Fugitives As Governors In Nigeria?

by Paul I. Adujie

Shocked and agitated are words that best describe my feeling on learning that Alamieyesegha has escaped the claws and jaws of justice in London, as he is reported to have jumped bail in England. He has returned to Yenagoa where he lives to pretend that he is a cat with nine lives. I hope Nigeria’s democracy is not undone. This could be the harbinger of anarchy.

This is a tragic blow to the anti corruption efforts currently going on in Nigeria. It is also a wake up call to Nigeria’s National Assembly to expunge, repeal or amend the immunity clause to change the present state of affairs in which some public officials have turned the immunity clause to an impunity cloak and cover.

If anything is to be learnt from Alamieyesegha’s brazen escape from London and the bravado with which he has reportedly “resumed” his “authority as governor” of Bayelsa state, it is simply that the provision in Nigeria’s constitution of 1999 regarding immunity is now long overdue for amendment or complete repeal. I have made this call before!

Additional lesson to be learnt, among many others, is that the war against corruption is primarily Nigeria’s war, albeit, with support, encouragement and cooperation from other nations and non-Nigerians worldwide.

Looting governor Alamie of Bayelsa state has offended every sense of decency known to humans, he has broken many more laws, local and international. He has by his singular criminal act of escape from lawful restriction placed upon him by agencies of the British government demonstrated that he is a reckless buffoon, money launderer and now a fugitive felon. How did this man escape through the airspace of London and how did he enter the airspace of Nigeria? How did he procure travel documents? Who are his collaborators? Who connived and colluded with this looting governor to escape justice?

Nigeria’s National Assembly must immediately convene and converge to surgically remove the parts of section 308 of the constitution of Nigeria 1999 which is now a national and an international embarrassment of colossal and monumental proportions!

Brazen misconduct, criminal activities by governors must stop and their constitutional protections as embedded in the immunity clause must be removed. These gangsters must be compelled to obey the laws. They must face the consequences of their illegal acts!

Lawlessness by pubic holders, particularly these looting governors must be stopped.

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Anonymous December 20, 2005 - 11:47 am

Okay but should be improved on

Anonymous November 22, 2005 - 9:42 pm

Alamieyeseigha' s case is an insult to the intelligence of the British security system, it is also a thing of shame to Nigeria, it is an indication that the world fight against terrorism is a far cry from what is expected.What if some people wanted to come into Nigeria with Nuclear weapons and other things.In Alamieyeseigha' case he has proved that he is a thief rogue and criminal, with these charges against him are now many, money laundering,immigration offences, forgery, theft,illegal entry and other crimes.

If I were bearing the same name with him(Alamieyeseigha) i will do a change of name instantly.

Anonymous November 22, 2005 - 9:07 am

It wasn't a singular action it was something Dariye,the Plateu governor had done .The only difference is Alamieyesiegha would have been held with tighter conditions . As for SABELLA are you real or an impositor , if it is the real SABELLA it just shows how ignorant you were of our affairs. Welcome to more sordid revelations . It is real .

Sabella Abidde November 21, 2005 - 9:22 pm

How is it possible for Alamieyeseigha to "escape" without the knowledge of the British immigration and security services Alamieyeseighas escape is a joke. This is a shame. Here we are, preaching against corruption and bad leadership and they just let him walk There is just no way Obasanjo and Blair could be innocent of this matter. It is inconceivable that Alams could walk without Abuja and London acquiescing to itAnd if OBJ has a hand in this, no one is ever going to take him seriously regarding his "fight against corruption." This is just a shame. And his reputation — whatever is left of it — will dissolve like a cube of ice in the Lagos sun.


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