Fan Your Fascination into Flame

by Opeyemi Ajayi

Have you ever seen people who sell roasted food in Nigeria? i.e. Yam, Maize or Plantain? If you have, you will appreciate the essence of fanning your fascination into flame. I do not eat roasted food items but I appreciate those who prepare and sell them.

They pour dry coal into a base, pour a little kerosene, add fire on top to activate the coal. Thereafter, they continue fanning it until the entire coal catches fire. The more they fan the coal, the more fire it brings out. The fanning process does not stop the fire rather it activates it more and more.

Great men are never remembered because of where they reside, they are rather remembered because of the event they created. Henry Ford is always remembered because of the event he created in the automobile industry and not because he is an American. Anytime Africa is mentioned in the international community, the picture of Nelson Mandela appears, not because he is the oldest African but because of the role he played in the freedom of his people. Anytime you mention Neurosurgery, Ben Carson’s picture appears, in that field of medicine, he has carved a niche for himself. Albert Einstein’s name appears after mentioning the theory of Relativity. Anytime Holocaust is mentioned, the picture of Adolf Hitler appears. In Nigeria today, anytime Evil Genius is written by journalist, everyone knows whom they are referring to.

Fela Durotoye, Leke Alder, Isaac Durojaiye, Gbenga Sesan, Ali baba, Tee A, are all Nigerians, who have carved a niche for themselves in their individual fields. None of them ever worked for government or shared out of the national cake yet they are all respected people doing great things and representing the Nigerian brand name in high places. They are all young men who despite all odds, despite the lack of infrastructure in Nigeria, they have achieved.

The fact that we are black in Nigeria does not mean that we should continue keeping our back to the ground.

No one is ever in lack because he is black. No one is ever right because he is white.

I understand the fact that the environment sometimes assist people to achieve the more but all the same, places do not make people, people make places. The great countries in the world today are the result of the resilient effort of some people.

What will you do for Nigeria? In ten years time what will people say about you in Nigeria? What will the growing generation of Nigerian’s write about you? What story will be said about you?

Nigeria has a great problem that needs urgent solution.

Our educational system for example is in a comatose. They system does not allow the people to unravel their potentials.

Millions of people in the Northern part of Nigeria are not in school. They are called Almajiri, they beg all day. This great army of teenagers will be used for religious crisis in years to come if care is not taken, they have no future as it were and lack of education will make them to be subordinate to others. They cannot understand their rights, how will you expect them to fight for it?

Unfortunately for us in Nigeria, government officials (civil servants & politicians) cannot help us. They are frustrated with the problems of the nation and instead of tackling them one after the other; they have decided to respond by folding their arms. They surely don’t know what to do.

That is why we need people from the private sector, people who will bring the irresponsibility of our government to full glare. Young and old. Male or female. Look at each of the sector that needs help the more and do something about it. Make a change. Cause a turnaround. Stop complaining; fan the fascination of your grouse to doing something for the nation.

The future of Nigeria needs help. Don’t just sit down and complain. Do something, take a stand.

You will never be remembered because of where you reside but you can be remembered if you do something to make Nigeria a great nation. Be a true Nigerian.

Think big. Act right. Say no to bad habits.

Nigeria will be the most desirable country to live in by 2025.

God bless you!

God bless Nigeria!

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