Effective control of Cyberspace

Cyberspace is the electronic medium of computer networks, in which online communication takes place. For social experience, individuals can interact, exchange ideas, share information, provide social support, conduct business, direct actions, engage in political discussion, etc. By using this global network, Private owners will include offensive site, and user will log on to offensive sites, which they both know it’s not allowed by the government. These users will have some criminal act in mind to form “click-fraud whereby computers are infected with malicious software,e. Sunday Joy sending virus to everyone on my blog or Carl Collins ogunshola defrauding the entire internet bloggers,’truth is an open wound is only justice that can eal it’and though each click generates millions of dollars to them”(Delbert and Rohozinski 4). The article “Fighting cybercrime: Technical, Juridical and Ethical challenges” by Guillaume Lovet, talks about cybercrime while “Journal of Democracy” by Ronald Delbert and Rafal Rohozinski, talks about liberation versus control,control can be done by bolcking or deleting the person from your blogg while you can also contact the authority concerns and “Geographies of global Internet Censorship” by Barney Warf, talks about censoring, which they explain effect of cybercrime and how cyberspace can be controlled. Though, cyberspace is difficult for the government to control, but it should be controlled.

Cyberspace is difficult to control, because the malicious IP address of cybercriminals can not be traced. These criminals indirectly promote their crime by improving the techniques and changing to different site in which unaware user will log on to these criminal IP address and drop some vital information of them. They make this address irresistible for user, because user will unaware log on to these site as if they are logging unto Skype, facebook account or even buy stuff online e.g. EBay where these criminals steal information of credit card, and also collecting the payment of the user as if they are the original seller. They also increase the infection to computers by their deadly attack of virus to generate more revenue. Because of all these benefits, these criminals constantly change IP address every minutes for the users not to trace back where they have been duped, or where user can deter computer can be infected by the site. “A key example is TCP Connections establish by Alice and Bob in which Alice can only see Bob IP address but never sees Cain IP address”(Lovet 3), Cain can mask with Bob in a criminal act, which Alice will never know where the criminal act is coming from, if she was given a query.

However, cyberspace can be controlled by government giving space to private owners and governing the space with rules and regulations. Private owners should only be given space by government, and not allowing private owner to give out space to any other private owner. This is the only way in which the government can trace any incoming or outgoing offensive posts, and or criminal act of cyberspace in the country. An example is TCP connection where Alice sees Bob IP address, and not allowing Bob giving Cain space on is IP address, because Alice can not sees Cain IP address. Government should also give rule to private owners to remove every offensive posts or links connecting to other country that is against their politics or traditions. Another example is the “Arab country where they are prevented from conducting internet searches relating to sex and other cultural norms in both Arabic and English which is against their traditions”(Delbert and Rohozinski 8). Though, private owners should also be given little authority to control and survey the internet activities, but it should primarily be controlled and survey by the government in order to have a good trace of criminals and posts that is against the politics and traditions.

Government should also monitors and outsource censor to protect rules and regulation of cyberspace, in order to deter any private owners or the user going contrary to the laws lay down. As a result of fact, censoring should be the largest part of policing and controlling the rules and regulations lay down, if not the rules and regulations will not be carried out by both the users and private owner. This will turn to be private owners giving out space to people that the government finds out that they can not have a space in their country, because their site includes offensive posts that are against their politics or traditions. The users also will be encouraged to carry on with their criminal act that generates revenue to them. The government in their own best interest should “establish cybercommands or cyberwarfare unit to wage attack offensive posture of private owners, and social malwares by criminals”(Delbert and Rohozinski 6). However, government should have little control on technology improvement, but have more to do with enforcing, monitoring, and fight back anyone trying to go astray the rule and regulations governing cyberspace.

In conclusion, Cyberspace being the means of connecting and giving information to people, is use for criminal act by users to generate revenue, and also offensive post by private owner on their site, which make cyberspace difficult to control because he can not be early trace by the government. Though, cyberspace can be controlled by the government giving rules and regulations, and establishing cybercommand or cyberwarfare to monitor and make sure it’s being implemented by private owners and users

The like of carl and sunday Joy should be watched and seriously scrutinized .

Written by
Jide Adesina
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