE]. Mr. Okenwa’s article nearly made sense. Is just like when white people made us to belive that they do not lie, when in actual facts they’re even worst. I have always believe that it’s because of slavery that white people were able to disorient black people beliving that they are inteligent than black people. Remember, it was due to Africans niceties to whites when they came in search of how feed, clothes and industrialize themdelves that they stole our ancestors beauty of welcoming strengers. If slavery did not occure, I am sure whites would be disoriented and blacks may end up calling them uninteligent. And even as they are now they are disoriented, as they have to lie, go to war at any course, etc in other to leave well and to attracking aliens to their shores for protection. Whites cannot live with themselves, they always have to find ways to take one away for their protection. Research history of the so called western nations?

I rest my opinion.

Reply February 2, 2008 - 10:10 pm

Although I started out with the idea of refuting your idealogy but I realised in a way you are right. But I also feel our way thinking has a lot to do with leadership. Most African countries have pasts with empires that relied on monarchies. We relied on our rulers to tell us what to do but with the arrival of colonialism and in turn democracy, I think all we have now are groiwing pains – we are still realising what we are as people in a modern world. We will get there.

segun February 2, 2008 - 1:11 pm

I always bow before superior logic like this one.


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