Scores to Settle

by Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi

Many Nigerians tend to sympathize with a liar and a wolf. I certainly do not share in this chain of sympathy; neither do I have problems in understanding the power tussle on ground. I have looked beyond this mere quarrel thing between Mr. President and his VP Atiku; I understand they are toying with the sensibilities of the already intimidated and impoverished masses. Anyways, if they have any political scores to settle, they have a better way of doing that, and should not drag the people into their petty business of who is corrupt and who is not corrupt. To me, this is a shameful image the president and his VP have lauded here and beyond the shores of Nigeria.

One thing is funny here, the people have in en-masse joined in this venture of stupidity, having interfered in what has further aided in deviating their mind from the real happenings or perhaps the mysteries of the Nigerian polity. Honestly, Mr. VP should be made to face the realities of the truth and justice. All his pettiness is a continuation of his hypocritical stewardship; remix to produce propaganda in his favor and mimicry exposing the ills of the government. He has forgotten so soon that he was a co-sponsor of our economic, political and social ills in the past with OBJ’s bad policies, now this same shameless official proudly comes in the open to say this and that, and still has recognized that an injustice has been done against him? This is funny indeed! The obvious fact is that he is a victim of selective justice in the Bastille of INEC, EFCC and perhaps other bodies who has in the past recognized the authorship of Mr. VP in most Economic and inflationary ills.

The question is, what can the people do in this senseless venture of power tussle between the President and his VP? Absolutely nothing, because our murmuring will be of no good to our prosperity as a people, it will further add to our political and economic doom. This is enough, please and please for the good of Nigeria and the respect for lives, we no longer want to hear your fight with your Boss Mr. Atiku. Settle your scores in the beer parlor rather than drag the people into your Pettiness. What nonsense!!!

I hope rational people will stop thinking stupid for once and watch this men play prank on them. They simply know where they meet and it is proper to interfere…honestly those who interfere are friends and folks who are co-party to these sheer nonsense.

I think i m done with this topic.

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Prince Sarah Ibim-Johnson April 2, 2007 - 9:07 am

Its nice, but i think its too complicated for non-initiates.


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