Nigeria Assets And Liability

A critical analysis of the country, Nigeria, would show a country with an immense opportunity and priceless assets but also an equally dysfunctional society. Asserts which if not well managed and harness would produce a colossal catastrophe and when well manage will equally produce enviable success. We are in between a jewel and volcano. Due to geographical, political, demographical, geological, economical, cultural and other factors the country, Nigeria, is placed in a position were it would determine the fate of not only a continent but also a race. A race that has been so stigmatised that it needs redemption.

The assets of Nigeria extend to virtually all sectors of the society. We are blessed with some of the finest of the: mineral resources, population, arable land, work force, liquidity, market, viable culture, national and individual attributes and a strategic position in the world . In addition, we equally have a substantial level or amount of liabilities that have not only limited our growth but have stunted any development in Nigeria. Some of these include a stinking reputation, high level of corruption, disunity, clueless and devilish leadership, cynical and docile followership, ethnicity, nepotism, tribalism, a big and ineffective government bureaucracy and lack of values.

We have in abundance some vital minerals that are scattered in the length and breathe of Nigeria. We possess some of the most important and strategic minerals in the world, oil, and a large reserve of gas. Some of these natural resources places us in a position were we are big players in economic diplomacy and global community. We can be a recognised global player because of the resources at our disposal and can assert our relevance and independence in the global stage. In addition, we still have some untapped, raw and undeveloped minerals that would place our relevance and economy among the key players in the world economic order. A positive use of these resources would guarantee the economic advancement and development of society and the population. Our natural resources are handy for us to develop an infrastructural base, diversify our economy and create an educated and empowered work force.

The population of most country is turning out to be not only a strategic tool but also an economic base. A well-educated and empowered population is an intangible asserts not only for the country but also for other globe. China, India, Brazil USA and EU are all major players aided by a viable and well-empowered population. It is in this that you see a human resource and work force that develops and utilise a thriving research, industrial, intellectual, and technological driven economy. In addition, no matter what you produce you still need a market that will absolve your industrial product and services. Fortunately, with us we have a virgin market that needs to be develop and will be capable of absolving a substantial part of any product and service we produce. We are not only an important bride because of our resources but also because of our vital and consumption driven population. In as much as we may have problem in resource allocation because of a huge population but the advantages of the population out ways the disadvantages. This huge population also harbours some attitudes and attributes that are of immense assert for the country.

The Nigerian population has a very positive and productive attitude that would propel the country into a respectable and industrialise country in the world stage. We have a population that has some of the best attributes in a population. Such attributes include our resilience, resourcefulness, competitive nature, adventurous nature and hard work and intelligence. We have a population that given the right environment, retraining and correct orientation and values is capable of not only transforming the country but also putting it in the world map as a strong and prosperous society. A population with the right attitude will ensure the emergence of the right business environment and a diversified economy.

We equally have the attitude that will transform our arable land and ensure food security. Apart from this, the population that will help diversify the economy that will cover some of the comparative advantages we have as a country. These advantages cover virtually every aspect of life from the humanities to scientific innovation to technological fabrication. We can identify substantial part of the population that have skills and resources that can be harnessed and develop into not only a national product but also international exportable goods and services. This can enhance our economy and increase our income, foreign exchange and standard of living. Some skills, businesses, informal factories and services clusters could be identified and developed.

There are some other aspects of our culture, which could be used as a viable tool for soft diplomacy. Our movies, dressing, culture, attitudes and mannerism are making impacts in the general population of Africans and people of African descent. These intangible asserts cannot only grow our economy but would also to a large extent influence the upcoming generation. Travelling the length and breath of African and other continents will show you how we can use soft power and soft diplomacy. These assets also have some liabilities that seem to be working day and night to reduce the impact of asserts.

Among some liabilities that have threatened to reduce and almost annihilate our existence, include visionless and brainless leadership, docile and fractured followership, disunity, ethnicity, nepotism, corruption, bad image and reputation, and a strategic position as the country with the highest concentration of black race. All these liabilities if not well manage will result in a failing country whose failure will be catastrophic to the entire globe. On the other hand, our position as the country with the largest number of blacks in the world a lot of expectation is on the country to salvage the black race. It is not an accident that we have all the qualities that if well utilised will propel us into an enviable height. We are expected to salvage our own race scattered in the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Caribbean and Africa. Our failure goes beyond the shores of the country but extends far beyond the confines of Africa. History, posterity, position, geography and strategic reasons demands that we rise to our responsibility.

It is time we start getting our acts right we have not only disappointed our selves but the global community and most especially the black race.

Written by
Paul Ogwu Okwuchukwu
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