Deranged, Debased Dino, Detonated!!!

by Taju Tijani
Dino Melaye

Dear Dino,

Aghhhhh… Dino Melaye!!! You again? Rascally you again!!! I pray that you will not return to that hollow chamber which you have defiled by your arrogance, hooliganism, abuse of power, corruption, betrayal, subservience to the fancies of your alter ego, the equally deranged Dr. Bukola Saraki, your cantankerous nature and your clownish behaviour. The less of you in that hollow chamber the better for us all. Who do you think you are? What is the big deal about being a senator, that, at every opportunity, you heat up the polity? Why are you the master of the art of debauchery and gutter rascality?

Why is the politics of “Ajekun iya ni oje” becoming so disruptive, dissembling, shameful, debasing and numbing all your expected pretence to decorum and decency? You constitute yourself as the outlaw and talking head of the National Assembly. You have vexed our common decency with your ugly relapse to primitivism at every opportunity. On a daily basis, you have de-marketed and debased and brought our democracy to disrepute by the kind of behaviour that is antithesis to the character of a true senator. You have shamed us all.

We called you a lawmaker, though you studied Geography. As a lawmaker, you have subverted all the canons of our law with your disdainful arrogance. You operated from dry political well of zero ideas for the people of Kogi West who regretfully sent you to represent them at Abuja. You are cold as a stone and nothing matters to you beyond defending Saraki, attacking the president and laundering Nigerian wealth across the globe. Your past saccharine banalities of fighting corruption has eventually exposed you as a charlatan who was merely looking for his cut of the national cake. Event is proving you to be a deceiver.

Why were you jittery of the Nigerian law which you swore to protect as a fake senator?  Why were you afraid of the Nigerian Police when you were invited for questioning? Why were you afraid of facing up to Police accusation that you armed some youths to carry out killings on your behalf? Why didn’t you defend this with your life and prove your innocence? Why the hostility against your accusers – the Nigerian Police? Why would a lawmaker turned to a lawbreaker? Why all the sensational display of rascality and cowardice before the Nigerian public? Are you above the law? Why the Hollywood/Nollywood pantomime of jumping off a moving Police van?  Demented and deranged Dino, I thank God that you have been detonated!!!

Your name is synonymous with scandals of all sorts. You are a perverted philanderer and a serial womaniser. You are so materially insecure that you greedily collected expensive cars as a reminder to the world that your own brand of politics is not to bring dividend of democracy to your constituency, but to impoverish them through the squandering of their riches. While Nigeria burns, you drive around Abuja in Ferrari. I have never heard of a sitting Member of British Parliament driving around in Ferrari or Porsche. Never!!! They understand the tenets of public service and humility in the discharge of their political destiny. Dino, they are not as avaricious as you. Anytime I watch your bombastic articulation of your immoral parable and your schizophrenic hatred of anybody who is opposed to your joint scheme with Saraki, I cry for Nigeria.

There is consistent demonstration of stupidity and foolishness in your political production. You become the symbol of a noxious, toxic, raving, rowdy, rambunctious and a shambolic misfit that ever sat in that hollow chamber. Dino, over time, your political evolution, is like reading from a book of infamy. To discerning Nigerians, you are a parasite, gangster, mob, predator, betrayer, liar, clown, over-ambitious, misfit, thief, venal and the great mountain wolf that leaves nothing for the morning. You live a comfortable existence by cheating Nigerians and exerting so much from the Nigeria’s common wealth, to the point that the people of your Kogi West senatorial district are reduced to paupers.  At every opportunity, you hide under selfish rule of law and make irrational scapegoating of the federal government as the cause of all our woes. Dino, you are part of the problem of our democracy.

Dino, to the politically savvy Nigerians, the National Assembly of which you are a proud and vociferous member, still suffers from a crisis of legitimacy. Half of the members are criminally challenged. They are either linked to drug running, perjury, corruption, ritualism, fraud, certificate forgery or corruption. No sane Nigerian is inspired by the shenanigan going on in that desecrated coven. If we were to use the yardstick of rigorous scrutiny and unblemished character used for contestants for public office in the West in Nigeria, ninety five percent of the entire members of that hollow chamber will be in jail.

The fall of Dino Melaye will stand as a remarkable sub-narrative of the kind of cabal-oriented, Godfather-driven and monetised politics that will forever keep Nigeria in a lockdown of political liabilities, democratic casualties and laughing stock before the world. Dino, thank God, the illusion of your immunity and invincibility has been detonated. Thank goodness, the demented, deranged and demagogic Dino has been detonated!!!

Your rebuker,

Taju Tijani.

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Prof Adekunle Akinyemi April 29, 2018 - 6:49 am

Taju, I have been entertained reading this article on the detonated Dino Melaye.
You have said it all. 4D New Degree for Melaye! Deranged, Debased, Detonated, Dino! He has made you to use a sledge hammer to kill a mosquito! You are a good writer.
What is your email address? It will be nice to exchange some information about Nigeria with you, if you don’t mind.


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