From The Garden of Eden to the Arena of Liberty in Lagos, Nigeria


We who studied in the School of Elihu and the School of Christ know that GOD, Almighty, created the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve lived.

There was a rebellion in Heaven against God by Lucifer and his demons. They were driven away from Heaven by Archangel Michael. They came to the Earth and ever since woes have been men and women’s lot.


People who had lived in harmony with nature and animals were held in bondage by Satan and his demons.

During the FISH AGE, Christian life began. Our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST came and saved mankind by dying for us on the Cross at Calvary.  Satan suffered defeat.  He intensified his onslaught again humankind through afflictions, demonic attacks, unleashing the arrows of outrageous fortunes, sickness, afflictions, immorality to make man lose the favour of God.  By His Divine Grace, God forgives our sins.  We now live by Grace and the Favour of God Almighty.  Then came the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Spirit Consciousness, and Spirituality spread except in the regions of the world where fallen Archangels like Pacifer and others fell into.

The Aquarian Age has entered the Era of the anti-christ, which is characterized by wars, murders, all manners of debauchery, mayhem and human rights violations by satanically controlled nuclear powers.

God has prevented them from destroying themselves and the universe of man, while they pontificate about human rights, their practice about human rights does not tell a history of restraint.  They dictate to other states how they should govern and who should govern other people.  They destroy leaders who do not agree to their world view.  The disastrous consequences of these hegemonic policies are in recorded history, whose verdict is sour.

The height of the interventions in Iraq (shock and awe) Libya Gadhafi stayed too long in power and was arrogant; Assad must go even where his people elected him by 62% and for a second time in a “sham election” have culminated in exodus by displaced person, who die in the high seas in order to escape to Europe.

God the Father is sad to see His creatures suffering so much. God created the “Arena of Liberty in Lagos, where He manifests His Power by delivering, healing and anointing Men of God.

The Synagogue of All Nations is the New Jerusalem. Many wonders and miracles are happening every day and night. God’s Servant, Senior Prophet T. B. Joshua is anointed by God to do good.

A time will come when all nations will have their own Prophets and God will overturn, overturn and overturn as He did in Nigeria as I said He would. There will be more weeping and gnashing of teeth as I had written.

Honesty and peaceful co-existence remain the best policies in international relations.   With what Prophet T. B. Joshua has done so far, the Holy Ghost will multiply his efforts and in the end, the whole world will embrace Christianity.

We must pray against the Third World war and the reign of the luciferian hierarchy.  EMMANUEL!!!

As a result of Emmanuel TV, Spiritual Knowledge is now more available even to intellectuals and educated people. That Jesus Christ is the SON OF GOD is very true.  The power of God in us now made manifest daily. Above all, the works of Satan and his demons are better understood.  The Grace revolution is real.

During the period of the Era of the Gentiles, Germany, Japan and Italy unleashed an unwarranted 2nd World War on the Allied Nations especially on the United States at Pearl Harbour.

Matters got out of hand and America dropped bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

During Obama’s last visit to Japan, some uninformed Japanese were demanding an apology.  This is because Japan had distorted the history of Japan’s militarism.  Japan also distorted the history of the Nanjing massacre and the plight of Chinese women in that city.

Earlier in his travels, President Obama spoke about human rights. There seems to exist the impression that Obama uses different strokes in his human position depending on who is addressing the King of Saudi Arabia or the Prime Minister of Vietnam or China.

What happened to Vietnam while Obama was a teenager should be a subject of historical interest to us.  His Cuban diplomacy is A+. Obama ought to visit Nigeria and worship at the Synagogue of All Nations.  He will never be the same again!

Obama may wish to lay the foundation of a new spiritual world because the new American President could re-ignite the ugly phase of the Era of nuclear geo-politics.  The World will be the poorer for it.

If ambitious people, power-seekers were to understand the mysteries of life, they would not allow Satan to deceive them with money, materialism, wickedness, stealing national funds, abuse of power and arrogance of power.  What does it profit politicians and their cohorts to live on stolen money and die miserably in jail? If Buhari was not used by God Almighty, Satan would have used his human and spiritual agents, the criminal political party, to throw us into darkness.  Sai Buhari!!!

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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