Lebanon: Destruction Beyond Comprehension

by Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

There are those who believe that the actions of a state in pursuit of its national security objectives can not be considered terrorism. Well, that is false! This line of reasoning is false because nation-states, in the pursuit of their national security interest do engage in terrorism, and commit war crimes. At the very least their actions do lead to the fanatical destruction of property, loss of life and the destruction of hope and prosperity. The FBI defines terrorism as the “unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

Sandler and Enders (1993) defined terrorism as the “premeditated use — or threatened use — of extranornal violence or force to gain a political objective through intimidation or fear.” Case in point is the current action of Israel against Lebanon, which, no matter how one looks at it — assuming one has an iota of sanity and humanity left — is nothing short of terrorism and criminality. The range and extent of brutality and destruction is beyond comprehension. Not even Adolph Hitler, at the height of his madness, could have dreamt up such physical destruction.

Charitably thinking, it is difficult not to think of Israel as America’s fifty-first state. Uncharitably, it is hard not to think of the US as Israel’s apron, an appendage; because whatever Israel wants, Israel gets; and whatever crime Israel commits, America would not consider it a crime. Charitably or uncharitably therefore, the State of Israel, in the end, would turn out to be America’s Achilles Heel. For no other country, save G7 countries and Russia, could have done what Israel is doing without stiff penalties. None!

History teaches that long before HAMAS and Hezbollah, there was the Irgun Zeva’I Le’umi (IRGUN), and the Lehi Group (aka Stern Gang), that were terrorist organizations that “holds no prisoner.” According to Britannica Online IRGUN “opposed the British and the Arabs; its activities included a 1946 attack on the King David Hotel, leaving 91 dead, and a 1947 raid on an Arab village in which all 254 inhabitants were killed.” History teaches too that virtually all of the past or current leadership of the State of Israel had/has blood on their hands; but today, they want to behave like choir boys and poster-boys for civility.

After sanctioning the destruction of Lebanon, and failing to call for a ceasefire, the United States is seeking financial donors to help rebuild the country. After sanctioning the destruction of Lebanon, the United States is readying herself to send in economic aid. Does this make sense to any right thinking human being? You destroy and now want to rebuild. But can the US give life and rebuild hope and trust? Generation after generation after generation will remember these iniquities and senselessness and ignominy on the part of Israel and the US. No one should forget. No one will forget!

Day after day and night after night Israel has been terrorizing toddlers, infants, pregnant women and scores of defenseless and innocent civilians — all because the Hezbollah killed one soldier and kidnapped two others. Why couldn’t the Israeli Defense Force limit its actions to military targets? Why didn’t the government of Prime Minister Olmert limit her destructive actions to Hezbollah? Why civilians and civilian infrastructures? As one watch events unfold, one gets the feeling that Hezbollah was baited; and that Tel Aviv’s actions are premeditated.

Now, where in the world are the other Arab countries in this matter? Where are they? Even the Arab League has outgrown its usefulness, and is now a tiger without claws. In any case, keen observers of the Middle East are not surprised that not a single Middle East country, save for Iran and Syria, seem concern or have offered any sort of help, be it overt or covert. Arab countries, have, in the last two to three decades been going soft, loosing their balls. Mostly, the region is now devoid of leaders. What we have, what we now have are mostly men wheezing around — scared of the United States. They jump and dance and scrawl whenever the US barks at them.

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ThePen July 30, 2006 - 12:35 pm

This is just another glaring example of the double standards inherent in the West.


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