by Churchill Okonkwo

The fly follow a person who is carrying a smelly stuff and Nigeria is abound with so many such smelly nuisance that nobody knows who is who again. But a grasshopper that is roasting over fire and claiming to be emitting fat will soon realize that a snail that swallows another will have two legs. This is a tale of my chained state.


Anambra state


Yet chained to slavery

You try to swim underwater

Away from the shores of tears and suffering in the state

But the undercurrent dragged us towards the land

We heard the put-put-put of the

Stumbling and struggling …

In an attempt to balance the equation

Our hearts broke in rhythm and seem to jump into our mouth

We staggered as the state blurred

Laughter overwhelmed coherence

“You think you are a prisoner of war?”

“But there is no war”, they shouted

“But there is war”, we muttered

“Justice” at the Supreme Court

A new and disturbing twist to our captivity

After the failure of election manipulation

Fed with prolonged sleep and diet of underdone roasted yam

With hands tied together and put over our knees

We were beaten in a quick succession

First on one side, then on the other

From Mabadinuju and Emeka Offor

To Chris Ubah and Andy Ubah

From arsonist to philanthropist

From presidential aid to monumental fraud

The Anambra cabals are a different breed of species

Now, they want to tie us down and put salt on us

Lay us in the sun while they wipe us again

So that when they are finished

We will be dead

Or if sill breathing

Fenced with barbed wires and chained

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1 comment October 29, 2007 - 12:46 pm

nice work. It speaks for its self. Diction intact. Ndewo! Nwanna


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