Employers’ Greed

by Odimegwu Onwumere

Any employee’s failure in life doesn’t depend on his or her inability
to carry out his or her duty, but on the employer’s lack of
encouragement. Employers often fire their employees when the latter’s
sweet work becomes ugly, without first diagnosing the epicenter, why
it has turned awry. The employer rather becomes too boastful, which he
or she had been, because he or she pays the monthly salary.

The relationship between the employer and the employee should not only
be expressed and entertained when salary is going to be paid. What the
employer refuses to put into consideration is that, without the
employee, he or she cannot workout the sustenance of his conglomerates
he often boasts about, to the disgustful glaring eyes of the

It is very imperative to take the employee seriously! A cheerful heart
does a cheerful work. There is no how the employer’s greed to use the
employee when the later is mostly needed and dump him or her later can
better the course of humanity and the employer’s empire. This is

Every humanbeings effort towards any work in life is to grow. Can an
employee grow when the employer had stocked it at the back of his or
her heart before employing the employee that the later has to serve
his or her company for a period of twenty-four years before the
employee will begin to see the light of things happening in his or her
own growth?

It is not always good that the employer sees his or her employee with
an eye not good for even a beast and measure the employee with a rule
of stubbornness when the employee is airing his or her own plight loud
and clear to the employer in the company he or she has put in the best
to grow so that he or she can as well grow.

Growth is what everyone one seeks for while looking for an employment.
But the greed and conceited promises inherent in the employers don’t
pave the way for the employees to grow. The employer believes that
because of the level of jobseekers in the world, the employee can go
to hell afterall, one million and one persons are out there on the
bench warming up to take the place of the employee, in the event that
he or she quits. But the question is, if a man divorces every woman he
married at every slight provocation, how many women would he marry?
Yes, those seeking to take the place of the employee would still see
what he or she saw and will begin not to take peace and proficiency
into the work because of the employer’s obvious imploration of greed
into his company.

It is this greed that makes the employer myopic in only seeing the
money he or she is making and not the effort the employees are making
to better his or her company. This attitude of the employer makes the
employee work and walk in agony. He or she is working, yet piles of
bills are around him or her at home.

The employee work and walk in agony is not because he or she doesn’t
like the work he or she is doing, but simply because of the pittance
take home, when measured with his or her input in the company.

It is time employers focused on the integrity and pride of their
employees and treat them as human beings, and not like less beasts.
The employer should always create a friendly environment between him
and his employees. Such friendliness should not be pseudo.

Insincerity abounds much with employers: They habour selfish feelings
against their employees, when the issue has to do with money. Just
talk about a monetary problem with the employer and have him or her
stop communicating with the employee. The employer may even resort to
criticizing the employee of being a wretched rat, forgetting that if
he or she had paid the employee well, he or she would be living fine.
The employer enjoys criticizing the employee, but forgets that
criticism doesn’t help ability to blossom, but encouragement helps.

Encouragement should not only be mere words; the employee should be
encouraged with fat pockets, and where necessary, with such items like
cars and building the employer enjoys.

Just like many wives have abandoned their husbands’ houses because of
lack of appreciation and encouragement from their husbands, many
employees have done the same a their work places, and many would do
the same, and would prefer to live under no money than put their best
in a company that take them as beasts – an act that even a dog owner
would avoid meting out on his or her dog.

We all crave appreciation and recognition and growth. Not only the
employer needs these things. The employer should as a matter of fact
drink from the brood of truth that he or she needs the employee
seriously to grow. The employer must eschew greed and stop
dehumanizing the employee. Greed can never make the human race to
flower and grow. Employer’s greed for money, inlure of showcasing love
to the employee, is a worst form of cold wind of criticism. The
employer should stop diminishing and hurting the employee. These are
crime to the employee’s wellbeing.

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