Stand Up!

by Abiodun Ajayi

Do you really feel like a failure, or are you bemoaned

by the ineptitude to meet your needs?

Failure is part of the process to our destiny. The

Biography of successful people is full of tales of

failures at various stages of their life.

Successful people are up there today not because of

their success, but because they made their failures a

motivating factor.

Learn to turn your pains, struggles and failures around

with right actions and thoughts.

Learn to come back, after every fall.

Our generation is full of people with great potentials

who spend all their lifetime making excuses about

what life did not give them, stop making excuses, don’t

blame anyone for your present condition, accept responsibility

for your life.

After all, the God who created you had a plan for you.

The number of times you fall do not count,

but what you do after every fall matters.

The man who wins may have been counted out

Several times, but he didn’t hear the referee.

So do not count yourself out,

I have good news for you; YOU ARE STILL IN THE RACE.

Stand up. Learn from that experience and move on.

Where you are today with the help of your friends or parents is just

a BUS STOP on your way to success, stop

complaining, pick the NEXT BUS and MOVE ON.

Paul J. Meyer said “ninety percent of all those who

fail are not actually defeated, they simply quit.”

Defeat is an acceptance, failure is a process.

Let me give you a story I read from a book; about the

Wright brothers.

A lot of people today remember the Wright Brothers for

their wonderful achievement, but do you know that

somebody started the whole process of flying a plane

before them.

Dr. Samuel Langley, a Professor of mathematics and

Astronomy at the Smithsonia Institute, with over ten

years experience in science publication and research

that attracted the US War Department sponsorship


When Dr. Langley tried to fly his first bi-plane in

October 8,1903, it finished up in the water, not more

than 50 yards from where it had taken off.

The New York Times blasted him and called it “A


But Langley ignored their criticism and stay focused.

Two months later he tried again. And again he was

unsuccessful. This time around the wing supports broke

as the plane took off and plunged upside down into a


Again the New York Times came with their criticism and

and asked him to stop wasting his time, money and


After this events, Langley gave up and he wrote “I have

brought to a close the portion of the work, which

seemed to be specially mine. For the next stage the

world may look to others.”

And Langley gave up his dream.

But nine days later, Orville and Wilbur Wright with no

money, no experience, flew their plane, FLYER 1, over the

sands of Kitty Hawk and into the history book.

While the world today celebrates the Wright

Brothers, Langley died unheard off.

You are responsible for the dreams and ideas that God

gave you.

Take hold of your life and work hard,

brace up and hold on to your dreams.

Your gifts, dreams and ideas are not needed in

heaven, they are meant for impact here on earth.

Dear friend, Stand.

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jide olanrewaju November 29, 2008 - 8:04 pm

you are very correct

Teejay August 2, 2007 - 3:10 am

May God bless this author in all his endavours this is a very powerful and a remarkable piece..peace and love to you broda..more grease to your elbows…


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