Eye sore on Lekki-Epe Expressway

by Bayo Olupohunda

The Lekki-Ajah axis of Lagos has frequently been referred to as “highbrow” not particularly because of the existence of any efficient amenities like constant electricity, pipe borne water, good roads or drainage system. For example, driving on the entire stretch of the Lekki-Epe Expressway at night is a nightmare because the street lamps are not functional. And when it rains the drainages overflow, houses are almost submerged, roads are flooded and rendered impassable because of invisible potholes just as you would see in other areas of Lagos.

Now countless of estates are springing up every day with more people moving into the axis making this highway a nightmare for residents who now wake up very early in order not to get caught in the notorious traffic gridlock that has become a daily affair.

But the greatest worry on this highway that connects the so-called highbrow Lekki to the Island is the presence every morning, of some men and women in various stages of affliction of cancerous and decaying tumor protruding from the neck, breast and the groin who sits in the middle of the expressway in-between moving vehicles while their promoters with juke box playing some instrumental in the background hold sacks to motorists, soliciting for money. This unsightly and disturbing scene has become an everyday routine on this expressway.

How can one explain the situation where big and cancerous tumour in the very private parts of patients (sometimes women) are displayed right in the middle of the highway in between moving cars in a bid to solicit for mere pittance from motorists who turn their faces away anyway to avoid looking at the repulsive sight very early in the morning? Pray, since when has the Lekki Expressway become a hospital?

How the people involved in this absurdity hope to raise the needed funds for the treatment of these afflicted men and women beats one’s imagination? Could this be a fraud, a way to fleece people of their money given that conmen have been caught in the past in some parts of Lagos using this same practice to dupe unsuspecting people? Now they have increased in numbers and can be found in different spots on the expressway.

This very bizarre practice should be stopped by the Lagos State Government because it is an eye sore and dangerous as these people can be knocked down by vehicles. Given also that this area is home to some foreigners working in Lagos, what impression are we portraying of ourselves as Nigerians that we cannot take care of the sick whom we display right in the middle of the highway?

What is the Lagos State Ministry of Environment doing about this? And to think that some highly placed Lagos government officials live in this axis and see this every morning when being driven to their offices. It’s really a shame. These people should be removed immediately and their promoters investigated. This is not the way to promote the much vaunted Lagos tourism potentials.

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Jude November 2, 2010 - 5:02 pm

Very good article,I hope Nigerian authorities will wake up from sleep and adress these issues.Nigerian Govenrment have the fund,manpower and resources to tackle these problems but well hopefully they will wake up from sleep.


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