Darkness In Ndigbo’s Political Sight

Darkness seems is taking over some of the Igbo people’s political
intuition, no matter how hard some genuine prominent sons and daughters
from the area try to shed in light and exorcise them of this political
migraine. There are voices from the dark-quarters in area that are very
biting in the ears. These are those who have been marshaled out and,
perhaps, paid in thousands of dollars, to scuttle any voice that speaks for
the Igbo, to actualize presidency in 2015. One man the presumed enemies of
this political progress in ala-Igbo have been out to dishonor with their
make-belief political system is the former governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji
Uzor Kalu. These people feel that it’s not his fundamental right to add his
voice to the political arithmetic in Nigeria again? Hence, they are doing
jaundiced things against him in the hope that the people would regard him
with a pinch of the salt. But majority of the people knew better and had
not given a clear attention to the mischievous trade that was orchestrated
against him, in the enemies’ pull him down political formula.

Since this present relaxation-of-the-rule of President Goodluck Jonathan’s
presidency, it was rare to hear any Igbo say that the Igbo would produce
the next president come 2015, till freshly Kalu came up with the
assignment. These persons who once lost their voices in the pursuit of
political-porridge, now seem are gradually gaining their voices, but in the
wrong direction. It is in the wrong direction, because their unpromising
show-of-aggressions on the personality of Kalu do not only portray them as
do-nothings, but as persons who are uncouth and maligned in direction. They
think that their tantrums would make many of us who are enlightened to buy
their hard-to-sell disinformation or make the known unconquerable Kalu to
lie down. No!

What is it that they are fighting Kalu for? In the estimation of
investigation, the outspoken and fearless Kalu was only crying against the
penury the entire people of Nigeria have come to endure in the name of
democracy. And what was wrong with that? Refineries are not working in a
crude oil producing country like Nigeria, yet some people who grow fat on
the cry of the majority of the people are campaigning against Kalu, who is
only shouting that the significant maladies against the masses should stop.
Are what we have gotten from Jonathan’s presidency not promises and
assurances that more parts/zones in the country would benefit from his
‘Utopian’ government? This type of statement is mostly heard from his
aides. Especially, those of his aides from the Igbo region are always sent
out against their people to continue to massage their already battered
hope, which was gotten while waiting for the Federal Government’s presence
in the piqued area. And this is what Kalu frowns at. Were we not told that
the proposed new refineries and the removal of petroleum subsidy, we should
wait a minute and see the Federal Government’s programmes? But have we not
waited for hours and days and months and we are yet to see anything?

Ndigbo and their areas play a very innermost role geographically in the
Nigeria’s affairs, no matter the political shift of this fact to any region
of the country to own the ownership of commerce and industry. Kalu cannot
close his mouth as some of the political jobbers want him to do, whereas,
the Federal Government had always called on the people for calm and
understanding, yet the old Eastern region represents a war ragged area in
term of the Federal Government’s neglect of its share of programmes in the
region. What is Kalu’s sin by saying that the Igbo should produce the next
president of this country? Have Ndigbo not given Jonathan ‘a chance’ that
he was so direful in need from them? This brickbats politics that few
people have taken upon themselves to talk evil of Kalu is not admitted.
Such is a political bomb against the Igbo. It is worrisome.

No one allows foams from the soap to enter his or her eyes while taking
bath in a big ocean. How come that they want Kalu not to talk when all
federal roads in the region appear in the budget of the Federation, without
any meaningful presence of work done on them? The Second Niger Bridge is no
longer news. Was its construction not commissioned by former President
Olusegun Obasanjo, yet there is no work on it? Is anybody still saying that
the people of the old Eastern Region not marginalized? Why should Kalu not
talk when the people’s disenchantment of the ill-treatments against them
has written all over the livelihood? Not even the representatives from the
region at the National Assembly have helped matter. They have been spotted
many times working together, but only ended at issuing communiqués on the
state-of-affair of the region that die, as they disseminated the critiques.

As an insider, no matter what, Kalu has been the only man among many who
has not sold out to anything he believed in. He has been working
before/newly to ensuring that the region is treated with respect and given
the presence of infrastructure and presidency like other regions. Though,
an Ijaw man from the South-South region in the old Eastern Region is
president, so Kalu is saying that it is the turn of the Igbo to be

Kalu is a moving force that should be respected. He is out to revolutionize
the situation against the Igbo. He deserves support than condemnation. Come
to think of it, how could the second Niger Bridge, which the Federal
Government said was commissioned for construction, but we latter learnt
that it was commissioned without design? Is the Federal Government not
playing politics with the Igbo? It is not a case of suspects, but people
found guilty in this be-your-brother’s political kidnapper should stop.

Kalu should continue to talk in this country, because the old Eastern
Region has been hit hard by indescribable privation and uncountable losses
of lives owing to the bereavement of ensnaring roads of the Federal
Government. Kalu should continue to talk, because the Federal Government is
only good at paying lip service to psychoanalysis of roads in the region.
What about the misdirection of the South-East slot of judges to the Supreme
Court to another zone? If these and so on are not the marginalization of
the Igbo that Kalu has been condemning, those Igbo persons operating in a
seeming dark political intuition should tell the world the true meaning of
marginalization, if not the reckless abandon of the Igbo in the way of
things in Nigeria.

Written by
Odimegwu Onwumere
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