Governor Kalu of Abia State Should Shut Up!

by Paul I. Adujie

Governor Kalu of Abia State is the PDP enfant terrible! He often speaks before he thinks! Not long ago, he accused President Obasanjo of corrupt practices, and true to type, the rabble rouser that he certifiably is, was returning to the scene of his previous crimes of screaming allegations of corruption without specifics and by this, he makes nonsense of real anti corruption efforts by all.

It has become a common practice among some Nigerians to behave like Governor Kalu. While hiding under the immunity clause of our constitution, they break our laws. Immunity as enshrined in section 308 has become a tool for impunity by too many office holders in Nigeria and prime among them is this governor Kalu of Abia state.

In October 2004 I wrote the article below: Governor Kalu of Abia State must tell Nigerians and the entire world, what he knows! He must do so at once or immediately!

The governor must make full material disclosures of the names of Nigerian public officials who he has accused of corruption. This is not the first time, highly placed members of the PDP current government in Nigeria have alleged being privy to corruption information, in connecting state governors and other high level officials.

Governor Kalu must submit the information in his possession to the Police, SSS, ICPC, EFCC, the president of Nigeria and international organizations, such as the Interpol.

We have to assume that Governor Kalu made these public declarations, with all sense of responsibility and a high sense of national duty. We further have to assume, that his intentions are honorable. Governor Kalu?s declarations must not be taken lightly!
However, if these accusations are deliberate falsehoods or made for rabble rousing purposes, Governor Kalu must face the law now or whenever he leaves public office.

This is crucial, because fighting corruption requires information, accurate information that would lead to conviction after a fair trial; Further, it is very important, that allegations of corruption are not and must not, be made carelessly or lightly. Frivolous accusations that are not substantiated will demean the persons accused, as it will equally demean or belittle the efforts to eradicate corruption in Nigeria. We must cry wolf, only, when there is wolf.

Those who genuinely seek to eliminate corruption in Nigeria must not engage in any smear tactics. Allegations of corruption must be factually based, and anyone making such allegations must come forward with specific information in their possession.

The Nigerian public must keep their eyes on the ball regarding Governor Kalu?s corruption challenge, they must demand and insist, that Governor Kalu and others like him, who possess evidence of corruption against public officials, from the president to local governor councilors, must provide or disclose such evidence publicly, the same must apply to anyone with evidence of corruption in the private sector.

It should be clear to all Nigerians by now, that our country cannot continue to have the unsavory label and reputation of endemic corruption, only this past Sunday October 10, 2004, The New York Times castigated Nigeria, particularly, Nigerian Universities as citadels of corruption when it wrote, in ‘THE ETHICIST’ By RANDY COHEN
Acceptable Bribe

Thereafter, Kalu recanted and apologized to President Obasanjo and everybody else. now, Kalu is at it again! Again, he has tantalized Nigerians at home and abroad with his hot and heavy allegations of President Obasanjo, and who in turn forwarded the allegations to the EFCC for investigations, Kalu is invited by the EFCC, Kalu ignores the EFCC with impunity, because he selectively insists that the EFCC is not a neutral or independent body!

In America where I live, the President of the United States appoints Directors for the Central Intelligence Agency CIA and Federal Bureau of Investigations FBI, just as the president of Nigeria appoints EFCC Chairperson, I cannot imagine, any circumstances, where the governor of my home state of New York, flippantly makes a hot and heavy charge against the president of the United States in connection with corruption and abuse of office, but without specifics, no facts, no evidence and much worse, the governor of a state in the United States who so accuses a United States president, when invited by the FBI to submit the specific exactitude of his corruption allegations, he resorts smugly, that the FBI Director is appointed by the president, and so, the FBI is not neutral and independent, and as a consequence, he the governor refuses to attend a hearing and refuses to submit documentary evidence that he had claimed he had, as proof of corruption by the American president! Where is Governor Kalu?s logic?

The other day, a lawyer in open court accused the honorable Chief Justice of the Federation of Nigeria of corruption, if the allegations were true, his actions will be courageous in the most monumental sense, but the lawyer did not bring forward, the facts, the proof of what he alleged.

In essence, this lawyer, governor Kalu has resorted to flippant and flimsy accusations and allegations of corruption against office holders, but without adducing evidence to establish such allegations and in doing so, they undermine all of us, our institutions and our nation. Labeling the Chief Justice of Nigeria corrupt without evidence or proof, and labeling the president or vice president corrupt without facts or proof, undermines all of us and our institutions and our nation! If you allege, you must prove or you must shut up!

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Anonymous September 29, 2005 - 12:24 pm

Do u think kalus dont have enough evidence to prove his comment You never can tell. If we the ruled can tell some of the corruption of the president dont you know that his fellow politician will expose him more better There is no fire without a smoke alright just watch out and see Orjis disgrace obj . Politic in the Old Greek states was to better the life of the citizenry but in Nigeria here reverse the case. All these people are the same all they do is looting of fund and embarking on a unnecessary project in the name of what I dont know the led are suffering why they are there building their family and investing on their private purse. Our leaders are corrupt and one dont need to fight for them they are the same.

What evidence do you need to know that the president is corrupt when he established a university libraries etc. where did he get that money. You dont have to fight for this our so-called leaders. What

Where did his son get 500000 USD with which he purchased a house in USA while he is still on sit Ask him what will he tell the nation

Anonymous September 29, 2005 - 6:48 am

Well Mr Adujie's article is logical and perfect. Ubong Ekoi

Cletus E. Olebunne September 21, 2005 - 5:38 pm

Paul well said but listen to Segun Akinyode in comment 3. Very easy to reference the US democratic system but hardly would one see sitting public officers (elected or appointed) in the US engage in self outside the job of his or her office. Doing otherwise will raise questions that are better avoided. No US public officer will be that stupid or illiterate enough to engage in non official related business — schools libraries etc. Unfortunately what you have in Nigeria are mostly illiterates of leadership and democratic institution. They see democratic leadership as only a way of finger pointing and a vehicle to "self actualization" of their inabilities in failed areas of quality humanbeings through education and learning that comes through reading — Good readers make great leaders. They lack the self-actualization as a process of discovering what one was made to do and making commitment to do it with excellence. They are ignorant of the fact that no one ever reached self-actualization simply by seizing a moment to get rich and retire. These people who run Nigeria do not realize that they have been doing something wrong. There need to be a renewed attention to the underlying ethical problems posed by the conflicts of interest in Nigeria leadership. I do not know whether there is any sense of remorse for wrong doing by these salvagers.

You cannot teach illiterates leadership or management because their opinion of leadership is about self and not about a cause that benefits those being led; hence the big houses schools and libraries in their names while still serving. What are they teaching If you want to have all what I have become a public officer at a "leadership" position.

The fact of the matter is that life is short and we only carry to our graves the inner integrity of our efforts. Only we know how we lived our lives whether we cut corners whether we did anything of value — or whether we took the built to flop approach to life. These folks put a cap to the: True to their roots –fermenting a corrupted society and the stenching is out and everybody is suffering.

These illiterates of leadership and management have the following non-leadership mindset:

1. Externally driven without intrinsic passion.

2. Pursuing competitive strategy for self.

3. Get things done to make a lot of money

4. Ambitios first and formost for self

5. Driven largely by comparison to others

6. Five years is long-term

7. Nothing is sacred expedience rules

8. Seek success instead of true self-actualization.

Anonymous September 21, 2005 - 11:42 am


Do the ICPC and EFCC need Baba's permission to investigate the Ikoyi property deals. Why would he fire a minister and not investigate the corruption involving his wife Or is that not corruption

Reply September 20, 2005 - 2:05 pm

Oga SirI have been living in Nigeria more than forty years.If what I have been experiencing about our political office holders is anything to go bythey are very very corrupt.we do not need any evidence cause the evidence is all over the place.What evidence do you need to know a president is corrupt when he established a university while he is still sitting.Where did his son get 500000 USD with which he purchased a house in USAWhat happens is that these people hide under constitutional immunity to trample upon Nigerian's wealth.Chikena.Of couse if one has been living in the the USAwhere the polity is relatively calmer and saner one may begin to reason the way you have been reasoning

Ben Adoga September 20, 2005 - 1:30 pm

Although I enjoy reading all the articles on the internet I rarely make comments on them. I must however make an exception here. First I'll like to thank Mr. Adujie for his objective commentaries as regards our public officials. He is one of the very few who don't bring personal emotions to public discourses.

I must however advise him not to waste his energy and time on Gov. Kalu. It's only in Nigeria of the late 20th and early 21st centuries that such a man will be elected into a sensistive position of governorship. And I do sympathise with those who voted him into office.

You only need to look at his upbringing antecedents and his performance so far as a public office holder. Of all the governors Kalu is the number one public nuisance. As for his current misadventure he is only out to make nonsense of the anti-corruption crusade because of he knows that Ribadu and co are fast closing in on him about his dubious foreign accounts etc. So he needed some distractions. Already he has declined to come forward with evidence he has in his accusations against Obj.

And don't be surprised if the nuisance of a man wakes up tomorrow to say he has been misquotated by the Press. Also don't be surprised if he starts singing the praise of Obj any time soon. This is a man that calls himself a governor. And guess what…..he is a hero to his people!

Anonymous September 20, 2005 - 9:47 am

Governor Kalu should bell the cat!


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