Iran: Regime Change Underway

by Paul I. Adujie

America engineered and orchestrated regime change is about to take place in Iran. And a hobbled Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain is the ready tool and enabler.

America’s hidden war with the nation of Iran is about to burst into the open! America has not forgiven or forgotten the unsavory experiences of 52 Americans who were taken hostage by Iranians in 1979 and held for 444 days. Americans have not forgotten that the Iranians were their enemies before Saddam. And it now appears that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was only a stepping-stone for attaining the bigger target and bigger fish that dared to call America the Great Satan!

America is believed to have fought a proxy war against Iran, through Saddam for 8 years in the 1980s and that was well before Saddam became this nuclear gas sniffing and WMD hoarding fiend! Iran, it will be recalled, is a member of President Bush’s Axis of Evil along with Iraq, and North Korea.

President Bush has in recent times led the campaign for sanctions against Iran, who Bush accused of seeking nuclear weapons technology, despite Iran’s insistence that the Iranians seek nuclear technology for energy and peaceful purposes only. This has been escalating and it has now come to a head, it might soon become deadly! America already has more than 150,000 troops in the Persian Gulf, for the main purpose of invading and occupying Iraq. America has engaged in previous skirmishes with Iran recently.

America and Britain would conquer Iraq and Iran for the price of one war? OK, just a little extra efforts?

The cheapest Petrol at the pump in New York is already about $3 a gallon, it was $1.50 a gallon and the invasion and occupation of Iraq was predicted to cause a tumble in the price of petrol, well, now, perhaps the invasion and occupation of Iran, will eventually accomplish these $1a gallon for petrol?

Incidental purposes, ancillary purposes or anticipated purposes could see to the deployments of these hundreds of thousands of American military men and women already in the Persian Gulf, to simultaneously tackle Iran. Besides, the point should be made that the Americans have steadily increased its military presence and capabilities in the past several weeks, including the deployment of giant aircraft carriers, which are now literally breathing down the throats of the Iranians.

The Americans have been coordinating these efforts with its allies. It is little surprise therefore that the British Navy may have been in Iranian territorial waters as agent-provocateurs.

Before the arrest and seizure of 15 Sailors and Royal Marines, America had actively sought regime change in Iran. America pumped millions of dollars into clandestine projects in Iran, with a view of effectuating a regime change in that Persian Gulf nation. There is a bloodbath about to unfold in Iran.

Only recently, there were recent predictions that Israel had reached advanced planning stages to carpet bomb Iran’s nuclear research facilities to surgically disable or decimate Iranian nuclear efforts. This, even though, Israel itself is maintaining its so-called strategic ambiguities over whether or not Israel possesses nuclear weapons.

Israel it was, that in 1981 bombed Iraqi first efforts at nuclear weapons out of existence.

Strait of Hormuz in Persian Gulf is where all the action is! All the petroleum oil in the world one can have and the strategic shipping lanes on top of all that! American and Britain plan to ascend in fortunes or sink in disaster regarding Iraq, and now, Iran. The US and UK, in these and other matters, act as if, tied-mountain climbers, who must climb or fall off the cliff together!

Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright has expressed concern that it is so easy for parties to escalate and ratchet-up these event, as parties up the ante. She has warned American leaders against hyperbole and serial exaggerations similar to the ones that led to the debacle and fiasco in Iraq. Ms. Albright suggests firm dealing with Iran, while she prefers a escalation.

Most observers of global events and trends are concerned at recent developments, which are pointers to energy crises that the world faces and the consequent strong-arm tactics of certain world powers.

Despite the chatters and even loud talks or pronouncements with regard to alternative source of energy as opposed to petroleum, it remains the case that petroleum fuel energy remains the driving force and engine room of the economies of the world.

The scramble for steady and sustained petroleum energy sources, have led to abortive overthrow of the government of Equatorial Guinea, with Mark Thatcher’s involvement and all, it was all about petroleum resources, which led to the invasion and occupation of Iraq, it has led to increased American military presence in West Africa high seas.

Petroleum energy is the only discernable or plausible reason for America to have sought Venezuela President Hugo Chavez’s overthrow, only about 5 years ago. And Iran will soon be added to these long line, in the global equation.

America and Britain will find petroleum to power their economies by all means and both countries, have used and will use any pretexts. Non-existent WMD, accusation against Iran for harboring nuclear ambitions, meddling in Iraq and now, the arrests of the Brits on Iranian territorial waters. There is a harbinger in this arrests of the Brits. It might soon turn deadly, Iran better watch out!

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