Hush!!! I'm Getting Married!

by Nnda Legend

Despite my grievances and doubts, today, i take a bold step of faith.

Crossing over has not been easy and the fact that I’m crossing over holds no guarantees.

However, I’m believing that my God has not brought me this far to leave me.

You see, I’m yet to see anyone that will survive what I’ve been through and still be called happiest.

I’ve been dealt bitter blows, stayed very angry and asked for little… just enough.

How I managed to survive, i will never know.


Today, I’d cheer up and brim with hope.

In a bit, I’d be getting married.

I don’t know the guy that i will be getting married to;

Still, I will get dressed, coax him, pray for him, and believe that my God will work through him and multiply me.

Though I’m am full of controversy, i will stay positive.

I’ve been called dubious but I’d hold on to my God

I’ve been crushed but I’m strong

Even when life’s storms hit me

I’d remain hopeful cos I’m Nigerian

God’s own beloved.

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