The Power in Biden’s Sense of Calm and Decency!

by Yahaya Balogun

Truth is not a burden to fibbers. Fabricators have no respect for the truth. They manufacture lies, and liars thrive in the hypothesis of conspiracy theories. They have a targeted audience and victims. The more liars trade and supply falsehoods, the more their unsuspecting victims consume their fabrications with relish and deliberate or blissful ignorance! The consumers of lies live in the alternative reality and deranged world.

The United States of America had its general election on November 3, 2020. Joe Biden convincingly won! The President-elect will be constitutionally sworn-in on January 20, 2021.
No matter how the “reTrumplicans” lie and traffic in conspiracy theories, the end of the government of loquacious President Trump is imminent in the White House. And the outwardly calm but inwardly tough President-elect Joe Biden will soon be the new occupant of the White House. Trump is an outgoing and twilight tenant of the Oval Office. The White House is the house of “We the People.” Biden will be “Uhauled” in it as the new occupant. Period!

Again, Americans have served ejection notice to Trump. Joe Biden is an anticipated occupant of the same exalted but soon-to-be fumigated building—-the White House. While the former has a bullying attitude, the latter is a student of no-nonsense in the faculty of decency. No wonder the loud Twitter-in-Chief Trump is jolted and startled by maverick and non-conformist Joe Biden before the general election! Trump knew from the word go that Joe Biden would defeat him in the last US general election. The US Congress impeached the unhinged President for Russian collusion and obstruction of justice.

According to Professor Jan Erkert, the head of the Department of Dance at the University of Illinois, “I hear your exasperation but stay with me. As a dancer, I study physical states of energy. When the body shifts toward violence, your jaws clench, and your eyes narrow. Any good opponent can recognize the signs and beat you to the punch.” Professor Jan Ekert’s exposition above is precisely what Joe Biden does all the time to destabilize his political opponents. Trump got a dose of the punch.

The President-elect Joe Biden is a profound talker but not a talkative like his embattled political adversary—Donald Trump. Americans and the world witnessed the public and international display of bullying and lying from Trump’s bully pulpit. Joe Biden has borrowed from a playbook of his former boss, President Barack Obama. Intuitively, one of the political lessons and weapons I have learned to use from Biden and Obama is the art of silence in the face of stiff obstructions and provocations. When you remain carefully silent in the face of your enemies’ machinations, it becomes incredibly challenging for your enemies to know your stealthy intentions. It will also be easy to counterbalance your enemies’ surreptitious motives.

Psychologically, the duo (Obama and Biden) must have developed this calming attitude through their tragedies and difficult life experiences. During the debates, Obama had political punches from his opponents, but Obama’s calmness has always been a deflective weapon to sway the political spectators to his side. In the last Presidential debates, Biden at particular “points swayed gently from side to side” like Hillary Clinton with broiled Trump, as Donald Trump’s mutable gestures signaled an invitation to an altercation or rough and tumbled invite. With an incredible “slow and steady voice,” Biden would speak about rational things that make sense to the vast television audience. Biden’s empathy is a pastoral catalyst to other bereaved families. He’s loved for that empathetic mind. When Trump used Hunter Biden to dislodge Biden, a young Joe Biden would have lost it and throw tantrums or punches. Instead, Biden would sometimes use his late war hero and son Beau Biden’s peaceful memory to cool his temperament and sludge Trump.  Joe Biden has always shown us that “winning doesn’t always come from a knock-out punch” or inappropriate language use to fight.

Meanwhile, Biden seemed not to have satisfied the far-leftists in the Democratic party. During the debates, the brash liberal thought Joe Biden lacked the “finesse and policy proposal” to meet his electoral promises. But Joe Biden crushed Trump in the general election by refusing to react to Trump’s numerous baits to incense him. Trump’s behavior was encouraged by the media. The media’s fixation on Trump gave him the oxygen and undeserved air time to boost his unpresidential action. When you raise your self-esteem, it becomes practically impossible for bullies to trigger your pathological critic (the negative self in you) to lower your self-esteem. Biden was called all sorts of names: sleepy Joe, basement candidate, uninspiring Joe, etc.; Biden remained steadfast while his political adversaries cried in the wilderness of blissful ignorance and idiocy. Biden is the antithesis (opposite) of everything they called him during the campaign. American voters are not dumbass or blockheaded people; they understand any con-art and candidate’s stupidity to influence them in any election.

The President-elect Joe Biden presented a decent demeanor and masterclass at keeping calm in the face of foolishness. After the election, while defeated Donald Trump was being rejected in various courts for throwing frivolous lawsuits; and the ” Retrumplicans” are keeping mum to acknowledge Biden’s victory, Biden remains calmly reassured. With loosening, relaxation, and a wry smile, Biden told his supporters and voters that “They will, they will.” Biden knows that some of these “Republicans” are afraid of Trump’s lithal tweets that can get them into electoral trouble with their base. The lessons learned from Joe Biden’s adversity and coolness, and those who were calm and cool to confront the seemingly difficult events and times are mused.

Biden’s victory is America’s victory. Biden needs a lot of work to do to unite the polarized American people. He also has a mundane job of bringing back America to global leadership. The trust reposed in Biden and his government experience will help him leverage and work with his former Republican colleagues; and the enemy-induced reTrumplicans in the US Congress.

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