Buhari and Sowore: Birds of a Feather Flock Together!

by Yahaya Balogun
Omoyele Sowore

Intercontinentally, Mr. Omoyele Sowore has displayed some maturity and wisdom so far in his town hall meetings. But I have a strong advise for him going forward! Sowore should beware of those singing his praises today. He should take heed of those denigrating the person of President Muhammadu Buhari for myopic views, and with some unprintable names. Sowore should come not near, in thought-process with those who resent other people for want of hatred of other souls. Sowore must have an eye with those bringing the beautiful family of the president into the ugly conversations on social media.

While Sowore is winning some concerned Nigerians to his side, he should be wise to walk the fragile path. Some of us actually want President Buhari to return to his village in Daura to enjoy his twilight years, we want Sowore to be Buhari’s heir apparent, and the representation of the youth to reorder the Nigerian nation.

Sowore should focus on his agenda and the things he wants to do for Nigeria. We warned Buhari with similarly advice like this piece at the inception of his administration but he failed to gel the admonition, partly because of political expediency, or his avowed loyalty to his party. We can call this president any name we can find in the lexicon, but one name we cannot take away from Buhari is his integrity and moral armament. He is an incorruptible persona with frugality to ephemeral.

Meanwhile, Buhari’s recalcitrant attitude to do away with corrupt party members in his cabinet makes some of us to call his attitude nepotistic and unfairness. Buhari has been poorly managed by his handlers, and he doesn’t help himself too by being numbed to avalanche of constructive criticisms and suggestions from concerned citizens. Readers of this piece can call this writer any name they so wish, but one thing is clear, we the Buharists or Buharideens shall be judged according to our intentions towards other people, and to our beloved but raped country. I love Karma. Karma is an ass! Karma doesn’t discriminate. Karma doesn’t recognize tribalism, corruption, hatred, name calling and other negative nuances. Karma is an umpire when it comes to the distribution of punishments and rewards through natural justice. Karma has always kept blind eyes to people’s religion, race, creed and gender! It is the only potent law that are nemesis of the people in the global mess. Another name for Karma is a sentence name of “what goes around comes around” and so say the holy books.

Admirably, a discerning and unbiased mind will know that Sowore and Buhari are good students of the school of history and incorruptibility. They’re birds of a feather flock together. Both of them cannot be accused of acquiring illegal wealth; or any surreptitious moves to eke illegally from the commonwealth. Sowore and Buhari had stupendous opportunities of becoming millionaires during the evil and dark days of Babangida/Abacha but the two individuals did not compromise their principles and integrity. They remain unscathed! While the former was put in the rosiest part of the nation’s resources, the later was the president of the then prestigious Student Union of the Akokites, the one and only University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.

Furthermore, Sowore should be cautiously optimistic about his aspiration to liberate the divided youths of Nigeria. The long misrule of Nigeria has caused a lot of incalculable damage to the reasoning of some of our beloved compatriots. Sowore should ask Goodluck Jonathan! He should also ask the family of Yar’Adua their experiences in the hands of the disgruntled Nigerians. Mr. Omoyele Sowore should walk a fine line as he goes after the unsatisfactory policies of president Buhari’s administration but not the intention of Buhari for a better and corruption-free Nigeria.

The audacious Omoyele Sowore must be commended for mustering courage to disrupt the fouled political landscape of Nigeria. I strongly admire his courage and his indefatigability to test the political waters of Nigeria. Sowore should be a source of inspiration to millions of youths in Nigeria. The way he’s dismantling the slumbering sphere of the Nigerian youths, and the strong signal he poses to the corrupt politicians in Nigeria is highly commendable. I have the believe, intuitively, that president Buhari will be very proud of him for his audacity of hope for a new Nigeria. The two have common goals with no ulterior motives or self-gains for Nigeria progress.

The president must have erred but his intention to rid Nigeria of corruption is mixed feelings. As one cries with teary eyes, it is also obvious that one can see clearly with those eyes! The comatose judiciary; the jejune legislature and the ineffective executive are President Buhari’s encumbrance. Buhari is a one-man battalion in the midst of corrupt people. In the absence of the rule of law, Nigeria is an extremely difficult nation to govern. It could also be an extremely simple nation to govern if it has the rule of law. The separation of power in Nigeria is actually an interlocutor and intertwined power. The three arms of government in Nigeria are in the same cocoon. They’re not mutually exclusive, but they’re all dwelling in the euphoria of mutual love and camaraderie.

Providentially, as we imagine the leadership of Sowore, I empathize with Sowore considering the contradictory nature of Nigerians, as he may be dancing his way tumultuously to Aso Rock in Abuja, Nigeria. Omoyele Sowore must do his townhall meetings and the impeding campaign with wisdom and caution. In Yoruba adage, the intromittent organ we use to procreate with the old wife is being kept lusciously for the bitter enjoyment of the new incoming wife! Sowore should play safe in the stenched political terrains of Nigeria.

May Nigeria succeed!


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