International Law of Armed Conflict in a World In Crisis

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

In his Dizionario Di Diritto Internazional Dei Conflitti Armati, Pietro Verri, documented the applicable treaties, conventions and international agreements that should regulate wars, armed conflicts and civil disorders.

In a world in which wars are now regarded as instruments of national policy, there is absolute need to set down and follow rules that regulate armed conflict as much as satan permits.

This work appeared in 1984, with the full approval of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Cornelio Sommaruga, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, who, wrote the preface noted that “ the book filled a gap in the literature on the laws of armed conflict, which had long been in need of a complete work defining the principal concepts of two branches of international law, jus ad bellium and jus in bello”.

Pietro Verri had both a distinguished military career and academic achievements and was very eager to disseminate relevant information on the laws of armed conflict.

Those austere- looking politicians, who have been morbidly inoculated to promote wars around the globe, must learn that there are limitations to the use of force.

Responding to suggestions that the US gets involved in the Syrian civil war on the side of the rebels, General Dempsey cautioned that “it will cost huge sums of money, it will amount to a declaration of war and the outcome is not clear”.

The beneficiaries from wars are well known. The losers are dead people, children, women and men, including combatants. They are all sons and daughters of God. Anyone, who because of transient office, causes the sons and daughters of God to die untimely and gruesomely, will re-incarnate to suffer the same fate. SELAH.

In his book, Pietro Verri wrote, “International Humanitarian Law, “imposes on the state the special obligation to observe humanitarian law”.
Some states do not domesticate their obligations under international treaties.

States have an obligation to protect war victims, prisoners of war, the prohibition or restrictions on the use of certain conventional weapons deemed to inflict excessively injurious or to have indiscriminate effects( Geneva Protocol, October 10, 1980), bacteriological methods of warfare, the use of delecterious gases, bullets which expand or flatten easily etc etc.
The opening of hostilities between states must be announced, which opens the gates In the Iraqi war, this rule was not followed.

In the invasion of Libya, the NATO forces went beyond their mandate, which is probably why Russia does not want a similar repeat of the situation in Syria.
International law offers the opportunity for the rule of law to prevail in international armed conflicts. The United Nations Security Council must adhere strictly to the international law of armed conflict.

In God’s consideration, every baby is a royal child. It is man-made social systems as practiced by conservative nations that has brain-washed a whole nation to assign royalty to a few, whipping the people into the frenzy, we witnessed in Britain last week.

Such thinking seems to have influenced political leaders to assume that they are sovereigns, who can send soldiers and the victims of wars to their untimely deaths.

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