Doctors: Nigerians In America’s Most Sought After Single Species?

by Adaora Obiora

Doctors are Nigerians In America’s (NIA) most eligible and sought after species. All the girls want to marry them; all the guys want to be them. Also most NIA men want to marry doctors and possibly only just settled for a nurse because they couldn’t get their “clammy” hands on a doctor…

I must admit that even, in my single days, I would daydream of being swept off my feet by a “dark, handsome, tall, igbo & (yes!) doctor”. Most single girls have this daydream as well; mind you, these are women that don’t need to marry for money, but ask them what their ideal dream man’s profession should be, and 80% of them would chime “a medical doctor abeg!”… The ultimate choice or is it?!

Leading me to conclude that doctors have realized this and it has gone to their heads at least a little (if not a lot)!

During my “single & searching” days, I met quite a few; many were arrogant and cocky; acting like the “deal” was sealed just because of their profession; on several occasions when the “hook-up” was being arranged, all I’d hear from the “arranger” was “…he’s a doctor o!” even before I hear his name… At first it was cool, but after a while I’m like “what the @#%$?”

Let’s analyze this very critically; back in the day during our university days in Naija, what were the characteristics of the majority of students in medical school? Weren’t they usually the nerdy, thick layered bifocal glasses wearing type guys, who couldn’t even “toast” a girl without fumbling? They were rarely involved in school socials; neither did they usually join the campus exclusive clubs. They were incessantly “nailed” by the cutest girls in school that is if they had the guts to even talk to them! Haba! “talk to girls ke?!!? Have they finished reading their anatomy, physiology and biochemistry textbooks, “swathing & jacking” for their “2nd MB” to even give “partying” a thought?” Mind you though, some pulled off being both into the social scene & their books; but most did not.

Come to think of it; I had one of the latter “stalking” me seriously for 3years back in school, I mean “I look left, I look right” bobo no gree tire!!” na wetin naw?!?” My friends (with my consent ofcos! Very foolish me!) even resorted to warning him to “…take time or else!!”; fast forward to 10years later; the guy having finished from an Ivy league school here in America works with a prestigious hospital somewhere in New England; ofcos his thick glasses has been replaced with contacts; now the bobo looks like he has some serious potential, ofcos after some major wardrobe overhaul!

The referenced above is one of the “off chance” ones! Most of them still look as nerdy as light is day but they are still “pulling” babes left right & center? Just mention he’s a doctor and girls will go all buttery; even though most can’t even carry on an interesting conversation, without reference to their wonderful profession; and are as boring as hell, but that doesn’t stop babes from still loving & wanting them!

The deal for most of these doctors is that after grueling years of exams, and even more qualifying exams that guarantee a very fat paycheck and lots of prestige (for them and ofcos their accompanying spouses), their NPV (net present value) has skyrocketed through the roof here in America. For some women, even resorting to the drastic measure of investing in one of them, imported “a la carte” from Naija, can guarantee the finer things of life (all things being equal of cos)…

Most girls want a piece of them; making them an extremely rare & converted “procession”. Women (yes men as well) will give an arm and a leg to be with a doctor!

This bring to mind the case of a girl I know, who married a dentist here in America a few years ago; they both went to the same university back in Nigeria but didn’t move in the same social circles and hence never even crossed paths!

This girl was your quintessential popular girl back in school; hanging with the most popular guys only; a guy had to at least own a car in school then to even get an audience with her; her husband (now) wouldn’t have stood a chance even if “he thought of dreaming in his dreams that he could chase her”, infact I’m almost sure he couldn’t even bring himself to safely admire her from a distance; never thinking that his luck would shine so much as to date her, talkless of marrying her.

Thank-God for the state of “husbandlessness” that plague many-a-fine single and one time popular girls, these days in “ground leveling” America; they are now husband and wife.

The guy is still as nerdy as light is day (America didn’t even help matters in his case) but the fact that he’s a dentist I’m sure helped get him some “air time” with this girl! They are happily married today; but sometimes I wonder if this marriage would have ever happened?

As a woman, if you have a husband who’s a medical doctor your parties become very popular and you notice more single girls falling over themselves to be your new BFF (best friend forever) hopefully hoping for a hook-up along the line!

This brings me to conclude doctors can be deemed the rarest of the rarest of rare of NIA single species; and as with these things, there are a lot of fakes & as well as real but seriously confused & callous ones out there, that can potentially do some serious emotional damage…So people beware!

All that glitters is not gold…

One more thing; doctors out there looking to meet single women (as if that’s even possible, but let me try anyhow), please hit me up. I’ve got some really nice, single & beautiful girls looking to meet you all; sadly my own partner isn’t much of a social butterfly and I’m tired of explaining to these women that he has only one available doctor friend, who having been so traumatized by the ordeal of being chased and harangued by beautiful women bent on achieving their ambition of marrying a doctor (poor guy isn’t used to the experience of being wanted like this), has practically sworn off women till the year 2012 or thereabout!

Most importantly you all will help me keep my new BFFs because, I’ve grown to love & appreciate them all and worry they’d start abandoning me soon!

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Veronica August 25, 2020 - 12:33 am

I for one like the medical profession why? This is because they are disciplined responsible,caring and others. I am a medical laboratory scientist living in nigeria .I am a middle aged lady looking for a co medical partner. Doctors are good friends to have.

PC Blessings November 3, 2017 - 3:40 am

Hey, Adaora, u probably not writing anymore seeing when this was written, 2006. This is 11/3/17. Interesting read. Funny, but some of it is true, but for different reasons. At any rate, would like to chat.
PC Blessings

seantdh December 23, 2009 - 6:33 pm

I just bumped into this article now.I wish i had responded 3yrs earlier.Well, it was a close call to the real thing about docters’ life now .A lot has changed about their perceived life style.Gone are those days of all -work -and -no- play.In Nigeria now,med school graduates are younger,sociable and broad based. However,it is still strongly true they’re top of wanted list of singles home or abroad.I guess i may not be far from the truth being in the profession.NICE JOB THOUGH.

chiddy November 11, 2006 - 2:20 pm

Good article.

Really,I didn't know people are still swooning over doctors.In my teens,I desired to marry a doctor so that when I eventually became one,our titles would rhyme.Now I don't care for doctors,I actually hate it when they drop their title like it means anything to me.

uniben82 November 3, 2006 - 10:08 am

MD or not, "working for the man, ain't no kind of plan for me"-Shawn Mullins. 5 to all with an entrepreneurial spirit. May you soar without boundaries!

Anonymous November 2, 2006 - 9:21 pm

The author is a Mary just come lately. those days are long gone. Your Nigerian doctors are just slaving out just like most immigrants. they may be the dreams of other immigrants who are here just for economic reasons. Full life is more than getting up and working for other people.

Vic Williams

Rosie November 2, 2006 - 3:03 pm

Doctors are always hot commodities. However, I agree that business owners are now next on the buffet menu. Personally, I would fall for a guy who dreams big and works his butt off to achieve that dream. You stay with him while he struggles to achieve it, chances are you will reap the fruit of the benefits down the road (amen).

Ndidi November 2, 2006 - 8:32 am


OMG!!! I haven't laughed this hard in a long time! I found your "tongue-cheek" write-up on "Nigerian Doctors" to be very funny! My friends and I were talking about this same topic the other day and amazingly covered some points you mentioned here! Mind you though, doctors are not really as rich its made out; their job is like any other well-paying job here in America, in my opinion!

All in all it was a good read, please keep writing! I'll be looking forward to your next article…



Anonymous November 1, 2006 - 10:04 pm

money? unless the dr has his or her own clinic. just another employee with a good paycheck. give me a franchise business owner anyday. my own has two mcdonald franchise, and our social life is wonderful.


Anonymous November 1, 2006 - 4:26 pm

Going by your statement, "sadly my own partner isn't much of a social butterfly," I assume that you married him for his money. Wishing you all the best in your business.



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