Hacking: A Dangerous Military Intelligence Operation



Between 1960 -1980, a lot of progress was made in the field of semi-conductors research. Scientist in the field of semi-conductors worked tirelessly in this area of chemistry and the confirm that is room for improvement which will further enhance ICT development.

After the Second World War, the industrial revolution in Europe and America has serve purpose and had discarded its jaded Technology and with the help of new Breed Technologist emerge to develop Semi-conductors in the various Silicon Valley in America and elsewhere.

The first impact of the innovation age was felt in the area of Space Science. A German emigrate Dr. Braun introduced highly Sophisticated Mechanisms for the exploration of the Out-Space. These facilitated works in the field of the Internet Technology. Between 1960 and the year 2000, tremendous development took place in Technological Innovation World wide.

Although, the telephone system was still in use, the modern cordless telephones have now been in use Worldwide in the last 30 years. This phenomenon has given rise to the ICT Industries Worldwide.

The plasma televisions replace the box television.

Since this equipment must be repaired   from time to time and new ones installed, the ICT industry grew in leaps and bounce.

The ICT industry developed rapidly in Asia, in Africa, especially in Nigeria where patriotism does not play role in governance, ICT practitioners seems to have allowed and encourage abuse of ICT.

Many ICT practitioners within the continent of Africa, research have shown that we have been inducted into the World of espionage system.

In Nigeria, many Silicon Valley graduates rushed back home to setup ICT technology centers and aiding and abetting the Sub Version of their nation’s Soviet as a result of illegal installation of highly sensitive antennas, listening devices, and often for a large fee and so ICT practitioners prospered inexorably.

It is commonly known that most Africans don’t make, create, or innovate things but are good Copiers and Imitators of other people intellectual work. They buy the most expensive and modern garget only to discard them and buy new ones at exorbitant prices.

It is no secret that Nigeria ICT practitioners are involved in violation of copy right and because the law on patents and copy right are not strictly implemented violation of other peoples’ intellectual property has been documented.

Many Africa Countries and Asia countries like China, North Korea, have not established regulatory bodies at government level and where they exist they are usually not effective.

The rapid Technological Development of China, North Korea, Taiwan, can be trace to Copy right violation.

The disastrous consequences of illegal abuse of ICT have result in our unimpressive societal development.

The cost of acquiring technology in Nigeria is usually enormous because government agencies and the private sectors do not control the price of technology which we purchase from Europe and America ICT establishment. Very often, we purchase re-published technological equipment because the purchasing officers often lack experience and knowledge of what they are purchasing.

Investigation shows billions worth of equipment lying idol at Ajaokuta, Aladja, and Oshogbo technological outfits.

The depletion of national funds in purchasing ICT product is alarming.

The maintain culture of expensive computers and other sophisticated technology is alarming.

Instead of encouraging government to build factories for technological development, some corrupt officials prefer to buy new equipment instead of serving the used ones. As a result of this type of abuse, we waste National funds because of the greedy ambition of some ICT practitioners.


It has been observed “that people adopted a tendency of downloading and watching movies at their homes. This has led to Isolation compared to traditional ways whereby people gathered in mass to watch Cinemas”

It has also been observed “that our moral fiber is being eroded by introduction of ICT in entertainment, cases of child pornography, exposure to porn sites and due to immense exposure to Western Culture, our Africa natives tend to look down on their Africa Culture and trying to emulate Western Culture.

Furthermore, a growing ICT sector can contribute to aggregate increase in productivity, G.D.P and trade. As people embrace ICT with an aim of making lives better, it may also change the way people live and the rate at which they develop.

Observing the impact of ICT in the society an ICT expect observed that “Industrial that have embraced the use of ICT can access the best professionals from all over the world to help sort their problems  remotely which would have been hard without the use of ICT”

With the assistance of ICT, information about employment opportunities has been made possible and that is why government and companies can now hire qualified people from faraway places.

The human intelligence has benefited enormously from video games, bilateral and mil-lateral exchange of knowledge has been enhanced. Access to literally movies and literature can be facilitated.

”An actor and a member of Lagos State House Assembly also emphasis this issue in a launch of “make naija stronger” organized by One-Stop an initiative of One Africa where he stressed  that Nigeria is facing both health and nutritious crisis, as women and children continue to die from treatable and preventable diseases due to lack of ICT facilities in most of our hospitals.”

“An if health control strategies are being implemented using Information Technology, the National Health Act (2014) could save the lives of over three million mothers, newborn babies and children under five. Therefore a healthy Nigeria makes a wealthy Nigeria”.


All writers, poets and commentators, I believe, receive information good or bad from Higher Forces, GOOD or BAD spirits who occupy the human space in the universe of man.

Internet hacking is a clandestine intrusion into the ICT eco-system of corporations, companies, government and individual. Very often these hocking enable criminal groups, the dirty  tricks departments of governments’ intelligence units to obtain classified, secret information, which is then used to obtain unearned advanced or cause embarrassment to government  (Wiki leaks). The Assange   and Snowden affairs are instructive. Banks have been hacked and colossal sums of monies stolen. Customers’ account has been falsified leading to great losses.

Insider criminal activities go on in banks without detection. Some investigations and legal actions has exposes the inner workings of banks, while their officials    look the other way. But Banks are usually ready to compensate defrauded customers.

It was hacking and misinformation that led Tony Black to transmit the wrong information to George Bush that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction.  George W Bush being not a particularly intelligent person ordered his Military to invade Iraq. (See Prof. Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai, IRAQ, The New Carthage, Internal Law and Diplomacy in the Iraqi Crises 2003). In my book, I warned of the disastrous consequences of the Politics of Hatred and Caucasian arrogance.

At the United Nations General Assembly meeting, the US Secretary of State, General Collin Powell was misadvised about the Iraqi “weapons of mass destruction” which did not exist” His presentation was a miserable spectacle.

A stupid Presidential speech, which the writer coined the phrases” regime change” and “axis of evil”. Again, the unintelligent George Bush smile at the applause he received in the US Congress.

Those Stats like Iran, North Korea  and others were, pushed to engage in nuclear programs development to the chagrin of big Powers, who argue that while they can keep their nuclear arsenal, other were prohibited from having theirs.

After the decimation of Iraq, Sudan’s statue was dragged down and this practice hurt Iraq nationalists inexorably.

Again, the intelligent George Bush orders the disbandment of the Iraqi army, which caused hardship and led to the formation of ISIS.

The Arab in Syria witnessed the killing of Muamar Gaddafi, in the most humiliating and brutal fashion and some too defend their state to the last man.

Some Syria rebels were aided and abetted to take arms against their government.

Their sponsors thought that this was a walk over.

They did not reckon with the military intelligence outfit of the Syria.

Russia said that Saddam’s killing; Qaddafi’s murder could encourage more mayhem so they intervened. Satan, whose eternal work is the destruction of man set up a bloody, elephantine confrontation with America in Syria it is a shame and a pity that Syria has been destroyed and Syrians killed by the Russians and American troops in a bloody power geopolitical Satan’s war games.

The event in Iraq, Libya and Syria could lead to more serious consequences, if those who stoke the embers of the civil war using military signals to locate and destroy opponents.

The hacking of internet has led to the announcement that the South Koreans are planning to kill the North Korea leader.

If and when this happens, the world will witness great events.

The world must not allow these military events to happen.

Luciferian broadcasters and journalist who should speak up now restrict their role to reporting disasters. Mankind must speak up now before they begin to tell us how many children and women were killed in fake sympathy with war victims


In the Holy Bible, the book of revelation contains prophetic musing about the end-times in which we are.

The appearance of the four red moons and four anti-Christ leaders, which will stoke the embers of annihilation of the Middle East and the World.

In the Era of the anti-Christ, it is only the Holly Wood secular culture that the sinful world is in vogue. Man is being deceived to think that they can bring about CLEMENT CHANGE, man also thinks that using ICT, they can send people to outside the earth to Mars and Moon.

Satan deceives men with illustration visions.  The chief propagandist for climate change are the ones who manufacture nuclear bombs and weapon of mass destruction, polluting nations with chemical weapons and bombs the raise dust above cities, what hypocrisy!!!

As a result of advancement in ICT meteorological advancement which enables us to measure the power of hurricanes, we now pretend that we can control the weather. What hypocrisy!!!



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Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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