Our World Needs Healing: Remembering Michael Jackson, the Emperor of Rhythms

by Dele A. Sonubi
michael jackson

The concept of the Judeo Christian God is that of an almighty who is Love and Justice. He is not selfish or unkind. That is why “He that keeps Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers” (Psalms 121:4). But how does one rightly reconciles with the fact that He seems to take the best ones of us away and draws them to himself leaving only the worse of us to continue to torment the earth and its beauties. This is unfair when one considers the number of good people that are dyeing and leaving this sinful world to join Him in heavens. Whenever they pass, we commend and say about them; “gone too soon” and we soon resign to fate since there is hardly anything we can do about their passing. God draws, the good, the better and the best of us to heavens and crowd his throne with the few he sent to share the world with us for a very short time. They hardly live long enough nor share their talents with us until they have nothing else to share. I guess God reserves their remaining talents and gifts for his throne where they will endure for ever.

Today, as I sat looking back at histories, I recall the few years that a great talent, Michael Jackson had to share with us. He was so great at his musical talent it became obvious that he came to the world with too much of talent even for his own comprehension. His talents were so great and he was conspicuously unsatisfied even with his own record achievements as he constantly worked to out-record his own records and made every achievement the basis of each new achievements. He was the best, the greatest and the fairest of his gifts. Looking back at his legacies reveal raw talents that belonged only to the gods and he consciously refined it and stepped it down for us to comprehend and enjoy. He rose beyond the earth and danced in the moon. He stood on his toes and waved at us to marvel, yet it was nothing for him because he was beyond his years both in his magnanimity and non-existing ego or pride. His dance technology was not even existing when he was receiving the chorography from the celestials, because the heavens must be the only custodian of such massively impressive beauties. Michael Jackson was not just the King of Pops, he was the legend, the Emperor of Rhythms. (He was an emperor of both body rhythms and voice rhythms)

Michael Jackson sang and rose our consciousness. He admonished us to look in the mirror and if we see the need, to Heal the World. We listened but soon as he physically left us to join God, we abandoned his call for us to Stand Together as One.

As the world goes from one crises to the other, as man, wanting to govern for ever creates chaos and war, as nationalism begins to reign in our world, it is safe to implore ourselves to find it in our heart to heal the world. There are so many horror in the world needing healing. How can we forget the Rohingya people crises which the UN tagged “textbook genocide” so soon, the wave of right wing ideologies and elections that swept reasons and wisdom across countries of the world, the assassinations of Jews inside their own worship assembly, the Saudi lead slaughtering of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the immigration crisis in the US, the plain fact that socio-political absurdity, political abnormality and leaderships blatant lies have now become inoffensive and not shocking! There are just too many things wrong and unimaginable in the world of today that would have been unimaginable possible 20 years ago-(in the 1980s or 1990s). To expect forgiving and forgetting all these atrocities is to live in fools’ paradise. The Emperor of Rhythms, Michael Jackson admonished us to aim rather, to Heal the World.

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