Gov. T.A. Orji’s fulfilled Campaign Promises

Gov. T.A Orji of Abia State will never stop to surprise us. The latest news
in town is his topical propaganda that he has accomplished all his
electioneering campaign promises. Supposedly, the half-truth was declared
to the public at Umuahia, the state capital, in the event of the 2013
prayer summit organised by an Ochendo Grassroots Solidarity Movement, a
political pressure group based in Umuahia.

The Commissioner for Urban Renewal and Physical Planning was it who made
the barefaced comment, while representing Gov. Orji at the event. The
reeking side of the news was the putrid that the state now has an enabling
environment, with chief infrastructure for doing business and residence.

Another fetid of it all was the unedited side of Gov. T.A Orji’s story that
his government had restored peace in the state, as if Abia was warring and
he promised to restore peace should he be elected. He boasted of taming
kidnapping and other criminal menaces in the state, when just a fortnight,
the government was said to have demolished a five story building belonging
to a medical doctor in Aba, who was allegedly said was into the sales of

It is surprising how the government of Gov. T.A Orji thinks that lies
increase victory against the victim, by beating its chest and wants the
world to believe and surrender to such self-exoneration, by making it a
master of development, when it is really faking reality with exorbitant

The same government that had told us that it had sent crime into exile was
the same government that recently set up an inter-agency committee geared
to examine the racketeering of sales of babies in the state, which it
tagged shoddy social homes. This was coming after the demolition of the
doctor’s hospital in Aba, which further exposed the unscrupulous government
of Gov. T.A Orji to the world, which has been good and known as one with
PhD in lies.

Though, any form of selling human being is condemnable. But if Gov. T.A
Orji had built a Utopian Abia State as he claims, where people can gain
legal employment, our teenage girls would not have been relying on the
sales of their newborns before they could feed.

It is a well known fact that the government is never determined in making
sure that sanity is restored in our state, because keen observers of the
government would attest to the high level of insanity that characterises
the government’s activities from the security agents, to agberos that
have now taken over the activities of the government’s functionaries, to
the media goons it surrounds itself with, to other anomalies.

It behooves this government to stop singing Hosanna, as disorderliness is
the major occupation that works in the state laced with nefarious bunch of
activities. It is not about bringing down the building in which the sales
of some newborns were carried out, whereas the fates of the girls and the
numerous ones in the street, are not known.

The same is applicable to the boys in the streets. A government that is
boasting of meeting up its electioneering campaigns is the same that
freshly told the world that it lacks the willpower of providing white
collar jobs for our people, hence the craze for donation of Keke NAPEP to
our university graduate-brothers and sisters, selfishly christened Youth

The failure of Gov. T.A Orji government to provide necessary amenities
especially roads, has kept all of our people betrayed like those in the
motherless homes or those kept in those unscrupulous social homes waiting
for a buyer.

Gov. T.A Orji government should end the tactics of governing Abia State
with terrific lies, making some of us to see it as the most terrific liar
of all ages. The government should stop lying of going to the east whereas
it meant going to the west.

The first of lies of Gov. T.A Orji was the one it told the world that was
later found to be monumental lies, which was that the man who
wholeheartedly helped him to be elected as governor was it who did not want
him to develop the state.

But the state turned far worse when he estranged himself from the man. When
some of us who fought the man, acting on the lies he heaped in the media
against the man, but later found that the man was innocent of all the
atrocious blackmail cited against him so that the public would hate him, we
have never seen any truth in all the fuming of Gov. T.A Orji of building
castle around where nothing exists in Abia State.

Written by
Odimegwu Onwumere
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