Hacking: A Dangerous Military Intelligence Operation

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

The technological phenomenal scientific innovations and societal development happen in many fields. The internet, television and other gadgets have improved man’s life on Earth.  There are also inherent disadvantages like hacking.

Hacking is a surreptitious way of illegally breaking into the cyber system in order to obtain coded information.  Hacking, as practical by thieves deprives people of their funds in the banks, or infracting on their intellectual property rights.

Hacking as a military intelligence operation as was the case during the last US elections is disturbing because it throws a spanner in the democratic process. It creates doubt on the outcome of the election.

If it is established beyond all reasonable doubt the Russia hacked the result of the election in favor of Donald Trump, which will happen because “Equity does suffer not suffer a wrong to be without a remedy.”

The use and abuse of the internet eco-system is discussed hereunder in this lecture delivered at the BOSAS International Law Bureau, Seminar on 5th Janauary, 2017.

Every military intelligence operation is usually driven by dirty tricks, intrigues and subterfuges.  “When a cunning man dies, it is a cunning man that buries him.”  “You do good, you do to yourself.  You do bad, you do yourself.  The law of KARMA lives.  It is usually the outwitted that complains.

The UN Organization should set an Anti-Hacking monitoring agency.

Speaking to members of the House of Representatives Committee on Science and Technology during and oversight function, the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu said “the Nigerian economy could only grow in a sustainable manner if it was knowledge based and driven by innovation.  He also stressed that; there is a huge technology gap in almost all sectors of the economy, which need to be bridged urgently. According to him, Nigeria’s huge import bill was putting undue pressure on the Naira, adding that such cannot continue if the country was to fulfill its potentials”.

“In an article by Sekinah Lawal on November 4, 2016.  “The Chairman of NAHCON Barr. Abdullahi also stressed the need for ICT in National Hajj Commission of Nigeria during his visit to Indonesia,

where he reiterated the need for closer collaboration among all missions.

According to him, Hajj management will be better off and witness great improvement if managers share their experiences in Information Communication Technology (ICT) with the view to learn from one another”.


  1. ICT is a knowledge based subject.
  2. According to Plotinus, knowledge has three degrees:
  • Opinion
  • Science
  • Illumination

“The instrument of the first is sense, of the second dialectics, of the third intuition”

  1. Anyone, no matter who you are and you have not studied in good university, taught by gifted teachers of note, you are passing through life, half blind and half deaf.

This is my point of departure to my commissioned paper.

Nigeria’s lack of development is as a result of the dependence on the evil spirit of mammon. Money, more money, more wives, more cars, more houses, which are usually acquired with stolen National wealth.

Every day is for the National Thieves Association, one day is for Buhari and I.

In Nigeria, they become President first think of how to govern later.

In other countries, candidates have thought out how to govern before they become leaders.

Governments only seek lasting solutions in the midst of failures.

The Nigerian Press is a subservient one. Their editorial policies are often tainted with the colour of the one thousand Naira notes. They publish only known Nigerian big names, now discredited.

New York Times, Times of London or Der Spigel rarely mention their presidents. In Nigeria, every word by so call leaders is printed in newspapers.


I would like to make general historical remarks on Nigeria’s development pattern from 1914-2016. I will only pick out major events in order to enliven my presentation.

Nigeria has been under the Lord Lugard CURSE. As a result, we have faltered all the way. From recently uncovered evidence we have been smarting under human leaders, who have been under the influence of Luciferian hierarchy since 1914.

Corruption has been the system. Honestly, in government and private lives of Nigerians has not been the case.

Ex-leaders, top clerics, government officials have all been found to be corrupt

Demons have been worshipped and have, using their human agents held Nigeria in oppressive sway.

If we had not been artificially divided into North, West and East, we would have developed according to natural abilities.

If we had our independence in 1959 and not in 1960, the best politicians would have laid a good democratic dispensation.

If mediocre military officers did not take Nigeria by force of arms, militarized conscience would not have prevailed.

If the Buhari coup had succeeded, Nigeria would have not deteriorated inexorably.

If internet, mobile phones had been in popular use at the time Babangida overthrew Buhari, the coup would have fail, because the movement of his troops could be seen by many citizens who would have ask what was happening.

If Obasanjo third term ambition had not brought up Jonathan the reversible damage to Nigeria could not have occurred.

If Buhari had not come to power to tackle the rot we are in, these would have been no NIGERIA as we all know.

Worldwide we are in the Aquarian Age, in the Era of the anti-Christ. The role off the ICT eco- system has been institutional to possible world annihilation.


In the feudal societies crime and criminality were prevalent in many societies.

During this period, priests and kings heard confessions and sanctioned defaulters and criminals.

In Mercantilist age, the prevalence and use of money debased human morality. There was increase in crimes by Buccaneers and sea-pirate.

The Capitalist societies witnessed violent crimes like bank robberies, kidnapping and mayhem.

The Technological age has witnessed a growth intellectual property, the copying of patents and models by individuals and cooperate entities.


The intellect is a gift to man, which is develop through educational pursuits and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Sustained research and hard work lead to the development of innovation skills.

We thank the officials of the National Information Development agency (NITDA) for inviting us to participate in this National Conference. The organizers of this conference have by this effort, showed that they are aware of the importance of Information Technology in Nigeria system of governance and administration.

Solid information enables clear thinking which produces result oriented state policy and implementation.

This conference is charge to produce strategies which introduce innovation that will propel the Nigerian nation to gain acceleration in the right direction.

ICT has enabled innovation and entrepreneurship Europe and America, which is why their regions are having robust economic growth. It also encourages diversification of the economy in which various sectors help to ensure all round development.

In countries, where unemployment is rife ICT provide the mechanism to expand the job market and fosters the creation of jobs.

Participant has been invited from within and outside Nigeria for the purpose of cross-fertilization of ideas in this relatively new field of knowledge. Academics and scholars in Europe –American states are versed in ICT culture.

In Nigeria, the ICT deliberations are taken seriously because the aid job creation, economic diversification and growth.

These will rescue Nigeria from total dependence on oil and natural gas which have been affected insurgency.

Nigeria has never put emphasis on research and development culture. The Universities are underfunded, specialist research institute are hardly encourage to do intensive work.

As a result, little effort is recorded. Government parastatals do not have the laboratory to engage in serious research.

They often rely on conference and lectures without follow ups and so the system collapses after the conferences.

In Nigeria, the ICT market environment is not strong for ICT innovations. Poor electricity supply, often frustrate those who are engaged in ICT.

In other part of the world, private enterprises endowed fund for ICT projects. This situation is lacking in Nigeria.


The law on intellectual property has not been well articulated to regulate the legal issues involved in ownership rights, franchises, outright sale, repurchase of intellectual property rights and patents, falsification of patents, reworking, abuse and theft of intellectual property, the difficulties in the pursuit of rights, courts of appropriate jurisdiction, cost of arbitration etc.

Western counties like USA and Britain have often accused China of misuse of their intellectual properties. The Chinese have been adept at producing sophisticated goods, which they ship to Western nations.

The rule of law is just at its infancy in some Asian states, like Taiwan, Malaysia. Many countries are working to develop effective monetary mechanism and  support service to protect their innovation eco-system. It is not easy to control infringements of intellectual property rights even under the United Nation System. Global best practices are followed because the intricacies of monitoring those who violate the W.T.O rules across the world.


Every innovator has the duty to apply for a license to register, and protect his/her copyright discoveries, innovations or new finding and clearly show how these discoveries were arrived at, on order to pair review. They should publish their innovation and distribute these works approval and notification.

It is only if these conditions are met, can ICT expert lay claim to His/ Her intellectual property.

It is also necessary to get preview of the particular innovation with the world intellectual property office.

It is also necessary to pressure the various law enforcement agencies to be vigilant in detecting fraud.


In Nigeria, there is little or no appetite for intellectualism and love for innovation. Nigeria has been ruled by non-graduates since 1960. Leaders emerge through coups and rigged elections. You do not give what you do not have.

Our “leaders”, who should have propelled intellectualism, innovation and progressive thinking fall short of what intellectual habit of mind which could have provoked advanced thinking in the areas of innovation and technology.

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