Euphoria & Self Congratulation Over Third Term Must Wane!

by Paul I. Adujie

Garbage collection levy and fees are being collected from the traders in Aba! Tell Orji Kalu to get a truck/lorry and able bodied men to haul the garbage…. incinerate the garbage or if he does not care about the environment, dump the garbage in a landfill!

Moreover, others here have mentioned his diarrhea of the mouth or flippancy…. he is not intellectually sturdy. I have to give Governor Kalu credit for putting forth a “campaign” and his manifestoes! I may not like particular candidates (IBB, Kalu etc) but they have a right to campaign to the Nigerian electorate…. and if the electorate is foolish enough to allow IBB to buy his way into power again or if the electorate determine Kalu is what is good….. that will be democracy…. freedom of choice…IBB becoming president of Nigeria is the equivalent of swallowing vomit! Why would Nigerians want such a recycled garbage?

Kalu’s only qualification seem to be his willingness to act as an attack dog on President Obasanjo, even when Governor Kalu did not have evidence or could not provide evidence. Onos at NVS recently said of Kalu “here is a man who cannot govern properly a single state scrambling for Aso Rock. Democracy is wonderful thing indeed! In the days of the Roman empire, .he would have been thrown into the circus maximus for consumption by wild beasts; Reuben Abati was referring to the likes of Uzor Kalu when he wrote the following in his “So, what’s next?” article. When Dr. Abati wrote the following “The scrutiny of the political elite that has now begun must be sustained. The Presidency cannot and should not be handed over cheaply to anyone whose only claim to relevance is that he or she (or they) opposed third term”

Pat Utomi is man with strong intellectual power. His personal accomplishments are legendary.I personally admire him. But I am almost certain that Nigeria’s democracy is not mature enough and ready for his candidacy. Regions, ethnicities and money remain hydra headed major factors in Nigerian national politics. Dr. Utomi probably does not have the stolen money, the sudden wealth and the shenanigans that are stock in trade with all other current aspirants.

General Buhari: Does the ANPP want him? Could he be repackaged and represented with a semblance of democratic demeanor? Buhari in my opinion, is a patriot. He does have baggage. Justice Oputa panel absence, his strategically ambiguous position on Sharia etc.

General Buba Marwa has good reputation as the former governor of Lagos State. I understand that he behaved as if he was a civilian governor. He was very affable and a people person. He is said to have been impressive. I met him in New York last year, our meeting was choreographed and hurried, I could not ask my questions. There are unanswered questions regarding his wealth.

This unexplained wealth bug seem to have bitten too many of Nigeria’s current political gladiators.

The EFCC, the ICPC and such other agencies of government in Nigeria in conjunction with nongovernmental organizations or civil societies must work together to ascertain that anyone with even the slightest pretensions to public office in Nigeria, first explain the source of their wealth, especially the genre of sudden wealth. In America, candidates for public office are screened to determine whether the behavior in the past had been pristine.

In Nigeria, we must engage in the similar or same process of screening the behaviors and conducts of aspirants to public office, whether elective or appointive.

Unfortunately, it is the case that in the recent past, every time and any time the EFCC attempted to screen candidates for fitness for public office, such candidates and their supporters are quick to accuse the EFCC and the presidency of selectivity or vengeance.

Nigerians must quickly recover from the Third Term distraction and disease.

Nigerians at home and abroad must now demand for credible candidates for public offices. Nigerians must insist on candidates with the best policy ideas. Presidential candidates with the best vision for Nigeria and candidates with the best manifestoes on how to attain Nigeria’s progress, Nigeria’s development and advancement.

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