CNN's Post-Elections Lamentations

From its reportage on the American 2012 Presidential elections, it was very obvious that the CNN people, were determined to shelve objectivity until Romney won. The renowned and not-so-renowned commentators, producers and ideologues devised the strategy of ” neck and neck”, while other more objective TV stations were better disposed to report real events as they happened.

After Obama won, Richard Quest and Hala Gorani came up with the scary ” financial cliff” theory, which will now be used to scare Americans.

The fact that red-faced commentators could not hide their disappointment was very telling. Their miseries were plain.

What American administrators can do is to reduce military spending and ignore commentaries of commentators, who are determined to scare the American people.

The American movement of progressive tendencies, should raise taxes from the rich, expand the frontiers of international trade with Africa, a fast developing region, trade ebulliently with Latin America, close down military outpost world wide, re-vamp the universities, encourage innovative ingenuity among Americans, improve the welfare of the working class, rebuild its infrastructure and deal with the deficit , review the outsourcing policy of multinationals, invest in research and technology.

The Obama administration may wish to disregard the loquacious commentaries and bitter words by those, who are still grappling with negativism and irredeemable musings.

In the next four years, America has to revise its international relations strategies to accommodate peaceful co-existence. The administration may wish to tone down “tough talk”, which may please hawkish hegemonic people, but paints a picture of strong and hard attitude to other states.America is on the move again.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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