Gov. Amaechi Won’t Die

by Odimegwu Onwumere

One of the ways to live is to be diligent. We live for something and, most
times, die for something. But fear is worse than death. It is pertinent to
say that the strength and the love to sit with a man in adversity are
better than to lavish pleasantries beyond words to a man who is not in

Governor Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers State has been shouting beyond words of
threats to his life. The September outburst was not the first time he
shouted. He has been accusing the Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Mr.
Mbu Joseph Mbu of plotting to take his life, and many people are paying
non-challant ear to him. But no matter who have been planning to kill
Amaechi, it is in the interest of humanity to say that Amaechi won’t die a
death that was orchestrated by his perceived enemies. He would die at the
time when his God wants him.

Planning to Kill Amaechi or whoever because of the lucre of politics will
never solve any of the many disheartening Nigeria’s problem that are as a
result of maladministration. Whoever was fingered that was espionaging
Amaechi’s private movements from his security details was just a coward.
What do some persons gain if they kill?

We must know that whoever that says the truth or writes the truth in the
political imbroglios that are Rivers State in the recent times, the person
is marked. Just in June this year, a member of the House of
Representatives, representing Degema/Bonny Federal Constituency, Davies
Sokonte, shouted that his life was threatened for supporting Amaechi, and
that all his relatives were not save in the threat.

This is how the politics in the state have become; politics of bickering
and tinkering. In the same vein, a commissioner in the state made it public
this September that he was receiving death threats for supporting Amaechi.
Apparently, the commissioner had received deadly-phone calls from an
ex-militant leader.

Some persons might think that Amaechi and these persons who have told the
world about their life status were just joking. No. They were not joking.
If they were joking, we would not have seen or read in July how four of
Amaechi’s colleagues from the North, who paid him solidarity visit, were
pelted with stones by political opponents at the Port Harcourt airport.

What is the evidence to threat to life if not this! Instead of investigate
the matter as Amaechi raised alarm that his life was in danger, Mbu rather
awkwardly told the world that the Airport, where the governors were
molested, was a public place and that anybody was free to access it.

Not even a letter that Amaechi directed to the authorities to redeploy Mbu
was hearkened to. Rather, what we got from the police czar in Abuja, when
he later visited Port Harcourt, was that Mbu was found not wanton, in the
police professional duty.

While Amaechi was shouting today that his private movements were being
investigated by Mbu, his crying out in July was that strange policemen and
intelligence officers also, were deployed in his lodges in Port Harcourt
and Abuja, without his acquiescence.

It is obvious that without intelligence, Gov. Amaechi would have been
killed. It is not gainsaying the fact. In Igbo, we say that if a
crying-child is pointing endlessly at a particular place; go check there,
you will find his or her beater.

Why wanting to kill Amaechi? What is the gain in all the aggressions and
unsound behaviours that are being meted out to Amaechi? Those whom Amaechi
have accused that wanted to kill him, should know that only buffoons resort
to violence and killing in the face of uproar of what so ever kind.

Ask many of the people fighting Amaechi what his offence is, they cannot
even tell you. What they are after is just the money that their
paymaster(s) continue to pomp to them in making sure that the crises do not
abate. But, it is the belief of most of us that Amaechi wouldn’t die
through those who no longer pay him courtesy calls.

Killing Amaechi is shear psychosis. We must all not allow this to happen.
If it happens to Amaechi, it could be some other person next. Like that, we
are going back to the era of 1999-2007, when killing of politicians nearly
became a festival to those who indulged in such inhumane practice.

Let Amaechi not die this way; not even people who want to go to heaven
would want to be killed by their perceived enemies. While death is an
invention of nature, we must to know that assassination is a crass
invention of goons.

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