Yinka TNT: A Quintessential Pragmatist And Realist

by Yahaya Balogun
yinka tnt

“When you speak the truth, act reality shows, and with the audacity of reasoning, you do not have to worry about anything within the purviews of conscience and the laws.” –Yahaya Balogun.

This piece is not a solicited presentation; instead, the author wrote this article to appreciate this impeccable and unfiltered woman–Yinka TNT. Yinka TNT lives in the United Kingdom. Yinka’s shows are presented in Yoruba with millions of indiscreet viewers worldwide. I have never called nor talked to Yinka TNT privately or openly. I am an afenifere, i.e., a worshipper of the Muse. I am also an inquisitor and realist with a love for the arts and artistic projects. Therefore, I only watch and listen to Yinka TNT’s unfiltered and pragmatic shows.

In a nutshell, YinkaTNT is a pragmatist. A pragmatist acts in response to particular situations rather than upon abstract ideals, one who is willing to ignore conceptual models to accomplish the ultimate goals. Yinka TNT is an inquisitor—an excessive researcher, a gifted artist, a vintage realist, and a muse.

On the other hand, Yinka TNT is a realist, that is, “a person who accepts a situation as it is and is prepared to deal with it accordingly.” A realist is also “an artist or writer whose style is characterized by the representation of people or things as they actually are.” Finally, an inquisitor is a person inquiring, especially one seen to be excessively harsh or impartially searching for truth in all situations. Yinka TNT fits into the axiom-mentioned above descriptions. I have learned a lot from her rawness, humility, humane persona, hard work, witticisms, and intellectual boldness. Through Yinka’s shows, she also quests for wisdom and knowledge acquisition.

In all the true sense, Yinka TNT as a realist, has no time for frivolous and facetious behavior, i.e., the “smẹ-smẹ” of our world of make-believe. Yinka sees with an unfiltered manner and calls (spade-a-spade) the way it is! We may not agree with everything Yinka TNT says, but it takes an intelligent and manner-masterful person to understand this woman’s mind and unique shows. Yinka TNT does her research and comes up with practical expositions. I have been keenly following and watching Yinka TNT for a long time.

With profound inference, based on my careful listening and watching her shows, Yinka TNT has reconstructed so many homes and shaped them for good. Wise men and women out there can easily discern this exposition. I like Yinka TNT’s fallibility as a human and her respect and deposition towards identified honest errors and corrections in her shows. Such humility is rare in anyone in our dysfunctional society today. Yinka TNT’s shows have revealed so many hidden and open sacred things we take sacrilegiously faithful for granted as couples in our irreverent marriage institutions.

Meanwhile, whoever tells you marriage is entirely reverent or perfect, and with all bed of roses and honeymoon lives deceitfully in our dysfunctional and dystopian world. Such people live in a make-up “utopian” world, and they’re lying to you. Not all “blissful” marriages people celebrate or showcase on Instagram and social media are blissful or flourishing. On the surface, most of them are cosmetics or make-believe. And the utopian state doesn’t genuinely exist, but you can make unique happiness live in your homes by being a realist and pragmatist like Yinka TNT. I am a married man with a lovely home in a society that encourages unlimited freedom and quick access to troubles for unrealistic people.

This unsolicited writer is not a perfect man or husband. He has a morally upright and imperfect wife, too. Still, the secrets of our mutually inclusive marriage are embedded in the contents of Yinka TNT’s realistic lectures at the unfiltered Department of her marital university.

In reality, you must listen to Yinka TNT’s shows with an open mind to get the imports of her presentations. Without all those religious idiosyncrasies, you will not only correct your moral faults and faltered behavior in your marital relationships; you will become a new person with mutual love and marital friendliness or amity. You will constantly go on LOVECATION with your wife in your homestead and in every inch of your time at home—kitchen, couch, bedroom, bathroom, visitors’ rooms, living room, backyard, car garage, inside the car, etc. The other petridishes of lovemaking in this strange and beautiful world will be your laboratory of love and lovemaking. As Yinka TNT’s students, you and your partners will both be mutually naughty to banter love and luscious play unhindered. You will be coupling within the love precincts of your homes and “lovecation.”

Without pretense, I am fond of Yinka TNT’s impartiality, and forthrightness in humans’ real-life and naked live of real men and women. But, unfortunately, pretentious Nigerian/African sanctimonious religionists will overtly (openly) not agree but covertly (secretly) they watch Yinka TNT’s shows much as they watch needless porn shows and with many gratifying and satisfying pleasures. Therefore, we need to mutually complicate and simplify our thoughts to live with unpretentious peaceful minds in this complicated and beautiful world.

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OMONIYI, Olumayowa Victor March 13, 2022 - 10:55 pm

Yeah! U got it right. Yinka TNT has changed my mental dimension. The writer, u are well spoken. Greater U.


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