History Is Bunk When Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday!

by Yahaya Balogun

History is more or less bunk. It’s tradition. We don’t want tradition. We want to live in the present and the only history that is worth a tinker’s dam is the history we make today.” – Henry Ford

Nigerians are currently entangled with the ageless statement by Henry Ford quoted above. Some people want to live in the present, forgetting the past to avoid making history today for tomorrow’s justification.

Those who brought Nigeria to her knees are trying to sneak back into our political consciousness. Some of these economic saboteurs are facing the existential and dire consequences of their misdeeds, while some of them have even kicked the bucket with a missed opportunity to recompense for their deliberate indifference and crimes.

In a nutshell, some of the prevalent haters in Nigeria today are mostly youths who have penchant for discountenance Nigerian history. But history is bunk! When past leaders, in the absence of mindfulness deliberately expunged history from their children’s generation and their school curriculum, the denied and denial generation will be doomed to repeat the terrible mistakes of leadership and their generation. This annotation seems to be the current problem in Nigeria today. A nation suffering from collective political amnesia with utter disdain and indolent referential to history.

Meanwhile, these children of corruption in Nigeria are indeed suffering from collective cognitive dissonance. When a nation’s generation doesn’t know its history, its past in shaping history becomes controversially a burden. This is what some people are unknowingly or deliberately going through in Nigeria today. They nauseatingly talk about Buhari’s qualification to further warp their already warped psychology. This is troublingly interesting. Unfortunately, those who know Nigerian history are rewriting the ugly history inorder to distort it for political expediency! These set of Nigerians are not only a bull in the China’s shop, but they’ve got the mourning shoes in the nation’s couch and consciousness. We must not go into slumbering sanctuary with them.

Some Nigerians are strangers and scavengers looking for a place to stay in their own country! Majority of Nigerians are landlords, living as refugees in their own land! It has to stop if we must move forward! The import of the nauseating recurrent consciousness of some Nigerians is damning, dangerous and concerning!

Unfortunately, the noncorrectable disfigurement of characters among them aren’t seeing the ominous handwriting on the wall. Some of their children and enablers want some us to remain silent tenants in our homes, and to romanticize with illegal landlords of our yesterday in today’s enclaves.

While Nigeria of yesterday was full of oddities and retrogression, our today is being carefully and slowly detached from ossified yesterday to guarantee a twilight brighter today and tomorrow. As we walk the fine line to internalize decorum, good governance, national integration and development, who will want us to go back to yesterday? When today clearly tells us how bountiful and beautiful tomorrow will be if we explore it! Who wants us to go back to the past when we are carefully exploring today with optimism for a better tomorrow? Our last collective journey to the past was collectively decided on March 28, 2015. We aren’t going back! We are matching with great optimism again towards consolidating the gains of reviving our country. We will loudly convey our collective message through ballot box, and that we will not waive our determination to re-elect Buhari/Osinbajo on February 16. 2019. It’s going to be a collective resounding voice of those who have seen Nigeria’s future.

Moreso, it is extremely difficult for the children of corruption to discern what a great future holds for them in the future calculus and calendar of Nigeria. The mortgagees are gearing up to continue to profit from mortgagors’ ignorance as they relish in their relic’s self-hatred, deliberate indifference and complacency. The humanity in us will not falter to encourage us to mobilize haters’ conscience to realize the prosperity lurks in our collective tomorrow.

In reality, when truth is no longer honored in a society, evils will triumph; evil-minded people would be askance with the absence of mindfulness, conscience and consciousness. The children of corruption have something in common—they’re “birds of a feather flock together” in the race of life. They’re motivated by hate and ethnocentrism. Their myopic lifestyles are tangentially linked to ephemeral and instant gratification. Patience has never been their virtue, and whoever is ready to bring dark yesterday to them instead of the brighter future would be their new-found landlord. Those who are eking the difficult-today for bountiful-tomorrow will be their arch-enemies. What a concerning and terrifying conundrum!

The words of the children of corruption are never their bonds. Inconsistencies and contradictions are their collective signature. Once you promise to spread lies and illegal wealth illegally acquired from their immediate yesterday, and from men of yesterday, they’re quick and ready to circumvent today for tomorrow. They’ll call you all sorts of names to justify their deliberate ignorance.

Henceforth, our collective responsibility should be to make the children of corruption be responsible children of a nation with abundant wealth spread among everyone. We must not live in a borrowed room again, rather we must collectively be landowners in our own enclaves. This is the time we must begin to live like landlords in our own home-Nigeria! Let’s begin to dream big dreams for a brighter tomorrow by creating the dreams today and work to actualize them. Those who are soliciting for your impending votes in 2019; those who had earlier raped your yesterday can never guarantee your tomorrow. Be wise today! This is the time we must speak with one voice to recoup our collective conscience and consciousness. We must rescue Nigeria from ourselves, and from men of yesterday, because majority of us are still magnificent representation of the progress of Nigeria.

Thank you!


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