My Many Wishes for Nigeria

by Paul I. Adujie

The service is of Nigeria is the best service in the world!

I have many wishes in the service of Nigeria.

I wish that I was an expert dancer! Just so that I can dance expertly in the praise of my country Nigeria

I wish that I was a song writer! I would write the best lyrics and best songs in honor and glory of Nigeria

I wish that I was an eloquent speaker! I would speak eloquently, elaborately or most articulately for Nigeria

I wish that I was an advocate! I would advocate vigorously, adamantly and stridently for Nigeria

I wish that I was a poet! I would write the best poetry to serenade my country Nigeria

I wish that I was rich! I would use my wealth for the improvements of lives in Nigeria

I wish I was a drummer! I would beat my drum loudest offering accolades to Nigeria

I wish that I have genius! I would use my ingenuity in the service of Nigeria

I wish that I have talent! I would use my talents in the promotion of Nigeria

I wish that I was a fashion designer! I would design African attires for the world; I would have designed African attires to bask in my Nigerian-ness and sparkle, dazzle and regal the world

I wish that I was a pilot! I would fly planes emblazoned with Nigeria’s colors and fly all the world and make Nigerian colors unforgettable and indelible worldwide

I wish that I was a the best lawyer! I would use my best legal skills to create and interpret laws to enhance Nigeria

I wish that I was a doctor! I would employ my best medical skills provide best healthcare services for Nigeria

I wish that I was the best negotiator! I would negotiate the best Nigerians brains worldwide into putting their best skills into the service of Nigeria, instead of always appearing to excel only when they deploy or use such their best skills in berating, denigrating and ridiculing Nigeria

I wish that I was the best economist! I would use my knowledge as an economist, to prevent youths of Nigeria from dying on the high seas, and the desert, on hardship induced/compelled emigrations out of Nigeria America, Europe and elsewhere.

I wish I was the best employment policy expert! I would create abundant employment, to forestall mass migration by Nigerians, especially, to prevent, hardships and hopelessness to leads to prostitution abroad by some Nigerian women with university degrees

I wish that I was intelligent! I would marshal my intelligence to the service of Nigeria for Nigeria’s development, advancement and greatness. Oh how I wish my good wishes for the service of Nigeria would come true!

There is no better service than the service of Nigeria!

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1 comment May 12, 2007 - 6:32 am

I enjoyed your poetry, for it shows you have a great care and love for Nigeria (even with all its flaws). You would rather be part of the solution than the problems of Nigeria!

It was very unusual, for in trying to get to know Nigeria better, I have not come across poetry for the love of Nigeria (not yet!). You are the first one that really speaks of "your love" for it intimately.

It reminds me of a gospel song in America in which the soloists says, . .If I were a drummer, etc. . . . . If I were a lawyer . .

I really loved it! Keep dreaming, for if we all feel like what you expressed in your poem, perhaps Nigeria will become all those things that you wrote about above–or at least be on the way to becoming those things!


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